Characteristic of SCP-PL-037 manifestation
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Note about: SCP-PL-037
Leader of the research (last name and clearance level: Dr ████████(temporarily), fourth level
Note: In this characteristic I quote a example manifestation of SCP-PL-037 which I witnessed — on ██/██/████ I worked on SCP-PL-███ in my office. That subject (already then was classified as Euclid) was secured a few days earlier by platinum gear, so we could make reclassification (from Keter class; that gear blocked a [REDACTED]). While taking photos of a prototype of another gear using the function of continuous shooting, someone knocked on my office door. That situation suprised me, because I should be informed about it. Instinctively, I turned back with the camera in my hands, taking — as it turned out later — the only photograph of SCP-PL-037 so far. It is worth mentioning here that I didn't notice the object myself, so the fact that its silhouette is in the above-mentioned photo can lead to the conclusion that it has the skill of instant camouflage or unusual speed. I open the doors and after looking around I noticed in front of me a mentioned before platinum gear. ( removed the detailed description of dynamically changing emotional states accompanying the doctor after this discovery — O5-██). Finally I handed information about the incident to duty officer of Sector ██ who was currently on duty, who promptly contacted the Management . The gear was put back in SCP-PL-███ cogs, but in the absence of this security measure it went into active phase and almost completely demolished the entire eastern wall of its containment chamber.
Conclusions: //Let this characteristic be testimony of the problem that we're dealing with — The Administrator O5-██

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