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Hi, I am the Unnamable Black Queen.

My title is Centurion. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Alison Chao (Shāh Māt).

Charles Olmsted Gears. Technical Advisor.


The Black Vassals are our game pieces. They are all reliable and delightful. Heh, let me add a few words. We, the Black Queen, have collaborators and supporters in each universe who assist our activities. We call them our "vassals" for a bit of humor. When you exclude the multiversal Alison Chao from the Black Queen as an organization, they are the rest of the force. As the name implies, they are the vassals to the "Queen". It would be strange if we included ourselves. Our arms are far too short to reach out to our wishes. This is why we are asking for their support. We cannot play chess with the Queen alone.


One or more Allison Chao having some influence on the timeline in question as the Black Queen. By some influence, do you mean investigation and sabotage? Including those, any and all activities that could bring the name of "Black Queen" to be known. We seek their understanding and support through recruitment, coaxing, and sometimes even blackmail! We will spare no effort to invest in order to attract more people who are willing to lend us their hands. It's important to note that we must approach them from our side. Vassals do not just pop up on their own… with a few exceptions.


Needless to say, they are responsible for assisting or acting on our behalf in our various activities. The nature of Black Vassals is unique for each timeline, and each of them is expected to have their own optimal strategies, benefits, and effective situations. So it would be wonderful if they could be compiled into a catalog like this, don't you think? There are different types of pieces. You should know how to move each of them.


We cannot make a blanket assessment of this either. From enhanced humans to gentle-hearted earthworms, the Black Vassals vary widely. If the Black Queen loses access to a certain timeline, or permanently stops using it, then the Black Vassals there would be considered inactivated by their definition. The most uniform definition. Sounds good to me, dad. I feel it's a little unfair to them, though.

Please do not call me father. That designation is not appropriate.

Instance: Timeline C-024

Adamo Smalls. A Level 2 Foundation researcher, he is a European adult human male with no notable characteristics. I personally recruited him. Astral communication with Homo sapiens was what I was best at, so I incarnated myself as a standard human in this universe, approached him, and interfaced with his pineal gland. That is how he awakened and began to follow my commands. An undercover spy against the Foundation, you might say. He seems to be of great value to us in many ways. Good move. As a piece, is he a Bishop cutting diagonally into the enemy line?

The only problem is that Mr. Smalls is now in captivity. Apparently I overdid the conversation with him and one day he was apprehended after running around the facility in his madness, naked and smeared with wine. He is still alive, since my voice can still reach him, but is imprisoned and unable to do anything in there. Bad Bishop. Yeah, I feel bad for him. I won't be using this technique for a while.

Instance: Timeline G-924

Mr. Rootless. A humanoid entity who, when he marks a location on a Mercator projection world map, is able to transfer himself to the corresponding coordinates of reality. If more than one or a large area is marked, he transfers to a random point within the specified area. "Mr. Rootless" is the first one in Dr. Wondertainment's Genuine Product Little MistersTM Series, Made-to-Order BQ Collection. Wondertainment in this timeline is much more commercialistic than in other universes, so when I asked them to custom-make a series with my personal money, they graciously agreed. A Knight jumping around in an irregular manner.

For reasons which should be obvious to you, my order to Mr. Rootless was to locate Dr. Gears in this timeline. In order to fulfill my wish, he took full advantage of his talents to locate a Foundation site and transferred himself there. However, like Smalls in C-024, Mr. Rootless is currently contained by the Foundation. What happened? His ability would have allowed him to escape quickly even if the break-in was discovered. Uh well, Mr. Rootless' shifting sometimes involve a misalignment of arrival points by about ten to thirty meters. In this case, unfortunately, there appears to have been an error in altitude. He became unconscious due to fractures and contusions caused by the fall from high altitude and was secured by the Foundation without any resistance.

Instance: Timeline F-034

Rest assured. The Vassal of this timeline is still with me. Nicknamed Ferz. While outwardly a large dark-haired dog or wolf, they exhibit a number of psycho-spiritual abilities, including luminescence in the dark and demanifestation. He is presumably a Black Shuck, also known as Hellhound, a type of fairy, ghost, or demon which is considered a harbinger of death in English folklore. Ferz is my friend. We befriended each other when we were scavenging corpses in a graveyard at night. Alas, not a very romantic encounter. I needed to earn some "blasphemy points against universal humanitarianism" and offer them to a bigoted evil god so I could use the Ways in this universe, that's all. Ferz may reek a bit of raw meat, but they are soft and nice to cuddle. How much do you charge for an hour's rental?

Instance: Timeline D-079

Olympia 7th, also known as Julia. An artificial female humanoid created by the Foundation's Olympia Project, she possesses multiple special abilities derived from the anomalous objects used in the project. Currently, she has escaped from the Foundation and resides in the Wanderers' Library. Julia was recovered along with several anomalous assets when a certain Black Queen infiltrated a Foundation facility in D-079. While her own talents are of course remarkable, what would add even more value to them is the "Egg Walker" in her possession! Who is this Egg Walker?

Officially classified as SCP-244-ARC, it is a bipedal spherical device designed by Professor Kain Pathos Crow, the leader of the Olympia Project, with several unique and miscellaneous functions including flight through transformation, firing machine guns, performing cardiac surgery, and brewing Guinness beer. Most likely due to the fact that the creator of both is Professor Crow, Olympia 7th is considered the only one who can pilot SCP-244-ARC except for Professor Crow. The Queen who robbed the facility stole this automaton along with Julia, and the two together are truly as powerful as a Rook. Hmmm, I wonder how much it would be worth on the market. Don't sell it, it can even play chess.

Instance: Timeline T-063

Religious organization "The Spawns of Alyzzon-Nchao", consists of less than twenty members. The Foundation in this timeline considers this organization to be a dogmatic cult and has designated it GoI-2681. They have been observed to have altered some body structures, including the skull, and have demonstrated a group mind-based communication ability among the members. Oh, how nostalgic. It's my home universe. When I first came to Earth with my father from the Realm of Majestic Desolation, their cult was established before I knew it. By the by, how do you ladies feel about their name, "the Spawns"? I never gave birth to them as a mother's womb. Pawns in numbers, I guess.

Oh? I thought there were many more people in the Spawns? They recently raided a Foundation facility and were annihilated instead. I must say, the Foundation should not be underestimated, as they are merely a group of diminutive humans and yet have successfully contained my father Chalzogde-Nghearz. I'd like to lend them more of my power the next time they do such a thing. Due to repeated large-scale extradimensional invasions, the Foundation in T-063 possesses advanced counter-theological para-military capabilities. In my personal opinion, I would not recommend that you voluntarily jump into the dangerous situation. No worries. We are great at not being noticed by anyone. Thank you for your concern, father.

No, I am not your father.

Instance: Timeline S-078

Charles Olmsted Gears. A European adult human male of no notable characteristics who worked for a general electronics manufacturer. Namely, I mean me. Instead of Dr. Gears leaving Alison Chao behind due to the Foundation, as in many instances observed by the Black Queen, in this timeline the daughter left the father. Without any sign at all, because the Foundation recognized her outstanding achievements. I could never be white and innocent enough to tolerate that for the greater good. That is why I came here.

I know that no small number of Queens see in me the image of their respective fathers. But I am sorry, I cannot be your father. Just as each of your Gears is different from me as an individual, I have only one daughter, that Alison.No need for you to apologize. We are not a family. We are a bunch of individuals who have similarly shaped wounds, and we are are comrades facing the same enemy and goal. So that's all right for now.Excuse me, I was joking a little too much. We are companions, but sticking to that relationship is not the right way to be. Yes, you are right. I'm pretty sure that the peaceful days will be restored soon once we make the Foundation pay the whole price. Yup. Our pieces are lining up, including the Black Vassals. Eventually, our move could reach the enemy King. So please bear with us a little longer, our Black King.

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