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About me

Hello everyone! You can call me Irina, or Bougainvillea, or maybe, Bou for short. I am an author and translator from Vietnam, as well as an admin of the VN branch. Outside from Vietnamese and English, I can also use German, although I have not reached total fluency with this language yet :3

If you have any question about my translations or about the VN branch regarding our articles, you can contact me through Wikidot PM or Discord, at bougainvillea#5793. I've joined the Discord servers of VN, DE, ZH-TR, INT and SCPD.

My translations

I guess I will just make it simple, since I haven't done so much for INT :v

Article Rating Comments Date of Posting
SCP-014-VN + 21 5 02 Sep 2021 17:57
SCP-012-VN + 14 3 24 Sep 2021 18:26
SCP-018-VN + 11 0 01 Nov 2021 16:29
SCP-099-VN + 16 3 05 Nov 2021 16:27
SCP-006-VN + 6 1 08 Dec 2021 18:03

And these are my collaborative translations:

If you'd like, please check out my author page at VN and SCP-6168, an article on EN that I wrote!

Thanks a lot for passing by!

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