Letter Left By SCP-172-PT
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To the men in coats and uniforms,

My purpose in this land was to guide the native sons and heirs of Pindorama to the sunstone and lead them to ascension and prosperity. I would've guided the helpless to happiness and glory and united nations.

However, a sudden act preceded gloomy events: immense wooden ships arrived with the wind of the North. They docked after the dawn Sun, and from the ships came out fearsome uniformed men with their blowguns of fire, and others in cassocks.

Thus, the ruin of the Brazilic people had begun.

Over hundreds of slow years, they were cloistered, enslaved and execrated in order to sate the avarice and power of the white people of the North.

They imposed upon the people of Brazil their infamous religiosity, which not even their own deities would boast about.

They exploited and took from the people what had been inherited by Nhanderuvuçu. They uprooted our red tree. Their insatiable ambition left us not a single splinter.

The sunstone, from which it remained in the purple lands of our savannas and white forests, in which I germinated in charge of protecting it and destining it to our people, had been sucked by the accursed worms for centuries.

Not even the vegetable nor the mineral that Tupã sprinkled us with we were left with.

And the native children dissipated along with what they were destined to inherit, however, new offspring descended, bastards of the unloving mixture of the natives, the parasitic Caucasians and the Creoles, who became martyrs before us.

My purpose became a curse as I had to serve the rotten fruits of corrupt roots. The man, as always, cannot keep such a valuable asset for himself. He falls into temptation and avarice… They are not worthy of this good, and will be punished.

Soon, I affronted the responsibility that Guaraci, my father, granted me, to avenge the true heirs of our land. Perhaps, our great grandfather realizes that this is and was the correct path for the lineage of our people.

Still, it wasn't enough of a match to stop the parasites, which you benefited from! The parasites of today that withered our land, our natural wealth!

They destroyed what was ours. You live the future of a past that is not yours…

The days of my struggle and burden are over.

Now, observe and accept the last martyrdom of the beings of this burning land.

[UNINTELLIGIBLE] is expected. Or has already came.

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