breaddddd's artwork page - logo
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here's breaddddd's artwork page for logos.

for character designs plz go here. for other stuff plz go here.

u also want a logo?

plz contact me via qq or wikidot private messages. u can find me in various qq groups. i won't charge u.
u can have demands, but plz don't force me to make too many changes.
then i'll directly put it here when it's done, even before ur article or hub is released! so plz take notice!
a word of advice: the chance of success would be higher if you contacted me when the page u will use the logo in had been basically shaped.
if u don't use it for long after completion i'll directly blacklist u.
try not to hurry me, but if i haven't done it for one or two months, i may have forgotten. if so feel free to hurry me.

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