Good Morning, Mr President.


One day after the presidential inauguration, his neck still hurts when the president breathes the air of his office for the first time as the new president of Brazil, the déjà vu doesn't get in the way of the moment, he swears he closed the door when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

''Hello, Mister President.''

He looks over his shoulder, a thickly accented male voice, the image he sees is of a man, young, in his twenties.

''Who are you?! How did you get in here?!'' Exclaimed the newly inaugurated president, his hand enters the suit, even before he pulls the gun, the young man raises his hands in the air at shoulder height.

''Don't be shy sir, I didn't come to harm you, and don't try anything cute, we have no problem with having the general in the government.''

The young man walks to the presidential chair and sits in that chair, the president remains standing with his gun drawn.

''I would offer you some, but you're still having complications with… you know.''

Said the young man holding a can of beer.

''I am the representative of a Foundation in Brazil, the government cooperated with us, I would like to discuss some quick issues with you.''

The president lowers his gun slowly as he spoke.

''If you want to talk to me, schedule a meeting, I have a lot to do, now get out of my office, please.''

''Look, we already tried to do this yesterday, please cooperate, sit down, this is serious, and more important than you can imagine.''

The president is reluctant, however, he sits down.

''I am a class 4 Observer, or CL5 to make it easier, I am CL5-12, the youngest and first northeaster on the council, I am the representative of the council of the CL5 and responsible for fulfilling the agreement that we made with João Figueredo in 1985, which has lasted since then.''

''What agreement is this?''

''Let me put lay it clear first, so you don't get lost like last time.''

''There is a Foundation, it, for all intents and purposes, for the general public, for the billionaires, for the isolationist dictators and four-star generals, doesn't exist, we are a shadow that hangs over the world, there is no place far away, there are no closed doors for us, except those we close, this Foundation has three purposes.''

''Secure humanity against itself and against other forces.''

''Contain anomalies that are not explainable by science.''

''Protect this world from forces beyond our comprehension.''

The president raises a smile of disbelief, which is slowly eroded by the young man's stare.

''This Foundation has branches around the world, and there is a branch that operates in our Tupiniquim lands.''

''A Brazilian branch?'' Questioned the elected president.

''A Lusophone Branch, we operate in all countries where Portuguese is spoken, Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and so on.''

''So, you're telling me there is a supranational ghost hunting organization?''

''Ghosts? hahahah, mister president, we have things that would not only frighten children, but that would traumatize the monsters under their beds, we have diseases that could extinguish life on Earth in a month or two stored in the heart of the Amazon, where one of our main Sites are, do you think that the sack man is a legend? we have contained him, the Headless Mule? also contained, in addition to a fridge that predicts the future, a beast capable of shapeshifting at will, a knife that makes you self mutilate and end up mutilating everyone else around you, a magnifying glass that can recreate anything, the list is gigantic.''

''I've been in politics for a long, long time, and I've never, never heard of such a thing, you may have a compelling story, but how about some…''

''Evidence? I will give you some.''

The young man removes a video showing SCP-111-PT-β01 in combat with members of MTF PT10-Ψ ''Eyes of Silver''

A drone video showing SCP-050-PT being destroyed by it, videos of Instances of SCP-010-PT-2, D-Class personnel being massacred, and so on.

''My God…''

''This is what we have to do daily, what we have to deal with, what we protect you from.''

''How deep does it go?''

''Well, you will have access to this documentation and way more when you receive your credentials.''

''You didn't tell me one important detail.''

''Which would be?''

''How much do you cost the Brazilian people?''

''All member countries send around half a trillion a year in total and around 50% of all those convicted of at least heinous crimes, Brazil pays 200 billion a year in total, the division is done annually, this year we managed to save 50 billion from Brazil, so what you will have to contribute this year is less.''

"About the lowlifes, you can take them all if you want, but 200 billion?!? Do you know how many problems we could solve if this money didn't come out of public coffers?!''

''Do you know in how many different ways the world would end if you didn't pay? Do you know how much it costs per month to keep you calm and sleeping in your homes sure that you will wake up tomorrow?''

The president shuts up.

''I can't, I just can't pay 200 billion, to rip it out of public coffers for…''

''You already have this money, this money is already flowing into the Branch, there is already a whole scheme to launder this money and its disappearance, or do you think that the Brazilian draconian bureaucracy is useless?''

''If I can advise the army, we could have less cost in military matters, I can assign some of my colleagues, they could help adminis—''

''For all intents, for all military personnel, for everyone we don't tell, we don't exist, you're not one of us, and as such you have no right to breathe wrong about the Foundation to anyone who is not your deputy, nobody. What's more, you don't have any power over us, you might be paying, you might be sending thousands of prisoners, but you can't change a comma on anything related to how we operate.''

At that moment, the president abruptly stands up and strikes a blow on the table.

''As a representative of the Brazilian people I cannot let a supranational organization take over 200 billion and…''

The syringe hits his neck, a short time later he falls to the ground unconscious.

''Difficult guy.''


Two days after the presidential inauguration, his neck still hurts when the president breathes the air of his office for the first time as the new president of Brazil…

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