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Today at 2:20 p.m., Dr. Famous took his chance to go to the barbershop because his hair was 2 centimetres long, and he wanted to shave his hair off. The skinhead hairstyle was the suitable hairstyle for his face shape. Also, it would not obstruct the eyes while he was working.

“Shave them off all, oh, also leave some hair at my scalp. I don’t want to be a baldness one.” Famous told his regular barber.

Cutting hair did not spend the long time. Famous stood up, then he used his hand to sweep some piece of hair at the shoulder, at the face and at the head. He turned his face to a mirror. There was the scar which was long elaborately sewed since the face until the back of the left head. It was also very clear because there was no hair grew up around there. There was the little scar in the same direction at the left ear.

They were the surgery scar and the shot scar. They were the memorial tools that he experienced for the death approaching, and his brain must be re-operated. It made him to be the new person like there was another one was inside there, but it was a good story. It helped him to have a better work performance and got promoted from the low-class researcher to the doctor-class researcher. It helped him to work together with Dr. Ran. Also, he might get promoted to be the deputy chief of the department soon. It was the test.

Many years ago, the time when Famous was only the low-class researcher. The suspected man who wore the white lab coat ran out from the warehouse-29a. His hand held the little box which carried a Safe-class SCP object. He was escaping. He walked through the canteen with relaxing in order to be not got suspected by anyone. However, he could not go out until the end of working hours. Otherwise, there would be someone suspected at him.

Famous was very anxious that there was a missing thing. He was working at the warehouse-29a when there was a missing thing. This could be his most serious case. He might be unemployed, be transferred to other places where were worse than here. Who would send the money to his mom for spending? His eyes were nearly come out when he saw the theft in the video recorder from the CCTV but he could not see his face clearly.

“Don’t you know that who’s he?” The officer in the questioning room pointed to the photo of the theft.

“I really don’t know.” Famous replied.

“This one maybe helps you to remember.”

The officer brought another photo to him. It was the photo which was from another CCTV at many days ago. It caused Famous’s face to be pale.

“Famous, I ask you again. Have you ever met him?”

It was Famous was talking with the man who was the document staff in the photo. He realised that he was the same person who stole the thing.

“…Yes, that’s me and that’s him. I don’t know him. I don’t know his name. He asked me for the way. I don’t know that it’ll be like this.”

“Did you give him the key card?”

“No, I follow the rules.”

“The investigator told me that there was the using of your key card for entering and exiting the warehouse, and other parts of the Site. The overall is 27 times.”

“It’s gonna be crazy. That isn’t me. That person must copy my key card for using for sure.”

“Your key card will be blocked until that man is arrested.”

Famous walked downcast from the questioning room. His key card was blocked. It had to use to enter and exit at the office. What should he do now?

“Damn it, Famous, there isn’t any stolen cases happened since I’ve been here, but that’s happened when you’re enrolled here.” Researcher Grate, Famous’s co-worker said.

“How I suppose to know that he’s the outsider who conceals here?”

“So, you have to be suspended from the job until the thing is returned.”

“No, if I take days-off, they won’t pay me while taking days-off.”

“I can’t help you. It’s your problem.”

“You’re…very generous.” Famous said, “But forget it, I’ll take him down myself.”

“How can you do?”

“I’ll…punch him into pieces.”

Grate laughed at Famous. “Will you really break him into pieces? Oh, call me when you’re going to kick him. I wanna see.”

“I-I’m really serious. You’ll see it.”

Famous walked out from the room. He did not know where he should go or start from which point. He had to think for the way to bring the thing back. He would not let anyone to blame him as the lame one anymore for no matter what. He would do by all means to prove himself to anyone for how brave he was.

Famous searched for that man. He asked others but no one knew and they said that he wasted their time. Only this, he wasted a lot of his time. He did not care. He had a mission to do. Finally, he found him. He walked in others group and pretended to act as nothing happened. Today was your end day, you were bastard!

Famous followed that person’s back and pulled him by his shirt to another corner.

“Return the thing, right now!”

“Hey, calm down, you can talk to me.”

“I saw you enter to the warehouse. It isn’t your place.” Famous threatened said, “Return the stolen thing to me, then I won’t hurt you.”

“Wait, wait, I think you misunderstood at me.”

“Don’t lie to me. What’s inside in the bag!? Open it!”

“You’re going to against the individual personal rights.”

“I don’t care. Will you open or do I have to call a security guard to search for it?”

“Alright, alright, I’ll open it then.”

That man slowly used his hands to bring a bag at his back, but he suddenly swung his hand to hit at Famous’s face before running away.

“My thought is right that it’s you! You’re bastard!”

Famous followed the theft. He attempted to escape from the Site. He ran through the way when pushing others who obstructed him to fell down to the floor.

“Go away!”

He reached at the canteen and pushed others away. Then, he stepped on tables. Famous took any bottles which were placed at the carts to throw at him. This caused others to be shocked at him. Famous quickly followed him, stepped on the front table which had 2-3 persons who were the head of departments were talking.

“Famous, what the bloody are you doing!?” Dr. Arthit scolded after him.

The security guard in front of him attempted to stop the thief, but he was hit by him. It seemed that guy was very good at combating, but Famous could only do ordinary punches. He grabbed the gun from the security guard. Then, he shot at Famous for the death intention. Famous could dodge at the back of the wall before a bullet would able to hit at him. Gunshot sounds had called staffs’ attention and the officers were ordered to manage with these two persons.

“As you follow me quickly, I thought that you were good at combatting.” He said.

“Bring it back to me!”

“Such a bloody non-stop one.” Then, 2 security guards were into this way but were shot to death by him before he could run away.

Famous did not dare to move. He did not want to be dead. His hands continuously shook. Alright, it was the real fear. That guy had already gotten a gun. So, what should I did? What things I could bring to encounter him? Even if I could encounter him, it was very risky.

“Don’t you follow him?”

There was the person who spoke nearby him. Famous turned his face up and saw the old janitor who had the haircut which hid his eyes, wore the broken eyeglasses, was cleaning the floor immediately said.

“I don’t know. I maybe scare.”

“Everybody is also fear.” The janitor said, “I saw you made the canteen into the mess.”

“I’m sorry. I need to catch him.”

“Why do you stop, then?”

“That’s because…he has a gun. Don’t you see that?”

“You aren’t frightened at a gun. You’re frightened that you can’t stop him.” The janitor said while he was cleaning on the floor.

Famous might actually were not frightened at a gun like the janitor said. He could catch the thief, only if he did. Others in this Site might also encounter with the same problem with him. Someone was able to be successful but someone failed. He did not want to be a person at the second one.

The thief got into a car of the personnel which was parking. He started the engine by the pirate way and drove out, when Famous arrived but not on time. Famous hurried to run at the BMW F 800 R motorbike, his favourite motorbike which was parked nearby there to follow him. That guy hit at the first bar door and hit with others’ cars which obstructed. The security guard at the front fortress shot at him with pressed a button to let the hidden nails to be appeared on the road. This caused that car was hit with the nails, then tyres were blown out. The car slightly lost the stable, but it had not scowled yet and still able to go. Famous quickly drove like the flash, passed through other two cars which were out of ordered and softly landed at the road.

Famous followed him. Soon, he found the stolen car which was parked. Suddenly…


An object ran towards his head at the left before Famous left a motorbike and dodged to the back of the stolen car. He felt painful at the left ear. Then, he touched it. Blood! Famous’s ear was injured which might be from a shot. It caused his blood to spot at his lab coat.

“Bloody hell! This can't be washed!”

Famous leaned his face and saw that guy at the stone path who randomly shot him until he was out of bullets. Then, he left a gun away before he ran away. Famous searched at the car and found the axe. Did an employee’s car also have the axe like this inside it? He might be able use it to be a weapon or he only abled to intimidate him to return the thing.

“I’ll do with all my might for today.”

Famous followed him. He did not even think that he would be followed by this lower-class employee until now.

“I believe now that you still follow me. I might underestimate upon you.” He said.

“Return the thing to me!” Famous shouted and shew the axe. “Do you see this? I’ll axe your head!”

The thief put the bag down “If you’re really good, so come and grab it!”

Famous gulped down his saliva. Even though he had ever punched others, this guy seemed to be good at combating. It seemed like he was trained at combating very well and he might badly lose. Since he reached at this stage, he would be a loser if he ran away.

Famous quickly attacked him at first. He used the axe as a weapon. However, that guy could dodge and punched at Famous’s face. Then, he disarmed him. Famous still resisted. He swung his leg to kick at his leg. Famous thought that he would strong enough to take him down, but he was counter-attacked at his stomach. Then, he fell down. Famous grabbed his shirt and pulled down to let him fall down according to his weight.

Famous kicked away at that guy’s chest and rolled himself away. He climbed to the bag which was placed nearby, but his leg was grabbed. Famous kicked at full stretch at his face. Then, he quickly grabbed the bag. After that, he stood up to run.


Famous felt heavy at his painfully head. He felt not well which it seemed that he might be blacked out. He felt hot like there was something hot on his head. Then, Famous fall down while he was tightly grabbing the bag. He leaned on the ground and saw that guy held the axe. He carried an axe up again for killing him. However, he suddenly fell down on Famous and everything was in the darkness.

…There was a bright light that caused Famous to open his eyes. He found himself that he leaned on the same ground. There was nobody around there. It was very strange. He stood up and used his hand to protect from the light. There was someone’s shadow at the light.

“Where am I?” Famous asked.

The shadow slightly came to him and started to grow up, until it was above his head before it lent its hand. Famous was little hesitated before he reached out his hand to him. While he was reaching out his hand, there was something suddenly grabbed his shirt at the back which caused him to turn back. Then, he was surprised as that thing was another Famous. Yes, there was another him which looked like the twin that wore the lab coat which was full of blood but no injuries.

“What are you doing here?” Famous asked.

“It’s really you as what you are doing here.” Another Famous said.

“I don’t know.”

“You have to come back home.”

“Where I come back? Who are you?”

“I’m you. You’ll find me when you wake up.”


Suddenly, the darkness covered all of directions. The light was gone. Famous was alone. He was felling in the endless darkness. He felt he fall down from the unreturned height.

…Famous opened his eyes again. The light from the light bulb made him felt acrid at his eyes. His eyes were slightly adjusted to the environment. He turned his face at beside and there were many measurement machines. There were many wires. The room which he was familiar. This place was hospital. It seemed that Famous resurrected from the death. He was in the safe place.

Famous attempted to stand up until a nurse came to him.

“What happened?”

“You have a grave injury.”

“I can slightly remember, and how long did I sleep here?”

“26 Days”

“T-twenty-six days?”

“Yes, please take a rest now.”

Famous watched the nurse who exited from the room. He closed his eyes. He would be better soon and return to do a low-class work like usual. He tried to calm his mind. However, there was a feeling that there was something which he had to open his eyes again.

“Good morning, Famous.”

That caused him a little shock when Dr. Arthit1 (who was another person who) came in quietly which sat beside the bed.

“How did you reach here?”

“Because I can go everywhere for here.”

“Will you say that it isn’t hospital?”

“Famous, you’re about to be dead.”

“I know. It’s really good, isn’t it? I don’t know my physical conditions now.”

“It’s the same.” Dr. Arthit said, “They…told me not to tell you.”

“What they told you?”

“I won’t lie you. Your brain was at the grave injury. It was hit until the skull was open to the brain.”

“That…seemed very terrible.”

“You might not be the same. That’s why they left you to be dead.”

“Then, why am I still here?”

“I asked them to do a brain operation by taking another person’s brain to change where it was injured.”


“You might want to have a mercy.”

“He should be thanked from me.”

“No, Famous, if you know that the changed brain is the brain of the one whom attempted to kill you.”

“…What!? No, I don’t want!”

“Don’t worry, that person is already passed away. The memory and thought were still yours. You might even didn’t feel anything from the changed brain.”

“Umm, that’s really bad.”

“No, that’s alright. Well, I’ll leave you to stay quietly alone.” Dr. Arthit stood up from a chair. “Oh, another thing, you won’t work at the warehouse anymore. They moved you to the underground. You’ll have a new job, a new position, and a new boss, good luck.”

“But I like you than others.”

Dr. Arthit slightly smiled at a corner of the mouth before he left from the room. Famous started to have little worried about the new brain which he disliked it. They would better let him to be dead rather than placing someone into his head. Especially, that person was a bad person and he did not know when he would have a bad-minded. He did not want to be changed to be others, especially when that person was an enemy.

Many months later after he backed to work, he seemed he was a new person. It was actually a new work, a new position, and the boss named Ran who was very strict as usual until he wanted to back to the warehouse like the past. However, it was strange that he did not feel that he was useless for these works. His tasks had meaning. The boss let him did tasks which he previously did not dare or even thought about it. The dirty tasks which were under this Foundation which there was someone talked about taking someone’s life for the experimentation. However, there was one time which it seemed that Famous was not that old one anymore, when his lab coat was dirty with Class-D’s blood after he expressed his anger to them by a huge log. When Dr. Ran restrained him and disappointed looked at him. He did not conscious for what he did. It seemed that he became another person, the one whom was inside his head. He was very guilty for himself as he wanted to be gone from this world.

Many days later since that incident, no one dared to talk to Famous. They might afraid that Famous might hit their head. He sat at a shared-office table. There was the paper on a table. It was the resign paper but no filling. He felt that he was watched by someone for a long. It made him felt furious, then he turned his face to a beside office table. There was the glassed man who looked at him. He did not familiar. He might be a new employee. That guy smile when Famous turned his face.

“Hello, it’s great here, isn’t it?”

“I hope so.” Famous replied, then he turned his face back to the paper.

“Do you stay here for a long time?”

“Many years, but I’ve just stay at this department for a few months.”

“I was transferred from other workplace. Could you suggest me for something?”

“…Spare your life, don’t die early.”

“That…is very good.”

Then, that person stood up from his office table and reached to Famous. His leg was accidentally crushed with an office table. That made the tea cup which was placed to fill at the resign paper which Famous was filling. Famous started to get furious with this guy.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I hope you won’t get angry with me as I made your…resign paper to be dirty, but you can fill for another new one.”

That person reached his hand to Famous. “It’s a hand-shaking, don’t you know?”

Famous sighed, then he did a hand-shaking with this guy.

“Ok, with my pleasure.”

“Tomson Niranarm, nice to work with you.”

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