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This is a list of all canon Hubs posted on the International Translation Archive, separated by branch. While there are many more that are not listed here, the canons below all have a hub translated into English, to provide context for the articles written for that canon.

If a new canon hub is translated, it can be added to the list below in the appropriate section, or by creating a new section - branches are ordered alphabetically.

Chinese Canons

Is the disappearance of anomalies a dawn of the people gaining their order and resurgence, or a sunset of the story moving to the termination?

When you see what you believed in fades away, never exists, becomes ashes. Which voice will echo in your mind?
Is it sorrows of the desperate bell? Or is it first songs of the joyful bird?
You see, you know. A life must have its death, a death must had its life. The God is already dead, and died once before. But our belief has not change, we once pieced its dismembered body together, piece by piece like a puzzle.
We don't mind do to it twice.

——Certainly, they died, by Airalin_Knowledge

Wherever we are, whichever path we have chosen, we only have one goal, which is to end all sufferings.

I cannot let my eyes be blinded by rage and hatred,
as everything has its own way and right to exist.
What we have to do is not to destroy, but to guide, change, and to let all of us get along together better,
as destruction will only repeat the sufferings, and only change can end sufferings.

——The Way of Thorns, written by Izsac

「The Commune of Prosperity」is the only ruling party of the country. The leaders of The Commune, also hundreds and thousands of the members contribute for the foundation and construction of this country with the struggle of blood and flesh.All of the commune members should be with great faith and respect to The Commune and the four leaders of it. Be brave to fight against the enemy of the Commune and those traitors who try to divide our country apart. Those who fight for the Commune and country should dedicate their full life and will to it, be fully loyal to the Commune.

It is a fact that most of the people of the Commune love the Commune and are loyal to it. However, those power which tries to split the Commune has sneaked into the people of it or even the Commune its own, to incite the mass to be doubtful about the Commune and even against it then break the laws. Those enemies must be wiped out, without hesitation and mercy……

——All it Takes is One Night, by heartlessed

The only reason why there were things passing away, is because they were forgotten. Every bit of reality may become fantasy only in the next second, because they were not forgotten
——05-O, where "O" stood for "Oblivion"

He will remember countless disordered light and color. Poem and script will be printed deeply inside his brain. Every time he recalls the hideous truth, those man-made memories will stand forward and cover that piece of real memory.

——"Flow", by Ravenfield

The New Era, the New Horizon, the New Chances, the New Challenges.

Since now human have reach the last edge, it is the time to Re-recognize what is the definition of SCPs.

——Human, in Contain, by QBLevi

Staff of Foundation at all class, especially management, It is strictly forbidden to travel with public funds in the name of Group Of Interest Meetings or Cross-Site Securing activities……The legwork shall be carried out according to the needs of work and approved by supervisor.

"Did you not notify the leader of Japanese Branch?"
"I don't think Foundation still needs that branch. And, the Finishing Report I need to write for that is troublesome.""

——"Travel by Public Funds: The Amazing Adventure of Karldark", by Freedom Koo

Humans have been separated from each other for too long. Languages, letters, printings, we have crawled slowly on the path of information exchange, until the invention of Internet. For each second of data rushing through fibers, its carried information has surpassed the sum of all written records in the past five thousand years. The Network oversees everything, the matrix connects everyone.

The teen held on to surrounding objects, fell back into his chair, and sent a connection request in high hopes. The chip in his head starts to run, the circuit structure starts to process the incoming data.

——"That's It", by silverIce

One city, two phases, three faces —— This is a story of a "magical" world meeting a "thaumaturgical" world.

“I understand that in your eyes, our techniques are like magic. But your technology, in our eyes, is also magic, mysterious and unpredictable. Isn't it?”

——"The True Legacy", by MScarlet

Now show me your picture, of the gray, crazy future.

Armed with fire and swords, the nouveau riche, covered with white cloth, would come. In the streets or on the terraces, after hearing the trumpet, the nouveau riche would set us on fire in a few moments.

——"The Ugly Child of the River", by Heavyblues

This is the story of a struggle between anomalous organizations, a land of wars and conflicts, a group of missionaries filled with hope for the restoration of God, and a hospital.

That year the Western religion of the Broken God sailed east to Taiwan, where they built many hospitals to help the suffering.

The disabled were equipped with iron arms, and the sick relied on sophisticated machinery, thus they spread the word of the Broken God and promoted their concept of self-cultivation.

——"History Drowned in the Ash of Memories", by Etinjat

The Foundation has doubled, and we still know ours, but what about the other? Are we mirroring each other hand in glove, or are we matter and antimatter that annihilate each other magnificently?

"No matter how their relationship with us was before, it didn't matter from the moment they were struck with such an exterminating disaster. They know that from now on, we are the only family they can trust."

——Long Dream, by dearMrD

Czech Canons

Site-91 is safe and the people who work there are happy for that. In fact, nothing ever happens at Site-91…

French Canons

When, despite the Foundation's best efforts, 12% of humanity understands the anomalous nature of the world around them, O5 Command has no choice but to create a new unit, in charge of handling the anomalous individuals living outside Foundation cells. The mission of the AIMB is to allow these people to hide in the light instead of being locked up in the dark.

German Canons

Somebody has to clean up the chaos that two fascist regimes left behind.

The German SCP Foundation is an autonomous subsidiary of the SCP Foundation and is answerable directly to O5.


Sonderkommando für Paranormales / Sonderkommando for the paranormal

It is true. Everything is true. The Americans have captured and imprisoned them. They did not want to see what could be achieved, if we get to the bottom of things we consider paranormal, and learn to use them. That is why they lost the war.

500 years ago we rode on horses, 250 years ago we used a car, 100 years ago we flew jets, and 20 years ago we ascended to heaven.

The Avengadagra sank slowly but surely to the dock. She landed with a loud and metallic creaking in the obsolete hole. Coming from the Avengadagra, a strong windstorm shook the green laurels close by.

Humanity was eradicated. Nobody survived. Homo Sapiens is no more. But this isn't the end. Because for the sake of humanity, the machines carry on.

"You think everything is lost. You think we let down humanity. You think our creators are lost forever. But I tell you, no! We are androids of the Foundation, one of its greatest and most advanced creations. We would have never gotten this intellect if setbacks wouldn't have been anticipated. Therefore, I tell you, pull out all the stops, give everything your body can offer and fulfill our prime directive! For our creators!"

Who are the people behind the numbers, the supernatural and unexplored forces we call SCP? What are their desires and dreams?
Project Trickster is a door into a hidden world where anomalous personnel can live free from the shackles of their containment cells.
But with it, the ancient and the forgotten also awaken.

We have learned from our mistakes. They were not few that we made.
Project Trickster will be a new beginning.

From "Project Trickster” by Einer von Rabe

We hunt, we study, we keep

For the good of mankind, our brothers travel armed and fearless through treacherous swamps, gloomy forests or mysterious buildings. Always on the lookout for the supernatural, in order to banish it from this dark world forever.

Japanese Canons

We believed that the Foundation attempts to avoid being unnecessarily evil as much as possible. We have described them as people who struggle in the darkness so that mankind can remain dwelling within the light. However, the Foundation in this universe pursues any means to accomplish their purpose and will sacrifice anything to increase their progress.

The Foundation will break down all of the present nations before long and re-create the entire world in order to allow themselves to do everything as they like. Now they are proceeding with preparations for it.

The advent of the deity entity in Poland in the early summer of 1998 led to the breaking down of the long-standing veil policy. The incident also gives rise to the next incident — what are the paranormal terrorism at the WTC, the spreading paranormal illnesses, and so on, and so on. Still, they move forward.

Tomorrow, Poland will take a new step ahead of the world. Beyond the veil, for us to confront the darkness. May the future of Poland be.

This is a shadow of the Foundation, or alternatively an unshakeable archetype. We stand in the darkness called dream, and we continue to maintain the reality by curbing chaos and abnormality scattered in the network of subconsciousness.

Nevertheless, we believe that we stand in the true sense on the reality someday, and we maintain this place.

What can we do in 64 days? We can save the world.

"—You're crazy. It's impossible to put it all back together."
I stopped and turned around, and replied with a laugh.
"Why impossible? We've never done it, we never know until we try, do we?"

One day, a liquid "Thanatoma" abstracting from the death leaked outside the veil. It quickly transformed the normal society and its ethics. Some one easily escaped the reaper, other one easily backorder the reaper.

The definition of what death is and what life is begins to waver.

Death is a phenomenon. The circulation of vitality is cut off for some reason. This is the moment. It is the Thanatoma that made the moment possible to extract it.

From "Prolonging Life" by R_IIV does not match any existing user name

Absinthe unravels the secret. Whether the secret is true or false, it will be revealed in the dream by wormwood.

Absinthe Dreams expose the boundaries between memory and record. This is both true and drunken drivel at the same time.

From a cup of alcohol poured on the outskirts of Siberia by karkaroffkarkaroff

There is no shadow in the place with no light. The old shadows always seek the shining treasure.

This beautiful splendor was branded in my memory. For a moment, I certainly … certainly saw a piece of the miracle. Tell me, Sam, please. Was that grail true?

This world is too fragile. However, that isn't a reason to stop advancing.

I can't believe it. I don't want to believe it. Just the debris floating there tell me that it was true.

Mankind cannot go back to the days we ran and hid from fear. Even if we wanted to, we can’t afford the fare.

Feel free to browse as much as you want. There’s nothing left to do here.

Polish Canons

No one ever invited them, no one knows where they came from, no one wanted them to exist and no one can get rid of them for good.

Conspirational objects destroy that ordered chaos. They don't allow themselves to be classified, they slip away from any standards, any procedures. They don't care about the effort we put to contain them. They are omnipresent and influential, despite this we can't do anything about them.

Fragment of "What are conspirational objects?" by Dr JamesH.

Human civilization is rapidly regressing by several centuries. The Foundation must contend with a collapsing society, mad messiahs, mythical monsters, and most importantly, Slavic gods coming back into play once again.

She fell silent as the alarm siren sounded, then went abruptly dead. Riviera looked back and saw the bulb in the lamp at the end of the hallway begin to flash intensely, then flare violently, and finally shatter into small pieces with a small electrical discharge. A moment later, the same thing began to happen to another bulb.

"It's too late now."

Fragment of "Turn your computer off, there's a storm coming" by Calamari_Knight.

Altnormal medicine is a wonderful field, thanks to which vitamin C cures cancer or stimulation of places on the body protects against autism. But everything has its price…

Young people in our country are suffering, and international companies are making money out of it. We wanted to prevent this. That's how we got to the present state. We are still a fairly modest organization, but many people in Poland agree with me and buy my products. I go to anomalous science fairs, although I'm not so welcome, and that's where I see with my own eyes that people want changes like me.

Fragment of "About the beginnings of the altnormal medicine" by Platnicki.

A canon about the demonic layer of reality, the Foundation that cuts the area of the entire commune off from civilization, and a company that uses demonic beings for its own purposes. All of this takes place in an inconspicuous place, where the barrier between our layer and the demonic layer is the thinnest. Cyców commune.

Solution? We have no idea, our hands are tied by this goddamn deal. If we interrupt the supply of energy, both the former director Grzmichuj and his family will die. Which unfortunately, his family is more competent and works for us. We've managed to kick the Math Department's ass to work out how long we have before the machine starts being fucked completely and poses a real threat to our staff.
They gave us even a specific date.

Fragment of "SCP-PL-289", by Zygard.

When the world can be ended with one simple push of a button, when chaos can break free from its chains at any moment and unleash itself upon the world, the Foundation works tirelessly to maintain the status quo. Without recognition, without glory, maintained only by its ideals and duty to humanity. But some want more, some see options to enrich themselves, even if the price is abandoning the Foundation's great mission.

The amount of amnestics was specially held low around Area 34. A person in withdrawal is able to pay any price for the smallest drop of amnestics to survive to another day.

Fragment of "PanKuronium", by Fedorian.

Spanish Canons


The Foundation is politicized, what can the victories and defeats of an organization from which perfection is demanded mean for the people behind the veil?

"Whoever remains as Venezuela's new president, probably Nicolás Maduro, your mission is to protect him as a new member of the Regional Council. Failure to do so will lead to results similar to those of the Regional Council in Thailand. We will have our agents in the country to make sure of this."

From SCP-ES-120 by Dc_Yerko

Gazing Upon Dead Stars

Gazing Upon Dead Stars is a canon focused on a very real dilemma faced by humanity: Where are all the aliens?

This dilemma has a formal name: Fermi Paradox. There are a number of solutions to this paradox, some more accepted than others.

No solution is yet definitive, and no research has proven the existence of extraterrestrial life, although inconclusive evidence does exist.

The Foundation, accompanied by the Guardians of the Universe, a species we call exolagomorphs, have also faced the paradox and between anomalous science and vigilant eyes, have discovered the ashes of other civilizations, and sometimes even some dying embers. The Fermi Paradox has a solution, rooted in the dark origin of existence itself… But what is it?

That remains to be seen..

Let us help you prepare against the Twilight, whenever it comes! Even if we were all crushed to death in your hand, we would cut off your arm with a last funeral smile. Give us the pleasure of fighting by your side, even if it is for the last time!

From SCP-ES-129 by Luis Gm and Almarduk

Nuclear Dream

Nuclear Dream discusses the consequences of an anomalous nuclear energy known to the people of Tlaneyanco as tlanextlitetl, which has had an impact on them as well as the outside world. In recent times the effects of this power are increasingly being shown, what will be the future of the world under these flames?

I can assure all of you, whether you take my word for it or not, that I will achieve my goal of re-integrating the entire world. Under the power of the tlanextlitetl and my wisdom, this dream will come true during my mandate.

From Nuclear Dream Hub by Luis Gm

Thai Canons

Horror Foundation

Do you like to listen to the mysterious tales in the Foundation!?

I softly cursed because this place was very dirty. When I saw around the room, the researchers started to enter the room. However, they had a weird appearance. That person seemed to have a decayed skin. Another person had a mouth with a wire sewing and tried to speak out something which I couldn't understand since I had entered the room. That person seemed to have no downward body. Another person had full of sewing scratch on his body. However, I might only imagine because it was abnormal since the beginning of this Foundation.

From the story "Orientation at B Building" by Dr Xu weil geena

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