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"The ravens have long been circling above us, but the living bodies cannot be revived again."
And so, within the eyes of the Lord of Ravens, I have sought the path directed by such malignant the deity.

Into the Coffin Alive

The Originator (Link to original) by Forestar
I'm the originator of your life. Just as you are mine.
I will be holding your hand as we walk into our long-awaited grave together.

in-coffinwanderers:in-coffinI'll Wait For You to Come Home (Link to original)wanderers:in-coffin我等你们回家   by pokm
Say it's big but not that big, say it's small but not that small.
Old Zhang laid there in a perfect fit.

shroudshroudShroud (Link to original)shroud裹尸布   by Yoghurt-rescuer
"I will never," I almost screamed it out, "ever not recognize my beloved! Oh, Chritie Carrie, you're still alive!"
I found that I cannot open my mouth whatever I do, only an indescribable sense of suffocation that completely surrounded me.

a-pena-penA Pen (Link to original)a-pen钢笔   by Fomal
"There is a saying that pain is the storm on the sea, and weakness the canoe in it."
The black and motley walls was filled with chains and locks, much had blood on them.

living-thingliving-thingLiving Thing (Link to original)living-thing活物   by Yoghurt-rescuer
Hardly could I control my body,
All this I was suffering was like a soul forcefully rubbed into a totally unfamiliar body.

fomalhautwanderers:fomalhautBook (Link to original)wanderers:fomalhaut   by Fomal
I have tried hard to keep these things in my mind, but I could only stand there helplessly, watching them pass away from my mind……
All the traces, all the memories are obliviated silently, like flowing water.

sacrificewanderers:sacrificeSacrifice (Link to original)wanderers:sacrifice献祭   by EveTerminus does not match any existing user name
Ones who enter this gate shall abandon all hopes.
Starless night skies shone on the dark sea, the soulless human's screams resounded the clouds.

storywanderers:storyAn Abandoned Story (Link to original)wanderers:story一个被遗弃的故事   by Night Raven
This is a dead end, destined at the beginning.
Dust can be observed within the light occasionally shining in, and all lives except him is covered with black cloth after he left.

dollwanderers:dollDoll (Link to original)wanderers:doll洋娃娃   by Black day
That poor doll, with mouth that can not say,
That final ending, with body and soul melted in flame.

elevatorwanderers:elevatorElevator (Link to original)wanderers:elevator电梯   by Gali Z R
He walked into the elevator, he walked out of the elevator.
In the darkness was when he finally realized that he was already within the coffin.

Untitled, also titled Twelve Thousand Years of Galactic Buddha (Link to original) by Ninth BB
Has it been thousands of years believing in desire for love and hatred? Only longing to escape the coffin for three months.
A few decades closed to the Buddha's face, only believing in your delight for twelve thousand years.

scp-cn-1963scp-cn-1963I wish you may finally die (Link to original)scp-cn-1963我祝你终有一死   by Abigail_Ade
The first time I saw her,
I struggled and shook lose of her hands;
But now I longed day and night to meet her again.
My dearest friend, thank you for your accompany.
May the grim reaper bless you, that you may have eternal rest.

return-to-the-seawanderers:return-to-the-seaReturn to the Sea (Link to original)wanderers:return-to-the-sea归海   by Think cyan
Travelling the seas without a returning track, stretching my sight to the clear wave.
Springing up and falling back, the surging sea will be my grave.

die-rydie-ryDie-ry (Link to original)die-ry日记   by Sakuramizuki
I am finally free, bringing this diary with me,
Yet this is a dead's diary.

scp-cn-930scp-cn-930Those souls stained with blood, pineal glands' flaws becomes ever clearer (Link to original)scp-cn-930血污了的那些魂,松果体的缺陷愈发清晰   by ShineShadowD
Soul filth is only the sacrifice.
And in the end you will fall into eternity, granted by Him, with blood all over you.
Death is the best ending, but you do not get to choose.

bridge-buriedwanderers:bridge-buriedCoffin on the Bridge (Link to original)wanderers:bridge-buried桥上棺材   by Dandelions of Samer
A crossbreed cat stood on the bridge's balustrade,
when Mocrelas were swaggering across the bridge, it jumped onto Mocrelas's face, and ate Mocrelas's eyeballs.

marrymarryMarry (Link to original)marry出嫁   by SisterTan_Greasy
The slowly improving life environment have made us forget,
that they have never left their hometown, always living in a giant coffin……

the-tomb-in-alcoholthe-tomb-in-alcoholThe Tomb in Alcohol (Link to original)the-tomb-in-alcohol酒中冢墓   by JacKeTJioNG
He took the whole shot.

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