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This is C-DivesC-Dives' Translator Page.

Last updated: 2020/03/17 (UTC)

If you find any misspellings, grammatical errors and unnatural expressions, you are more than welcome to fix these freely!

SCP-JP Objects

SCP-019-JP - A Common Bonobo


Object Class: Keter Neutralized

SCP-███-JP is a typical megalomaniac, and his nature is extremely dangerous. Even considering his primitive intellect, I maintain SCP-███-JP is not suitable for further testing and research.

Written by tokage-otokotokage-otoko on 2013/10/11.

SCP-030-JP - Petroleum Devourers


Object Class: Keter

SCP-030-JP is capable of convert any petroleum-based products into its own energy via unknown organs that currently have been poorly understood. Fecal matter of SCP-030-JP is not inflammable and unable to use as fuel.

Written by tokage-otokotokage-otoko on 2013/11/02.

SCP-240-JP - Zero Instances of Locust


Object Class: Euclid

3 weeks have passed since we started breeding. The amount of locusts in cage are still 0, but something is wrong. Generally speaking, 0 is too small number for a clutch of locust.

Written by dr_torayadr_toraya on 2014/05/16.

SCP-398-JP - Eternal Room 105


Object Class: Safe

SCP-398-JP-1 have not recognized the fact that it is repeating an identical day. SCP-398-JP-1 is able to notice the anomaly via externally-introduced objects that show exact time and date; however, this attempt is futile as SCP-398-JP-1's memory is erased every day.

Written by Nimono-oishiNimono-oishi on 2015/09/03.

SCP-407-JP - A Tub


Object Class: Safe

SCP-407-JP activates whenever an individual directly observes it. While viewing SCP-407-JP, subjects perceive SCP-407-JP as being filled with warm water, despite it being empty.

Written by LinrawLinraw on 2015/11/12.

SCP-419-JP - An Alternate History of Easter Island


Object Class: Safe

As the population increased, the formerly religious ceremony of SCP-419-JP was performed more frequently for producing livestock to provide for the islanders. The islanders used SCP-419-JP instances diligently, unknowing of their long dormancy periods.

Written by blackeyblackey on 2016/04/11.

SCP-558-JP - Bunch o' Chicks 'n' BIG MAMA


Object Class: Euclid

A large number of feathers were discovered at each scene of the incident, and all circumstantial evidences indicate the assailant is an adult female broiler chicken, approximately 80m in body length.

Written by lockerlocker on 2016/11/07.

SCP-586-JP - Snow Globes Past the Seell-By Date


Object Class: Safe

Attempt to break glass caused the vaporization of internal liquid and the inactivation of SCP-586-JP-A. Autopsy of removed SCP-586-JP-A revealed that its internal structures are identical to that of non-anomalous human.

Written by UttanKitagoUttanKitago on 2016/11/02.

SCP-671-JP - The Night of Electric Jellyfishes


Object Class: Euclid

Spark discharges occur from the inside of "bell" toward the tips of tentacles, causing electron avalanche and minor thunderbolts in the peripheral atmosphere. As SCP-671-JP has red fluorescent protein reacting to electrical stimulus, they emit red light during discharge.

Written by tonoottotonootto on 2017/02/16.

SCP-830-JP - Downfall of One Night Castle


Object Class: Euclid

Phantoms are getting used to our strategy year by year, and now, the castle extended its scale to almost same size with Kasugayama Castle of Uesugi Family due to our several failures. Regular tactics are no longer efficient.

Written by semiShigUresemiShigUre on 2016/07/08.

SCP-838-JP - Urban Waves


Object Class: Euclid

How have you been? We are having a good time.
We sent some of our jolly fellows, hope they already arrived to you.
They'll sprout from the ground to do their best before long.

Written by DocRoneDocRone on 2016/05/10.

SCP-905-JP - Freddie’s Special Flight Show


Object Class: Euclid

When SCP-905-JP manifests, every noise made by the passengers, crew and pilot start creating a certain recognizable rhythm. 30 minutes after the manifestation of the phenomenon, these noises converge to a characteristic rhythm that is identical to that used in the song "We Will Rock You".

Written by T_MiyabiT_Miyabi & iPod_surgeryiPod_surgery on 2015/09/13.

SCP-922-JP - Animal Relocation


Object Class: Euclid

Affected zoo staff consider that animals disappeared by SCP-922-JP were just relocated to other zoo in accordance with official procedures. As a side-effect of this perception, affected individuals have false but distinct memory.

Written by DocRoneDocRone on 2017/05/06.

SCP-1330-JP - Crackti


Object Class: Euclid

SCP-1330-JP is the collective designation for █ instances of saguaro cacti (Carnegiea gigantea), each 2m in height. During the flowering period, SCP-1330-JP instances "grasp" nearby objects via unknown means, and strike other flowering instances with it.

Written by nanamatinanamati on 2017/02/17.

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