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Welcome to the Brotherhood

The world we know knows the power of occult artefacts, the hunting instinct of unnatural creatures, as well as the caprice of divine beings. Full of fear of the supernatural, the first humans therefore persevered in darkness, but resentment grew and humanity began to rise from the shadows of its tormentors.

Now we use horses to move, swords to fight and high walls to defend ourselves. So we no longer allowed ourselves to be subjugated, we instead took what was due to mankind. We therefore subjugated the land and chased away the abominations that once taught us fear. But these nightmarish abnormalities were not willing to disappear forever from their former domains.

So it was only a matter of time before some wise, rich and influential men came together who shared the same vision. A vision of a better world; of a world without the supernatural dangers that threaten the survival of humanity. So it happened, those self-appointed guardians of humanity took an oath for the protection of the human species and secretly founded our Brotherhood.

Time passed and the spirit of the Renaissance became pervasive in our world. As did the Brotherhood, which became no short-lived whim of a few idealistic conspirators. For our Brotherhood has steadily expanded since its founding, opening up new territories to guard all humanity from the supernatural. We thus not only remained in the bosom of Europe, but we expanded together with the European empires into the far-flung corners of the Old and New Worlds. In this way, our brotherhood was able to secretly avert many supernatural catastrophes and outlast the times of the greatest worldly conflicts.

But fanatical priests, decadent nobles and power-hungry citizens characterise the everyday life of every subject. Just like the fear of the horror that lurks in the shadows or is used by unscrupulous groups for their machinations. But we, the Brotherhood, we elude all fear and authority of this dark world. For we fight the horror in the shadows and we serve only the good of humanity.

In order to be able to act against these mysterious threats which our scouts spy, our scholars study the nature of the occult in subterranean crypts. We use the knowledge gained to eradicate the supernatural from the life of the people once and for all with the help of our hunting parties. But the scourge of our species remains relentless, as do we with our never-ending mission.

It is now up to you, chronicler, to write down and archive the stories that befall the Brotherhood. For all the events that our brothers experience during their duties, as well as many other events that happen in this world, should not fade away like old wives' tales in our memories.


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