Beyond Entropy Orientation
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…Whoa, whoa, much more passionate welcome than I expected. Calm down, fellows. You will find hard to face me as from today anyway. I’m just here today just for a little distracting. Yes, please put your blade back, you active friend. Thank you.

It seems that everyone is aware of me already. Bernard Engelbert, a famous entrepreneur and writer. An evil manager who leads a giant multinational corporation, pockets immense wealth to somewhere like Scrooge, and supports a weird suspicious environmental organization to avoid criticism: sans phrase, a mean hypocrite who pretends to respect the nature only to keep up his appearance! I know quite well that most of you consider me like that. Actually it’s not that wrong, but the perspective like that… lacks the most crucial link.

Did you all notice? The link is the "Beyond Entropy," the supernational environmental organization you will participate from now.

Edible Scraps Community is just a front to put on an act: All the capital I raised flows into BE. You can call that a money laundering. And this money turns into the budget for you on-site activists, and for researchers in headquarters. Do you understand? If I no longer exist, BE would be too.

Um. It wasn’t my intention to threaten you. I apologize. I just wanted to inform you beforehand that earning my grudge wouldn’t do you any good if you’d like to get an enough funding for your war chest.

Now, let’s talk about our activites and your role. I guest that you all would know these since all of you here have learned and joined BE in your own ways, but for the record: we are a secret organization who are protecting the Mother Nature in the way of which the society should not be aware.

You must be curious what does the phrase "the way of which the society should not be aware" mean. Why do we do things for everyone but hide those, and besides why do we keep secret while enduring the denunciation towards the leader for misappropriation? It’s because the goal we pursue is all too innovative.

Take a moment for these video. These materials are acquired decades ago… and became a start for ESC to change into BE. Not fabricated, original copies. This video shows a model of pigeon without any power engine making a flight with a heavy weight attached… and this shows a giant reptile, whose body is ruined by explosions and assaults, recovers all the wounds in an instant… and this shows a little bottle which pours innumerable numbers of organisms. Other videos also show footage which are unexplainable in modern physics.

Do you dig? Some other beings who ignore the second law of thermodynamics, who demonstrates the existence of ectoentropy, are there on this earth.

We have been aware of that beings, and after a long pursuit we succeeded to obtain some of them. You are going to see them after this orientation. Anyway, we are conducting researches about them to block the boundless increase of entropy. And we have already gained significant results. Although it is still insufficient to satisfactorily defy that second law for now, but we have approached the level to produce some items that modern scientific technology cannot comprehend.

I see that you still have a curious look. Then why are we reluctant to announce this? Why do we do things in such an unconvincing situation like this? These two could be probably your doubts. I understand. However, there is a reason that we have to conceal ourselves. We are not the only organization who knows these facts.

They act with different intention from us. Some tries to keep them from the public, and some destroys them. And some utilizes them in their selfish interests. All of these groups are displeased to find others having these wonderful objects. In particular, a group which is called The Foundation has confidence that they are protecting the humanity from those anomalies, and they always do their best to collect these items — in their words, "SCPs" — and hush them up from the public. We are threatened by them so many times, and after a horrible defeat we had to go underground in our entirety.

Such being the case, right now we cannot publish our results externally. If we reveal them, our announcement would incur ridicule from the public, and we will fall into a prey for our competitors. You won’t long for that. To show ourselves in true colors, we should first build up the surest theoretical foundations and produce tangible results.

Yes, of course those are tasks for researchers. I’ve kept you waiting so long. You on-site activists should be our very eyes and hands of BE. Secure necessary information and anomalous items, obstruct rival groups, and furthermore protect the nature in the place where other common environmental organizations cannot do anything. It is also true that we are secretly in touch with them.

That said, you don’t need to think that we control or handle you. Basically you can act autonomously, not based on our order but on your own decision. You just need to report them before action. Me and the leadership will receive your plan reports, allocate the budget, and will assign you a task only in case of need. Aside from these special missions, you can totally strive for what you want. Of course the outcomes from your activity should be reported, and your budget will be graded by your individual achievement. It is my pet opinion that the efficiency of an organization improves best when the winner is feeded and the loser is starved. This has been proved by our activities for decades.

Maybe you couldn’t get the feeling of your possible activities. Almost all of newcomers also feel like that. If human encounters a situation which is way far from the previous range of knowledge, thought and behavior, one would find hard to do anything for oneself, even when dealing with something which he or she used to do well. I will go on. Our primary objective is of course to handle anomalies to prove the ectoentropy and protect the global environment, but every one of activities relevant to environmental movement needs our organization. However, since you have stepped into BE, don’t expect that those activities would go in normally peaceful way. If you’d like to expect those, I recommend you cop out of here and just go visit Greenpeace.

Well, it would help if I tell you the cases of our active members. They have established small cellular organizations in their own areas to do things for their respective goals. Some activists are trying to rescue species, anomalous or not, who suffer from the confinement of the Foundation. Some are minimizing damages at the place where the nature is destroyed by an anomaly, and others volunteered to infiltrate rival organizations to relay the news about extranormal events to us. And there are an activist group who makes use of secured anomalies to restore the ecosystem. I’ve also seen others who have chosen to stay at headquarters to participate in various studies. Well, detailed descrptions and lists for active cells will be handed to you after this orientation. Please read them properly.

The choice rests with you. If there is a cell which suits your taste, you can join them. You can also make a new cell by yourself. More power to your elbow.

So, that’s all for the orientation. Any questions?

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