Caecus Carneliana-Collective
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The logo of the Caecus Carneliana-Collective, given by SCP-032-DE.

The Caecus Carneliana-Collective is an active Foundation-hostile organisation, that wants to achieve the release of sentient SCPs contained by the German branch of the Foundation. Until now, the number of the members is unknown, but is estimated to be approximately ██. The Caecus Carneliana-Collective is led by so-called 'branches' and a 'stem', the subjects to which are so-called 'fruit' and 'leaves'. It is known that the branches consist of eleven (11) different individuals, while the stem represents some kind of leader. Even if he exerts a certain guiding power, the stem is a part of the branches. The fruit function as subordinates, and are created by the branches; the leaves, in turn, are produced by the fruit. On the ██/██/19██, the incident DE/B33 occurred, thanks to which the Collective successfully placed itself in the spotlight of the Foundation.

All members are either abnormal and/or possess abnormal abilities. These are generally to be seen as abnormal objects.

The internal infrastructure is similar to the philosophical structure of a tree. Noteworthy are the names of the branches, as well as of the stem. Each member of the branches bears a name from the 'Sephiroth' and has appropriate abilities. The stem bears the name 'Kether'1, at the moment Kether's abilities are unknown. All branches are living individuals. All members of Caecus Carneliana share the characteristic of the lack of emotions, some reports although suggest that an unknown number of members can imitate emotions to facilitate communication with the outside world.

There are often incidents at the sites in Germany, where the members of Caecus Carneliana are the cause of the incident and cause a containment breach.

All actions of the Collective take place in the Central European area2, in the case of the extension of this to a larger action area, MTF-Unit DE2-𝕴 ("Light Chain"), specialized for the Collective, is to be dispatched to contain the members.

Out of unknown motives, SCP-032-DE went to a site of the German branch of the Foundation and passed on a lot of the now known information about the Caecus Carneliana-Collective. It is known that the Collective spreads knowledge about the Foundation to the public and some groups of interest.

It is not known where the members of C.C. currently are located. The possibility of a fixed site of residence of the members is being considered. Where the members, as well as the Collective as such, have/has come from, is not known.

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