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Is the disappearance of anomalies a dawn of the people gaining their order and resurgence, or a sunset of the story moving to the termination?

When you see what you believed in fades away, never exists, becomes ashes. Which voice will echo in your mind?
Is it sorrows of the desperate bell? Or is it first songs of the joyful bird?
You see, you know. A life must have its death, a death must had its life. The God is already dead, and died once before. But our belief has not change, we once pieced its dismembered body together, piece by piece like a puzzle.
We don't mind do to it twice.

——Certainly, they died, by Airalin_Knowledge

Wherever we are, whichever path we have chosen, we only have one goal, which is to end all sufferings.

I cannot let my eyes be blinded by rage and hatred,
as everything has its own way and right to exist.
What we have to do is not to destroy, but to guide, change, and to let all of us get along together better,
as destruction will only repeat the sufferings, and only change can end sufferings.

——The Way of Thorns, written by Izsac

「The Commune of Prosperity」is the only ruling party of the country. The leaders of The Commune, also hundreds and thousands of the members contribute for the foundation and construction of this country with the struggle of blood and flesh.All of the commune members should be with great faith and respect to The Commune and the four leaders of it. Be brave to fight against the enemy of the Commune and those traitors who try to divide our country apart. Those who fight for the Commune and country should dedicate their full life and will to it, be fully loyal to the Commune.

It is a fact that most of the people of the Commune love the Commune and are loyal to it. However, those power which tries to split the Commune has sneaked into the people of it or even the Commune its own, to incite the mass to be doubtful about the Commune and even against it then break the laws. Those enemies must be wiped out, without hesitation and mercy……

——All it Takes is One Night, by heartlessed

The only reason why there were things passing away, is because they were forgotten. Every bit of reality may become fantasy only in the next second, because they were not forgotten
——05-O, where "O" stood for "Oblivion"

He will remember countless disordered light and color. Poem and script will be printed deeply inside his brain. Every time he recalls the hideous truth, those man-made memories will stand forward and cover that piece of real memory.

——"Flow", by Ravenfield

The New Era, the New Horizon, the New Chances, the New Challenges.

Since now human have reach the last edge, it is the time to Re-recognize what is the definition of SCPs.

——Human, in Contain, by QBLevi

Staff of Foundation at all class, especially management, It is strictly forbidden to travel with public funds in the name of Group Of Interest Meetings or Cross-Site Securing activities……The legwork shall be carried out according to the needs of work and approved by supervisor.

"Did you not notify the leader of Japanese Branch?"
"I don't think Foundation still needs that branch. And, the Finishing Report I need to write for that is troublesome.""

——"Travel by Public Funds: The Amazing Adventure of Karldark", by Freedom Koo

Humans have been separated from each other for too long. Languages, letters, printings, we have crawled slowly on the path of information exchange, until the invention of Internet. For each second of data rushing through fibers, its carried information has surpassed the sum of all written records in the past five thousand years. The Network oversees everything, the matrix connects everyone.

The teen held on to surrounding objects, fell back into his chair, and sent a connection request in high hopes. The chip in his head starts to run, the circuit structure starts to process the incoming data.

——"That's It", by silverIce

The word "parallel universes" stands for opportunities, challenges, and crises. On top of that, it represents endless possibilities.

"From here, we take steps into a new future."

——“The traitors of the world”, by GazerPara

One city, two phases, three faces —— This is a story of a "magical" world meeting a "thaumaturgical" world.

“I understand that in your eyes, our techniques are like magic. But your technology, in our eyes, is also magic, mysterious and unpredictable. Isn't it?”

——"The True Legacy", by MScarlet

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