The Blink Collection: The MTF Chapter
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1. The captain came towards the supply officer. "Why my 10-man unit is rationed to only 5 body bags?"
The supply officer did not stop his pen. "Because you don't need that many."

2. The new agent cried, "My flashlight failed. I can't see anything."
From the dark came his teammate's voice. "Touch the pocket at your three o'clock position."
"Is there a new battery in it?"
"It's a new pair of eyeballs."

3. "Captain, give me another shot. I can certainly get our brothers back!"
The captain turned his head, staring at me. "There is not a soul in the house."

4. Today, I overslept and went to the canteen two hours late. But I still got some meat.

5. "You've had a bad fight today!" I was going to take off my helmet after destroying the last enemy.
From the radio came a voice. "Agent A1, you're not in simulation."

6. "When you are in a state of total inability, use your own tongue to push the rightmost molar at once."
The instructor pointed to his mouth.
"What will happen?" An intern raised his hand and asked.

7. In order to increase the opportunity of social contact among agents, we added more charging posts in the canteen.

8. The old man fell down from the wheelchair, tightly holding the middle-aged doctor's coat. "Although I have no legs, I really want to join the mobile task force!"
" My teacher, you have joined."

9. Brife recovered the dead agent's weapon and saw some strange dents on the trigger.
He looked closely for a long time and found that they were teeth marks.

10. We built two superfluous staff dormitories.

11. I delved into his backpack and found no bullets or grenades were used.
But he used up all pieces of chalk he had.

12. We have a dog, which gains weight faster than we thought.

13. In any case, please shoot over 50 grams of silver ammunition into the body's heart before touching your teammate's body.

14. Since yesterday, every agent's bedside table has been equipped with a sterile knife and sleeveless pajamas.

15. He struggled to put SCP-500 into his mouth, but the pill fell to the ground through his esophagus.

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