You walk in Site PT5 halls, some full and others empty, but all of them have a feeling of mystery. Behind every wall exists an infinity of objects that do impossible things. Every single one of them has been analyzed and categorized, a arduous job that will go on for a while.

Strange how your doctorate in literature brought you here. After the army you had the expected stagnation in your life, but a new reality literally opened up to you. Revelations about the world that filled you with fear, but you endured.

Your Destination is in front of you,and there is a sign on the wall. "NCP", this is your destiny, there is no reason to not enter.

You see shelfs with book, that by name, you never heard about. You hear the bep of computers and a man with the ID "DR. SÉRGIO BABOT" gets up from his table to greet you.

Before anything, your first impression of the man comes from his strong smell of noodles.

"You must be the new researcher! Let's go, we have work to do…"


First Season

  • SCP-180-PT – King Arthur's Manifestation
  • SCP-054-PT – Between the Sword and the Pen
  • [PENDING] – Never Doubt The Baron1
  • [PENDING] – The Muse2
  • [PENDING] – The Eternal Hunting for Metafictional Criminals
  • [PENDING] – Meeting of the Knights
  • [PENDING] – The Will of the Author Lives

Related Material

  • SCP-007-PT — Extradimensional memetic anomaly, caused by as of yet, a not fully understood phenomenon;
  • SCP-188-PT — Object created by the Socialis Fund for the Revolution, being the anomaly responsible for the Incident of 1967 on Site BR3,currently Site PT5


Class-AZ Event "Narrative Nullification": Event caused by an unknown anomalous entity (or occurring independently) where narrativist anomalies are randomly destroyed. The narratives are annihilated from public knowledge, and can only be perceived using tertiary sources that mention the work.

Metafictional Travel: Capability of a narrative entity to travel across narrative spaces, with variable implications.

Special System for Procedural Generation: Foundation system used to create narratives of variant complexity by spontaneous means.

Babot-Gomes Theory: Concept developed by Dr. Babot and Dr. Gomes. The theory claims that narrative anomalies exist in the context of it's original work perpetually, and try to actively replicate that context by anomalous influence in other narratives.

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