BIRDS-027: Birds of Ill Omen Crying in the Night

BIRDS-027: Birds of Ill Omen Crying in the Night


American crow Corvus brachyrhynchos(オス)

Project Leader:


Project Progress:

Adult (Development Complete)

Harm Reduction Level:

Falcon (High Lethality)

Required Resources:

American crows

Required Technology:

An adult American crow provided with the ability to invite disaster using cause-and-effect manipulation.

Project and Product Details:

This project intends to obstruct the progress of the "Other Foundation"'s plan to support the destruction of the world by using cause-and-effect manipulation to induce disasters. The goal is to prevent the execution of their illogical plan to allow the world to be destroyed, after which they intend to "rebuild" it.

BIRDS-027 is intended to be released towards the locations of the "Other Foundation" and groups assisting their cause, affecting anyone who hears its cry by inviting disaster against them. It has been confirmed that any human who hears its cry will die within 10 days. This can cause loss of life due to accidents, failure of experiments due to unforeseen circumstances, and the death of personnel required for their project. It is expected that the loss of life will lead to delays in the project, and perhaps will lead to the seemingly natural termination of the project.

The crying of a crow is said in legend to be an ill omen, and crows are naturally present wild birds almost all over the world. If we were to release them against these enemy organizations, doing so in secret would be particularly easy. This is why we hope to see positive results. As the initial model is an American crow, the main objective is to attack areas in North America; however, jungle crows and other types of crows can be used to attack enemy organizations all over the world.

The "Other Foundation" came to us, the Green Sparrow Foundation of all people, to seek our help in allowing the world to come to an end only to recreate it, or perhaps just to sound us out, saying that "since we will revert the world to the way it was, you can overlook the destruction of the human race". To the Green Sparrow Foundation, and perhaps the whole of the human race, this is nothing but a provocation — to end the possibility of perpetuity for the world, to literally seek life in death? The Green Sparrow Foundation's goal is to enable the perpetuity of the world, and to allow the "Other Foundation" to have control of it is unthinkable. Before such a machine can be created, we, the Green Sparrow Foundation, will save the world. This is a challenge to us. If they develop and activate that world-restarting machine first, it will be a defeat to us.

That is why the Green Sparrow Foundation will carry out its task.

Deployment Log

Log of deployment in North America
Birds released Deaths
10 7
50 42
100 96
1000 1486
10000 28735
Casualties / Decontamination Result:

Currently, most of the dead are from the disposable personnel they call "D-Class", and higher-ranking personnel do not even make up 1 in 10 of the dead. From here on out, we need to either increase the number of birds we release or increase the range of their cries. In addition, as many of the BIRDS-027 released have been captured by the "Other Foundation", we need to give them a way to escape their custody if the "Other Foundation" attempts to capture them again.


Stanley (Moderates): Is this something you did to spite us as revenge for our BIRDS-023? You from the Anomalists and Adventists were unhappy about us bringing joyful occurrences, weren't you?

iskios: No, there's no particular relation. Maybe your ego is just too big.

Stanley: As one of the Moderates, it feels like what the Adventists are doing is ridiculous. We can't save the world on our own, it's too much of a burden. We Moderates are considering providing assistance to the "Other Foundation".

iskios: Do you really trust the "Other Foundation"? The professionals who really know how to bring perpetuity to this world are us. Who else can save the world if we can't?

Stanley: That kind of conceit may just let the end of the world happen. You are the ones who pretend to want to save the world, but bring us closer to destruction! The people who died from the BIRDS-027 you released are mostly civilians, not those from the "Other Foundation"! Just from that, can't you see that BIRDS-027 will bring the world to ruin rather than save it?

iskios: So what? Everyone dies. The sparrow will soon die, and the eagle will make its entrance on this world. This is our chance to once again rule the world!

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