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Mankind's civilization has been developing for over 4,000 years, yet only the last 200 have been of any significance.

So, what did we do for nearly 4,000 years? A huge number of us thirsted for small amounts of gold, sometimes biting off the heads of people whose opinions were a little different from theirs, engaging in conflict or deprecation with each other, and engaging in meaningless dissipation. Those whose desires are as crummy as wild beasts, and who will never understand great heritages. They threw the bible into the flame and crashed every architectural structure. They put the labels of "gods" and "demons" on the inhabitants of the world and believed that they have understood them.

Our wisdom was gradually cultivated, and the products of said wisdom cast light on the unknown. The discovery of the unknown led us to establish a number of technologies. The world has begun to understand its logic, yet the absurd and impossible things didn't vanish from mankind, as if they are beasts with the masquerade of human ignorance.

Mankind must never cease achieving wisdom. No one else will be allowed to prevent us, and we must elect our own progress.

While mankind stands up against the unknown, we must struggle with them as vanguards, and support people as barrier troops standing behind them.

We secure. We contain. We protect.

— The Dominator

A Word From The Dominator byholy_novaholy_nova

As "The Foundation And Evil" essay says, the Foundation is a necessary evil. The Foundation must contain evil to be of good behavior — it is an organization suffering from contradiction and not just an "evil organization." That is why the Foundation attracts us strongly. However, in this canon, the Foundation stretched the concept of necessary evil only to go or already have gone a wrong path toward the evils.

The Foundation of this universe has enslaved the world by utilizing anomalous objects. Yes, world domination was attained by the Foundation, and the world has changed into a dismal dystopia, bearing a complex social structure of bureaucracy and mysticism. The O5 Council behaves like "Big Brother" from George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Site Administrators govern as horrible lords to both the people and the anomalous objects. Agents spy on people while searching for anomalous objects. A truck parks in front of your neighbor's house and a voice comes from the truck saying "You are elected to D-Class personnel." He is ordered to take part in experiments as a guinea pig for a doctor. It is impossible for the Foundation to have an Ethics Committee, they have cast all their rules of ethics to the curb.

General Setting: The Foundation in this canon has no differences in the fundamentals of its motto: "Secure, Contain, Protect." However, they have forgotten that it presupposes the phrase "mankind must not go back to hiding in fear." They have forgotten that while the rest of mankind dwells in the light, they must stand in the darkness to fight it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane and normal world. They clarify the anomalous properties of objects to govern the public efficiently and believe they are elected to force the public to do their bidding. The Foundation does not classify their activities as Securing, Containing, and Protect, and instead, all non-Foundation personnel are treated as clearance level 1 agents.

Nations: Though the Foundation is an international organization, it does not involve themselves in politics or other related subjects if anomalous objects are not involved. However, the Foundation is unclassified and takes precedence over every nation.

The Foundation's Abilities: The Foundation retains more authority than in the main canon because they do not spend recourses to classify and contain themselves and their objects. They lack rationality on the other hand. They are stabilized by elitism over the public and have no way to prevent them from becoming bureaucratic.

Technology: The Foundation's technology is more advanced than the Foundation in the main canon because they utilize technologies aggressively from the anomalous objects, and are not restricted from using D-Class personnel for testing said technology. They carry cyborgs with implants similar to that of SCP-212's, and reality benders who are brainwashed to serve as devoted troopers for the Foundation.

In general, the Foundation is more specialized (they almost outstrip the Foundation in the main canon) and so is most of its components. Just note that there is a difference from the main canon in terms of their madness, cruelty, and wickedness.

Secure, Contain, Protect: The Foundation does not feel hesitant over the sacrifice of anything to gain knowledge from anomalous objects, nor securing, containing, and protecting them. They believe that they have no way to further mankind's progress without sacrifice and that securing, containing, and protecting objects is more than preserving mankind's normalcy.

Foundation Personnel: Foundation personnel take precedence over non-Foundation personnel. Orders from higher-level personnel precede all of the laws. Site Administrators are almost feudal lords. Non-Foundation personnel try to devote to Foundation personnel and manifest their loyalties by informing against their neighbors.

Non-Foundation Personnel: Non-Foundation personnel have little difference from those in the fundamental canon. They are as happy and free as Red Citizens in the tabletop role-playing game "PARANOIA" because the Foundation restricts their liberties and rights entirely and takes precedence over everything, and unclassified technologies grant favors to them. Alternatively, they might be happier then Citizens in PARANOIA in terms of advanced technology though they can't retry via their clones.

D-class: It is assumed in the fundamental canon that heinous criminals, especially those who earned death sentences, are employed as D-class Personnel. However, in this canon, it includes general people who did something inconvenient for the Foundation or show low "loyalty to the Foundation" — for example, those who did not betray positively or blurted out criticism inadvertently about the Foundation.

Amnestic: Almost all people have indentured loyalty to the Foundation through administered amnestics and memory-implants. But even the Foundation, especially the bureaucratized and ossified Foundation in this canon, remains imperfect. They sometimes administer implanting unsuccessfully, and there can be some non-Foundation personnel who are able to avert it.

Groups of Interest: Generally, Groups of Interest are weaker than those in the fundamental canon. Especially, the Global Occult Coalition and the Manna Charitable Foundation are damaged severely. The former as an organization is in a hopeless situation and the latter was already lost. Because GOC was based in the United Nations, they were driven away by the Foundation without special efforts. Nevertheless, its rumps might continue guerrilla activities. The Manna Charitable Foundation was ruined by the deadly repressive force of arms.

Note that Groups of Interest are not of good behavior. There is no difference in their threat to mankind. At least, there is no GoI of goodwill. If there is anything to note, Chaos Insurgency might behave like the Foundation in the fundamental canon. However, they are also not "good", then might cause terrible accidents due to poor technologies and others.

Foundation Internal Departments: Though the Foundation in this universe also has Foundation Internal Departments like the fundamental canon, they have different names and functions. It may not need to say that they don't have the Ethics Committee. Other departments which differ obviously are described below.

"Dominative Department" … A nerve center to dominate everything of the Foundation and make final decisions. It corresponds to the "Administrative Department" in the fundamental canon.

"Department of Human Administration" … A department to participate in politics to non-Foundation personnel, declare decrees and propaganda, and pursue any means including mind control to administer non-Foundation personnel. Though it corresponds to "Department of External Affairs" in the fundamental canon, its whole scale is fairly larger because it also participates in direct politics. They may have smaller scale of divisions for concealment and deletion of signs of their activities, contrary to their importance in the main canon, because of less necessity.

"Engineering and Technical Service Department" … A department for maintenance of establishments and diversion of technologies originated from SCP objects. It corresponds to the homonymous department in the fundamental canon except for the aggressive utilization of technologies originated from SCPs.

"Supervisory Department" … A department to supervise all people whether they are Foundation personnel or not, then arrest, confine, or execute immediately those who lack loyalty to the Foundation. It corresponds to "Internal Security Department" in the fundamental canon, but they are like very "excellent" military police, inquisitors or witch hunters and most of their investigation is carried out against non-Foundation personnel

"Scientific Department" … No difference from the homonymous department in the fundamental canon except for the fact that they don't pick means to accomplish their purpose, divert technologies originated from SCP objects aggressively, and are not restricted from using D-class Personnel.

"Department of Human Defense" … Though this department corresponds to the "Security Department" in the fundamental canon, there is some difference — it is a ruthless military force with the largest scale and the most armipotent tasks in the universe. They profit from the most advanced technologies whether they are originated from SCPs or mankind, and retain overpowering military potential. They possess even cyborgs, psychologist, and thaumatologists as their members.

When you need additional information about this canon, if you contact tokage-otokotokage-otoko via PM or forum, I may tell you a bit. I think most settings and super-technologies will be approved if you assume the world with wickedness, the atmosphere of dystopia, and punk ideology. If you have read William Ford Gibson's, "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and "Ninja Slayer" and played N◎VA, Shadowrun, PARANOIA, or VIOLENCE, it may somehow feel better.

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