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The idea that there is no canon is a bit silly at times. It's not that we don't have any. It's that we have a multitude which touch, cross, and dip into each other. It's up to you, as the reader, to decide what you believe and what you embrace as the heart of the universe. That doesn't mean, though, that authors lack intent or design, and collaboration is the heart of innovation.

Collected below are links to the recognized, shared canons of the SCP Foundation Universe. To write in one, you should make sure that you read the other material from that canon and try to remember that these things are connected. If you're interested in forming your own canon, read the information at the bottom of the page.

We believed that the Foundation attempts to avoid being unnecessarily evil as much as possible. We have described them as people who struggle in the darkness so that mankind can remain dwelling within the light. However, the Foundation in this universe pursues any means to accomplish their purpose and will sacrifice anything to increase their progress.

The Foundation will break down all of the present nations before long and re-create the entire world in order to allow themselves to do everything as they like. Now they are proceeding with preparations for it.

In this narrow Japan, the normalcy preservation organizations are milling around.

Do politics and espionages below the surface, create waves only at the end.

From now, you will see the remnants of the empire that once existed.

Must atone. For that reason, you and I, and that, and this ship will sink.

The advent of the deity entity in Poland in the early summer of 1998 led to the breaking down of the long-standing veil policy. The incident also gives rise to the next incident — what are the paranormal terrorism at the WTC, the spreading paranormal illnesses, and so on, and so on. Still, they move forward.

Tomorrow, Poland will take a new step ahead of the world. Beyond the veil, for us to confront the darkness. May the future of Poland be.

Sushiblade. It is the clashing of sushi's souls. Takao is a Class D personel who is aiming to be the best Sushiblader in the world and still in training. He gets caught in a whirlpool named fate, and throw himself into the battle against the Dark Sushi. Can he really defeat the Dark Sushi, and regain peace to the Sushiblade?

3, 2, 1, HEY RASSHAI!

This is a shadow of the Foundation, or alternatively an unshakeable archetype. We stand in the darkness called dream, and we continue to maintain the reality by curbing chaos and abnormality scattered in the network of subconsciousness.

Nevertheless, we believe that we stand in the true sense on the reality someday, and we maintain this place.

Absinthe unravels the secret. Whether the secret is true or false, it will be revealed in the dream by wormwood.

Dreams by Absinthe expose the boundaries between memory and record. This is both true and drunken drivel at the same time.

From a cup of alcohol poured on the outskirts of Siberia by karkaroffkarkaroff

One at a time, they vanish. Two choices that are to perform a play or walk off the stage are suffering them. Three actors and audiences meet at the crossroads. Four roads merge now, the curtain of the comedy will rise.‬

Now, something mysterious and independent has to make a tough call between disappearing unnoticed, sticking their head and being shoot through with it, or leaving their past and getting their life.

What can we do in 64 days? We can save the world.

"—You're crazy. It's impossible to put it all back together."
I stopped and turned around, and replied with a laugh.
"Why impossible? We've never done it, we never know until we try, do we?"

There is no shadow in the place with no light. The old shadows always seek the shining treasure.

This beautiful splendor was branded in my memory. For a moment, I certainly … certainly saw a piece of the miracle. Tell me, Sam, please. Was that grail true?

The world had been decay, the world had been broken down. People seek along with the anomalies what would be the best way for them to live in this world and what would be the right thing to do in the world where Containing and Destruction were both mistakes.

"We never make the same mistakes. We have to coexist with our neighbors."

The world is a comedy when seen in close-up, but a tragedy in long-shot.

All the people passing by seemed to be celebrating this day with expressions of hope. Their eyes unfocused and their expressions were full of tenderness.

From "Sleepiness" by H0H0H0H0

Let's talk about today, not yesterday of regret and nostalgia.
Let's talk about today, not tomorrow of anxiety and expectation.
Let's just talk about today, now, with you.

"Well, you will understand if get used to it. The world isn't as dangerous as you think."

From "Euclid Duty" by yzkrtyzkrt

I light the polar night alone in the twilight so that my friends can reach the dawn.

Keep fighting until your death in the darkness. We've never been allowed to give up.

This world is too fragile. However, that isn't a reason to stop advancing.

I can't believe it. I don't want to believe it. Just the debris floating there tell me that it was true.

One day, a liquid "Thanatoma" abstracting from the death leaked outside the veil. It quickly transformed the normal society and its ethics. Some one easily escaped the reaper, other one easily backorder the reaper.

The definition of what death is and what life is begins to waver.

Death is a phenomenon. The circulation of vitality is cut off for some reason. This is the moment. It is the Thanatoma that made the moment possible to extract it.

The age of illusions, the garden of dreams, the nostaldia of electricity and machines.
The grand drape rises, the everlasting Romance beggins.

With the reign of His Majesty, who became the Divine Instotution,
The Geat Century of Science has begun.

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. Even if we wanted to go back, we couldn't afford the fare.

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