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"The ravens have long been circling above us, but the living bodies cannot be revived again."
And so, within the eyes of the Lord of Ravens, I have sought the path directed by such malignant the deity.

Into the Coffin Alive

SCP Articles

I wish you may finally die by Abigail_Ade
The first time I saw her,
I struggled and shook lose of her hands;
But now I longed day and night to meet her again.
My dearest friend, thank you for your accompany.
May the grim reaper bless you, that you may have eternal rest.

Those souls stained with blood, pineal glands' flaws becomes ever clearer by ShineShadowD
Soul filth is only the sacrifice.
And in the end you will fall into eternity, granted by Him, with blood all over you.
Death is the best ending, but you do not get to choose.

The Hedge by ShineShadowD
[Decommissioned] lies in the ritual coffin.
"How do you know if the fractals were not screaming?"

No one by ploplo
Is this not entering the coffin alive?
Ridiculous, and pathetic.

Do not believe him by Yoghurt_Jinchouge
Now…there are bodies down below.

Another One Rides The Hearse !
by VideoGameMonkeyMONO
translated by BenjaminChong
Head on to the grave. Buried with the dead.

Discharge by Dr Fishbone
Thank you, doctor. As you see, the kid really need some help.

His death by Universe647
He died, and everyone did know how he died, and everyone didn't know how he died.

財団維持部門 by nemo111

A gigantic nautilus by CaroyalKKaia
The shell of a nautilus, packing livestock as dull as nautliuses.

森顶辉星 by Forestar

平衡天秤,晦明等臂 by Forestar

拥挤棺木 by Forestar


The Originator - Hub
by Forestar
I'm the originator of your life. Just as you are mine.
I will be holding your hand as we walk into our long-awaited grave together.



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