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The idea that there is no canon is a bit silly at times. It's not that we don't have any. It's that we have a multitude which touch, cross, and dip into each other. It's up to you, as the reader, to decide what you believe and what you embrace as the heart of the universe. That doesn't mean, though, that authors lack intent or design, and collaboration is the heart of innovation.

Collected below are links to the recognized, shared canons of the SCP Foundation Universe. To write in one, you should make sure that you read the other material from that canon and try to remember that these things are connected. If you're interested in forming your own canon, read the information at the bottom of the page.

We thought the Foundation was trying to minimize evil as much as possible. We depicted the Foundation as people fighting in the shadows so that the world could live in the light. To protect humanity. And yet, the Foundation of this world is willing to sacrifice for the sake of progress, using any means to achieve their goal.

Soon the Foundation will destroy all nations of the world, and will change the world in any way we desire. We’ve been preparing for this.

Within this narrow Japan, many normalcy preservation agencies have gathered around.

Politics and intelligence both exist below the surface, the sound only needing to be played right at the end.

What you are about to witness are the remnants of an empire that once existed.

We must atone. For this reason we sink: You, me, this, the ship.

The manifestation of a divine entity in Poland during the early summer of 1998 led to the collapse of the long maintained Veil policy. One incident gives birth to the next: Anomalous terrorism at the World Trade Center, the spread of anomalous diseases, et cetera, et cetera… And yet still, they move forward.

Tomorrow, Poland will lead the world into taking a new step into the future, beyond the veil and into the darkness. Let Poland have a future.

Sushiblade, that is the clash between the Souls of Sushi. Takao, a Class-D personnel in training to become the best Suhiblader, has been thrown into a vortex of destiny, devoting himself to fight against Dark Sushi. Will Takao be able to defeat Dark Sushi and restore peace to the world of Sushiblade?!

3, 2, 1, HEY RASSHAI!

It’s the silhouette of the Foundation shaped by the world of dreams, or that of its unshakable archetype. We stand within the darkness of dreams and maintain reality by shutting down chaos and anomalies that litter the subconscious network.

Still, we maintain this place, as we trust the day when we will truly stand in reality.

Absinthe reveals secrets. Whether that secret is truth or fiction, it remains within the wormwood dream.

Absinthe dreams expose the boundary between memory and record. This is both fact and drunken nonsense.

From a cup of spirit poured over the Siberian border

The mysterious evil spirits of rivers and mountains that were part of ghost stories have fallen down from the two main acts, and are now the third act: A laughingstock.

At this carrefour, it’s time for melancholy.

The self-reliant monster of today must face a harsh choice: To disappear quietly, to be shot through the head, or to live by leaving behind their past.

What can we do in 64 days? We can save the world.

"… You're a strange one. We can't possibly make everything the way it was."

I stopped and turned back. Smiling, I responded.

"Why not? If we don't try, we'll never know."

Where there is light, there is shadow. Old shadows are always looking for glistening treasure.

This beautiful glitter has been imprinted into my eyes. It was only for a split second, but I was certain… I had seen a miracle. Oi, Sam, please tell me. Is that thing about the cup true?

A world once destroyed, a world once decayed. People search. Alongside Anomalies. What is the best way for people to live in this world? What is the right thing to do in a world where both ‘containment’ and ‘destruction’ are wrong?

"We will not make the same mistakes again. We have to get along with our neighbors.”

The world looks like a comedy on close-up, and like a tragedy on longshot.

All the people passing by seemed to be celebrating this day with faces full of hope. Their eyes melted in a confusing manner, and their faces were full of gratitude.

From "Sleepiness" by H0H0H0H0

Let's talk about today. Not of a yesterday full of regret and nostalgia.
Let's talk about today. Not of a tomorrow full of anxiety and expectations.
Let's just talk about today, with you, today.

"Eh, you’ll get used to it. The world isn’t as dangerous as it seems."

From "Euclid Duty" by yzkrtyzkrt

At the world’s dusk, a lone person lights the Polar Night. May our friend greet the dawn.

Keep fighting within the dark until you die. We are not allowed to give up.

This world is too fragile. However, that isn't a reason to stop moving.

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. Yet the debris floating there told me it was true.

One day, a liquid known as "Thanatoma" from which death was extracted leaked outside the veil. It quickly changed society, and their sense of ethics. Some people easily escaped death, and some others easily pulled death closer.

The definition of what death and life are begins to waver.

Death is a phenomenon. The cycle of life is cut off for some reason. It’s that moment. Thanatoma made it possible to extract it.

From "Life Support" by R_IIV does not match any existing user name

The age of illusions, the miniature garden of dreams, the nostalgia of electricity and contrivance. The curtains of eternal romance rise.

With His Majesty's ascension to the Divine Engine,
 the Great Century of Science began.

Mankind cannot go back to hiding in fear. Even if we wanted to, we can’t afford the fare.

Feel free to browse as much as you want. There’s nothing left to do here.

The answer to humanity’s end was a future frozen in ice.

To the me of tomorrow.
Today the world ended.
From this point on, no one will be able to help you. Believe only in yourself.

From "No Story" by nemo111nemo111

The bell tolls at the dead of night
The echoes of the hits singing one and two
Who is that who is waiting to come out?
I speak only for myself now
Spreading through our country of Jipang
Only traces of monsters remain.

”If you’re a pro storyteller, you better keep talking even if a tiger jumps into the stage!”

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