'Collar for Bulldogs' (FRI23/RIW32/89H91)

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Status Available
Demand Medium
Value ~5.000 USD
Availability Supply Chain Established
Identifier Collar for Bulldogs
Description This product is a device that, to some extent, suppresses acts of reality manipulation by reality benders. It consists of a set of bracelets and a collar made of a material resistant to reality manipulation. The collar suppresses the target's reality manipulation ability through a magical mechanism. The collar puts the reality bender into a coma if they continue to attempt to alter reality. The inside of the collar, the surface that comes in contact with the skin, is made of a material that disintegrates and turns into a toxic substance when exposed to Facet Radiation above a certain level. The toxicity is sufficient to cause skin contact, and if a large amount of the material enters the body through the skin, it could cause death by coma, but there are several types of the material to suit different body sizes. There is also a variant with a steel wire in the collar, and when the same condition is met, the wire will come loose and sever the wearer's carotid artery. We can also offer custom-made products in terms of appearance and other details.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Initial Report
Author Robert Davis Date 6th of March, 1999
Interest High
Since the breaking of the Veil last summer, many parahumans have appeared in public view and, thanks to the media campaigns of the MCF and the Serpent's Hand, social awareness has increased and they have been exposed on television programs. On the other hand, society's view of them is not always favorable.

In the West, where conservative Christians are omnipresent, these reality benders, known as "Type Greens," are often equated with witches and demons. The defamatory campaigns developed by the Global Occult Coalition and the Foundation have created a climate of distrust in society, which sees them as a potential criminal force.

So I came up with the idea of selling devices that suppress the capabilities of reality benders at low cost to government agencies. I estimate that more than ten states in the U.S. alone could buy them, as well as many other research centers planning to go into parahuman research, and a wide variety of outlets to wealthy individuals who wish to have them in their personal collections.
Open File Below: FRI23/RIW32/89H11
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Inventory Information
Owner Quantity Comment
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP Available upon request of the Supplier.
Prometheus Labs ~100 sets For research purposes. A company of the same group is indirectly involved in the production of this product.
ICSUT ~10 sets Storing as samples.
Global Occult Coalition ~10000 sets In addition to being used for investigation, it is used to operate undercover units as police forces in some areas used by public authorities.
The Foundation ~100 sets Stored as samples. The organization has a small modified reality override device.
Client (Individual) ~50 sets A person who captures or employs reality benders for 'playful' purposes.
Client (Industrial) ~500 sets Stored for research and business use.
Client (Government Agency) ~10000 sets In addition to offering them to local reality benders, they are also kept in reserve.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 01-1
From John Morgan To Robert Davis
Mr. Davis, you want this product to be made to order, but to what extent is it possible to make major changes to the appearance? For example, changing the exterior material to silver and filling it with emeralds, or hanging a cross from the choker, or changing the design to something more like handcuffs?
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 01-2
From Robert Davis To John Morgan
Of course we will. It will take a little more time and money, but we will deliver a worthwhile product. Don't forget to take the user's body measurements as well as the design.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 02-1
From Letter Woodman To Robert Davis
Can one be made for animals? It's good to know that there are such strange and cute dogs, but they seem to be hard to keep, is there anything I can do?
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 02-2
From Robert Davis To Letter Woodman
Yes, it is possible. However, being a device originally for humans, it is quite difficult to adjust. Therefore, we need not only the information of your body size, but also the internal Hms value, so we will have to charge you for the research and take you to our branch office, to a private testing institute, or we will have to visit your home. If you don't mind, I will give you a quote.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

External Message
Organization Manna Charitable Foundation Received 6th of August, 2002
Acquisition Method Reproduced from the Foundation's website.

Abuse discovered in the "house of the Lord".

On the 2nd of this month, a local newspaper discovered that Father Robert Davis of the Diocese of Brooklyn had sexually abused several teenagers hosted at his church. Father Davis was the director of his church's educational program for reality-bending children and students (Type Green).

The program was supposed to provide them with moral education, including Bible reading, and teach them not to become people who would abuse their abilities for personal gain. However, the priest abused them through the use of reality inhibitors acquired from MC&D and amnestics supposedly from Logos.

In particular, the reality manipulation restraint devices he used were found to have been custom-made by the company, according to documents left behind, and the same documents show that restraints adorned with jewels and silver were manufactured. GOC and UIU have discovered similar custom-made devices in the United States and Europe. Each device was found to be similar in composition to the materials used in reality altering devices provided by the company to local governments in various regions, and the suspects were wealthy individuals who were heavily involved with the company since before 1998. However, because the evidence was destroyed, the priest's involvement fully revealed the company's complicity..

The device, which must be worn by all reality benders residing in the Bible Belt states and elsewhere, has been given the discriminatory name "Bulldog Collar" due to its blue appearance and the fact that they appear on television shows, or due to confusion between the Type Green (Reality Benders) and Type Blue (Sorcerers and Magicians). Some people who have worn this device have reported a decrease in their quality of life due to diminished ability to think like imagination, and a year ago, a girl died after an adult version was mistakenly distributed as a children's version. We have been trying to stop the sale of this device due to its dangers and human rights violations, and a lawsuit has been filed against MC&D in Three Portlands Municipal Court since last year. We will continue to press for this case to achieve this objective.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

External Document
Organization Wilson's Wildlife Solutions Received 9th of May, 2002
Acquisition Method Reproduced from the Foundation's website.

Please do not intimidate our friends!

Lately, I have been heartbroken by the horrible treatment of animals.

My friends and I created a home for animals in Boring, Oregon, and have been working with them since 1997. Shortly thereafter, a giant divine being appeared and lifted the Veil, giving us the opportunity to work hard to protect animals around the world. We have had our difficulties, but thanks to the cooperation of various organizations and the efforts of our friends, there are probably very few people today who do not know our name as an animal protection organization.

I'll cut to the chase: about a year ago, we started to see an increase in the number of strange animals coming into our shelter. The reason is abuse.

Especially in recent times, many children have suffered severe brain damage or limb amputation from the "bulldog collars" (a term I hate with all my soul because I have reality benders and bulldogs among my friends) that MC&D is putting on the market. Apparently, there is also a video on social media tormenting these strange creatures. I've had to watch it to be sure, but I can't stand watching videos of dogs slowly fainting during walks and rats being cut in two by the hoops they jump through to eat.

Of course, most people reading this probably haven't, and I'm sure many of them are angry and wondering why these things are allowed to happen. The truth is that protecting creatures like them is difficult for police officers who have never known the darkness within the Veil. There are still many animals that do not fit the system's definition, or are not popular enough to generate public awareness, and therefore cannot be protected in time. In addition, there are many mysterious animals that have only a few friends and are not yet included in the Regional Red List, so poaching and smuggling continues unabated.

So here is my request. If you read this page, please tell this story to your friends, your parents and everyone you know. If there are people who are swayed by social media and harass animals, we can help protect them with the help of others. And if you can spare a dollar from your wallet to help us, we'd really appreciate it.

See you then, and come visit us in Boring! I'll be waiting for you with a bunch of friends!
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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