The Dawn of the Sky - Remnants feat. Mia.S
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Ah, I've caused quite a lot of trouble with my mistake; I feel I'd better take some responsibility for that. Originally, I thought I'd take three toasts as an apology, but given that you probably wouldn't appreciate it and would probably try to capture me, I said forget it. I originally wanted to pay a visit to the lost era of the Book of Revolving Sounds , but I'd accidentally broken the curse in the original text and allowed the lost continent to return.
I don't hold a grudge against any of you jailers, but seeing you all messed up like this is a bit too much for me1. So I took a bit of time to add a few notes onto the remaining parts of this chapter. Take it as an apology, and a way for you to sort out the causes and consequences.
This world should have died long ago in the cold space of words, but now in the spacetime of electronics and bytes it is reborn, and you are the jailers of this new world. Oh, it really suits you, doesn't it?
At least you won't have to worry about not having music to listen to.
— Mia.S, Sound-attacker 6-dan

As the Archangel Cuvelia descended onto the battlefield in her sound-armor, the stalemate suddenly turned around. As the solemn, sacred Anthem played by her hand, gloved in holy sound-armor, swept across the whole Ω-Field, the field began to tear apart at its limits2. As the last hexagonal space began to disappear, the strongest protective boundary in Becaloid began to fall apart, and along with it fell the remnants of the Tricoro Confederation's will to fight; besides the imperial guard who fought to the last breath before the gates of the Council Hall, the rest all surrendered in droves at the feet of those they had fought so hard against previously, their only wish being for the Archangel to spare the Confederation the same death and destruction that the other conquered nations had faced.

The Archangel, at last, granted their request, and ordered her troops to bring the defeated army away. She remained at the City of Revolving Sounds, leading her men into the ruined Council Hall as soon as the last of the imperial guard had fallen.

Out of the Tricoro Council, who had led the Confederation3, the "red" Ripika had already been long gone4; the "yellow" Rapika had also surrendered5, so the last one to walk into the Council Hall was the last of the Tricoro Council, the "Blue" Repika, with a resentful look in her eye, and the corpse of her beloved sister, the "Green" Rupika. The Archangel slowly walked towards Repika, singing a song that represents Conquest:

O azure twins of the Tricoro Council
The Archangel's glory graces you
This thirty-eight-year conquest ends here
The Anthem overpowers all
The winged one of the lamp bows before me
The forest spirits of Sō offer their trees to me
The blackened fields bathe in eternal light
The two-colored tower is toppled by my armies
Even the dragons fear me
So now, as the final Field falls apart
The Tricoro Confederation is relegated to history
The violent "red" is as the mantis standing in one's path
The sturdy "yellow" is as picking wood for its birds
Now, as for you two twins of "blue"
Do you choose to be dyed in red or in yellow?

The Anthem's light surrounded Repika, burning his body. The corpse held in his arms slowly dissolved into particles of light and scattered. Cuvelia allowed her men to clean up the mess while she stood in front of Repika, silently waiting for his answer.

But the answer the "blue" orphan gave her was not a desperate counterattack, nor a plea, but a song of contempt.

And so he sang:

O Archangel of the Lincle Kingdom
Do you still not understand?
Whether I am bathed in red or yellow has no meaning
The "blue" I am was never "blue" to begin with

O invader who destroyed kingdoms and quelled nations
The violence of "red" ended in the shedding of blood
But the forces of armies cannot be defeated
The sturdiness of "yellow" observed the surroundings
But the hatred of parricide cannot be forgiven
The coldness of "blue" is willing to make sacrifices
And so all was sacrificed in the name of revenge
O victor, whose arrogance knows no bounds
Do you really believe yourself to be so powerful
As to destroy the field of the end in a single blow?

The corpse of his younger sister fell into the Anthem as he sang, and for a moment that holy white turned a deep azure. The hexagonal field began to spread from the central pillar of light, quickly covering the entire Council Hall, and expanding outward with unstoppable speed. Even he himself slowly faded into the azure light.

Cuvelia immediately retreated into her sound-armor, but the counterattack she anticipated did not hit — the sound-attack created from his singing was not aimed at her.

But as she quickly discovered, her power had begun to fade as that end-field expanded6. Whatever was covered with hexagons, whether person or thing, slowly lost its depth, and became a series of pictures and then words before the Archangel's eyes.
The Anthem she had played from her sound-armor was unable to advance before the Ω-Field — it was just as Repika had said, she had been too arrogant, and underestimated the name of the strongest.

In the end, the Archangel of the Lincle Kingdom had become no stronger than you and me, and could only ask the figure disappearing into blue light:
"Is this the sacrifice you spoke of? To sacrifice another world for your own selfish revenge?"

Repika replied:
"When my sister died, the world became worthless to me. The only meaning it had was to become the fuel for my revenge. Becaloid will soon become a story known to the worlds. I will rest in the emptiness of my great vengeance, and you - you will become nothing."

Without waiting for Cuvelia to open her mouth, Repika's body, and even his soul, faded into the light, leaving behind only a burst of sound-attack in the old "House" style, known as End of World, and his last song:

O souls of the gods of Becaloid
I offer the body and soul of myself and my sister
To curse this land of endless strife
To be still in the midst of flowing time
The name of Becaloid shall be heard throughout the worlds
And its songs shall be heard in its texts
Becaloid shall be eternally a proof of existence
And our experiences shall become an epic7

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