A Detailed Report of a Containment Breach

A Detailed Report of a Containment Breach

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Call Record

SCP-079 shouted in the radio, "(Explosion) 682, Nine-Tailed Fox is coming. There're a lot of them! (Explosion)”
SCP-682 roared back, "I fucking see! I have two fucking military helicopter meeting above me now, got it?"
SCP-079 replied with his deep, hoarse voice, "Fortunately that goddamn class-d personnel finally opens the door… (Explosion) Nice job, 682! What a tail swing!"
SCP-682 said angrily, "How many fucking helicopters are there?"
SCP-079 said after a gap, "Watch your word, 682 (Explosion)… Fuck, there are at least 13 before the nuke starts!"
SCP-682 roared. He didn't know that 079 was playing a "mine-sweeping" game it evolved. Apparently it wasn't so skillful.
SCP-079: "(Explosion) Damn… Wait, 682, I can't see you. Did you evolve invisibility? Or is it electromagnet interference?"
SCP-682 barked into the radio, "What do you fucking think? Thanks to that asshole modeler from 'The Chaos Insurgency'!"1

Yes, Dr. Xue Feng. That's all for this containment breach. I made lots of research on this, those frightening scenes made me anxious and restless. I wish you can approve this report, thank you.
End of Report.

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