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You are not who you claim to be.

False identity confirmed.



Good morning Rewriter, Censor, and/or Mass Media Consultant of the Department of Censorship and Disinformation. Welcome to the internal database of the DCD.

Stored here are the Disinformation Protocols that were put into place previously to protect the public from the Truth, in accordance with the most recently Harmonized Versions.

These protocols aim to conceal events anomalous in nature and to propagate credible, non-anomalous scenarios in their place depending the resources available.

These scenarios are intended to become the Reality which is to be accepted by the masses in order to preserve the Secret surrounding SCP objects and our activities. They document the official version presented to authorities, along with the means used during short-term and medium-term dissimulation operations.

If you are an Editor :

  • Please consult the Department of Amnestics and the Department of Memetics in order to remain up to date with the latest developments before proposing the use of obsolete and expensive technologies.
  • Please consult the Reports of the latest Meetings of the Harmonization of the Truth to assure that your proposed concealment operations do not contradict other operations in place.
  • Please consult the Compatibility Service to assure that you do not exceed the budget allocated by the Department, or to ask for a special exception. Yes, amnestics cost a lot. Without having to resort to negotiation, imagination is free.

A word to the wise.

Secrecy. Credibility. Persuasion.

The internal database of the DCD is monitored by ISU Pin0cchi0.3.5. Any intrusion will be followed by death.

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