Anomalous Individuals Monitoring Bureau
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French Canon

Anomalous Individuals Monitoring Bureau


Foundation personnel, welcome to the AIMB front page
Please select your question.

What is the AIMB's purpose?

I am aware that the idea of the Foundation letting anomalous humanoids live in society might leave you puzzled, but please imagine the following:

In this canon, anomalous races do exist. What I mean by that is that lycanthropes, vampires (or, as Gémini like to call them, hemovores), spectres, wizards and other Tibetan fighting monks capable of destroying a wall using their fists are not isolated anomalies, but individuals considered "normal" in this anomalous world.

However, the Foundation's mission is still to keep the majority of humanity in ignorance and shelter them from the potential danger some of these people can pose. This is AIMB's mission. Find the Abnormals, make contact with them, ensure of their good intentions, and make sure the world does not uncover what they are, whether with or without their consent.

Any potential questions can be addressed to Dr BenjiDr Benji.

What can I write?

Any sort of thing, the canon is not limited to any format, the only requirement is that the scene must happen in a universe where AIMB exists (or will exist (or has existed, at least)).

Let your imagination express itself, you can write an MTF Sigma-7 report about the elimination of an individual with abilities too powerful but for whom the Foundation would have little interest, stories about anomalous individuals in their everyday life, in contact with AIMB or not, the struggle the Bureau faces to survive against the pressure some Foundation members exercise, willing to use extreme means to eliminate this department seen as an obstacle to the Foundation's goal, or even the tragic love story between a human girl and an hemovore. To put it short, as long as it has its place in the timeline, it fits the Canon.

How to publish a story?

Just add the "aimb" tag to your page.

AIMB Archives:

Discovered Anomalous Individuals must be registered using this format :

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