Information Leaflet about Anomalous Fungus — Noble Puffball

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Author Jasiu06

The given document was obtained from Zbigniew Nowak, agent of GoI-571-20 ("Polish Anomalous Mushroom Picking Association") during the initial interventions of the Foundation's agents from the Site 120 in the case of SCP-PL-252 on 07/11/2015.

Noble Puffball

Boletus Aridas

Inedible Fungus [❌]

Appearance: It comes in the form of a large, lumpy, papillary growth. The outer layer is dry and highly resistant to any damage.

Anomalous properties: In the research. Preliminary tests by agents indicate that it emits thaumaturgic radiation. The exact nature of the radiation is under research.

Occurrence: No data. Currently, only one specimen has been found in an underground cave located near the Aniołowski Forest in Częstochowa. Various other ancient flora have also been found in the cave.

Earlier it was thought that the Noble Puffball was a species that completely died out around 8000 BC. It was also popular that the mushroom never existed and was only invented for the sake of ancient Fae legends. According to them, it was to be associated with the vital forces of flora and fauna.

Use history: The specimen under our control was found accidentally by a demolition team, one of the members of which contacted a friend of PZGA agent for help with removing the fungus. We sent 2 agents to investigate the case.

After discovering the cave under the building, the agents managed to recognize the mushroom as a Noble Puffball that the Association had been looking for for years. After informing the headquarters of this, they were immediately tasked with safely transporting him to the nearby headquarters of the Union in the anomalous enclave of Esterberg.

Before the discovery of the specimen in Częstochowa, the Association made many unsuccessful attempts to find specimens of its species, which made it a kind of myth in the organization. The most famous of them was the expedition of Konstanty Wojciechowski (a former member of the supervisory board) in 1921 to South America, where centuries ago there was to be the main center of the mythical kingdom of Fae, where specimens of the Noble Puffball were to be found in ancient times. This power, according to legends, was about to fall when people of the night with humans killed the cruel Queen Mab thanks to her sister's sacrifice.

The expedition, however, did not bring the expected results and Wojciechowski did not come across any specimen of the Noble Puffball species.

Recommendations: There are no permanent recommendations due to the ongoing research work. Currently, the only known mushroom specimen is in the process of being transported to the local PZGA headquarters, where appropriate research can be carried out.

Attached Note from Agent Zbigniew Nowak:

There were some problems with opposition from the local Fae inhabiting the cave where we discovered him and the surrounding forest. Włodek mentioned when he called us about some "forest elves". You could ask for someone more to be sent here to get us on with it all, before "guests" from the Foundation will arrive or, much worse, from GOC.

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