The Call for the Construction of the Bridge that Never Ends

The infinite rises and another day ends on the bridge whose construction never ends.

Our souls are one with the concrete and we now are one with the bridge.

Be not afraid my child, join us in the eternal construction of the bridge that never ends.

It's been over 45 years since we were merged with the bridge, we've become one with the bridge, our fury has become one with the bridge.

Since our incident was censored by the military government we declared war on the military government, we shall continue our work to build the bridge they wanted so much, but in return the shall pay. Not with money, but their lives.

Grab your hammers! Your concrete mixers! Your shovels! Your cement bags! Everything! We are building the perfectest of bridges! The unshakable! The unending! Come to the end of infinity and help expand infinity in the efforts of building the never-ending bridge!

Brothers and sisters! Join your fellow workers and help build the bridge whose construction never ends! Our cement falls to form another perfect bridge segment and its smoke rises in a dense fog so that mortal eyes never see the mortal hands behind the wonderful bridge! Let mortals think that the bridge was made by divine hands! Let mortals think the the infinite bridge does not end!

To all our brothers and sisters! Join your fellow workers! I beg of you! Do it willingly, or do it by force!

Soldiers, generals, shoemakers, we don't discriminate! Join us in our efforts to build the perfect bridge as we glorify and praise our beloved homeland Brazil and spit on the terrible regime!

Our seas are without an end! Just like our bridge! (Yea!)

Our pleasures are without an end! Just like our bridge! (Yea!)

Our days are without an end! Just like our bridge! (Yea!)

Immortal workers made of the purest concrete build our magnificent bridge while you glorify the military regime! Do not glorify the terrible regime but the Almighty who binds our souls to the bridge and allows us to continue working on the most perfect pearl ever seen by mortal eyes!

To work, brothers and sisters! Here workers have no rights and the land of justice is never close enough! We curse the military regime that tortured us and censored our names from the history books!

Eternal suffering and eternal pleasure! A strange mixture that unites us!

The suffering of the construction that never ends and the pleasure of seeing those who made us suffer suffer!

Unite now, brothers and sisters, and this work towards infinity may perhaps one day see its end when the terrible regime falls to the ground!

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