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  • CFO <C4T-G1RL>
Guidelines for the Chimeras creation
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Drawn by the Dictator himself


  • Felid Ladies


  • Chimera


  • Really Very High (Do we even have a symbol for this grade of priority? Huh. No.)


  • ? DUNN0H

Project <C4T-G1RL> Chimeras were created under the specific demand of the Dictator.
The causes for this immediate concern of His High Fascistness in humanoid Chimeras are unknown.
It was noticed, however, the deletion of Dictator’s search history from rtm.istitutoluce2-0.fasc12.

<C4T-G1RL> Chimeras vary greatly among their numerous versions.
For this reason a short description is transcribed for each of them.

<C4T-G1RL> Version 0.1:

In the absence of precise guidelines by the Dictator except for the word "Cat-Girl"3, the first version of the Chimera is extremely simple.


Two live mammals were employed, kept together through an extremely powerful cement.
Precise percentages:

  • Homo sapiens sapiens, comrade Maria Strovina, initially reluctant (45%);
  • Felis silvestris catus, pet of the aforementioned comrade (45%);
  • Verystickim Thingum, commercially known as "Vinavil" (170%).45

Upon applying the glue on the Homo sapiens sapiens specimen’s back and directly implanting the cat on it, the new creation was shown to the Dictator.
I had never seen such a disappointed man The Chimera didn’t meet the requirements of the Dictator, who later explained further details about the request.
The Chimera autonomously disassembled a few minutes later, given the lack of waiting to let the cement dry.

<C4T-G1RL> Version 1.0:

Thanks to the explanations of the Dictator himself, the creation of Chimera <C4T-G1RL> starts with various tests in order to create the perfect fusion by refining the similarities between felids and humanoids.

First Test6

A mutual brain transplant between Felis silvestris catus and Homo sapiens sapiens is performed.
A test with a laser pointer is performed on the cat.
After chasing the dot for a minute the cat finally caught it.
Now that he had done it, what did he have left?
His purpose was accomplished, he didn’t know what to do anymore.
Resting? Finding a new purpose?
What would the use be?
After accomplishing it too he would have found himself in this same condition.
He shouldn’t have caught that red dot.
He should have kept on living hopeful in his ignorance.
He should have never discovered that life is nothing but a series of purposes, many dots leading to-
Just before the cat could put other complex ideas forward, the human brain had already got out of his skullcap, definitely too small to contain it.7
The other specimen decided to quarrel with the nearest dog.
Unluckily, it was a Chimera A-50 specimen.
Thanks to this test we deduced that, surprisingly, randomly swapping to brains doesn’t lead to good results.
You will always live in our hearts, philosopher kitten.

Second Test

A tail and two ears of Felis silvestris catus were surgically attached to an Homo sapiens sapiens specimen.
The operation didn’t lead to any complications.8

11/07/█016 Update

The surgically attached parts led to an infection, they were rejected by the operated body and then exploded in thousands of felid confetti.9
New human tissue, suitable for the next surgery, will be produced.

Third Test P0L3NT4 Incident

Our comrade Stefano Fraschina, responsible for the creation of human tissues for the Chimera, accidentally contaminated the tissue cultivation with a significant10 amount of polenta11, after bringing it with him to lunch.
Despite having carefully cleaned the tissue cultivation, it was too late.
A vaguely humanoid mass weighing thousands of pounds made out of pure Polenta, human hatred and cat cells was born and started to insult the comrade in an incomprehensible language, later identified as bergamasque12.
The delicious monstrous creature later attacked dozens and dozens of comrades, just to be later knocked down with the portentous Fasces Cannon (TradeMark).
The creature’s corpse was later served for lunch during the later 17 months.13

<C4T-G1RL> Version 2.0:

After 7 long months of work 15 10 Chimeras were produced and educated to the Fascestic Method.14
Many tests were made to determine the possible abilities of the Chimeras. The results are attached.
The Chimeras were able to:

  • Perform ordinary physical exercises;
  • Perform ordinary logic exercises;
  • Perform an a cappella cover of Faccetta Nera;15
  • Catch the red dot.

The Chimeras were NOT able to:

  • Remain in the water for more than 45 seconds without having a feline crisis;
  • Not quarreling with partially canine Chimeras, including Fuffi, who is lovely;16
  • Survive a 120 meters fall;
  • Survive a 100 meters fall;
  • Survive a 70 meters fall;
  • Survive a 50 meters fall;
  • Survive a 20 meters fall.17

Once the final tests on the Chimeras were concluded, the news of their completion was immediately reported to the Dictator.
The Dictator was impressed by the effort and the care of the project responsible18 and immediately gave direction about what to do with the Chimeras.


  • For rent

Status of each Chimera:19

  • Fascey (Alive): Employed as a maid at the SCP Foundation, Site Mania;20
  • Abyssina (Alive): Employed as a maid at the SCP Foundation, Site Mania;
  • Libya (Alive): Employed as a maid at the SCP Foundation, Site Mania;
  • Tripolina (Alive): Employed as a maid at the SCP Foundation, Site Mania;
  • Cyrenaica (Alive): Employed as a maid at the SCP Foundation, Site Mania;
  • Benita (Alive): Employed as a maid at Base IV;21
  • Lvce (Deceased): Deceased by hitting an unexploded landmine while collecting tomatoes (off-the-books payment). Only one leg was retrieved;
  • Fatherland (Unknown): Initially employed as a maid at Site Mania, later escaped "After seeing that horrible thing" (as stated by other Site Mania employees). Current position unknown;
  • Hope (Deceased): Stumbled down the stairs a few minutes after the introduction to the Dictator;
  • Salò (Deceased): The only male Chimera, he had proposed himself as a soldier to assault a Foundation Site. Once he got on the battlefield, he charged unarmed against a Centaurus, which immediately smashed him. He was declared Chimera of the Month as a reward for his courage.



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