Collected Item No. 0025
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Foreign GodCollected Item Memorandum Catalog #0025

Capture Year 538. A gilt bronze statue of Gautama Buddha, its ornaments, and several complete writing volumes given to Emperor Kinmei by King Seong of Baekje. The statue of Vajra, with extremely unusual features, with round hair and long ears, is unlike anything ever since before, and is said to represent the “Foreign God”. The writings cover the teachings spread by the “Foreign God”, which are said to be studied by every person in all countries west of Baekje, inviting the rage of the “Native Gods”, Collected Item No. 1.

The Soga Minister, Lord Iname, has reported to the Emperor that He should learn from the teachings of the “Foreign God”, and the Emperor conveys that the gilt bronze statue of the “Foreign God” portrays a handsome individual. This makes one believe the “Foreign God” is able to pollute the mind. This would aid the Soga Clan, who are deeply interconnected with the Toraijin1 in both faith and consanguinity. The Emperor decreed that only Lord Iname would be given a statue to worship as a test, and Lord Iname was to enshrine it and pray to it in his own residence in Mukaihara. Must be collected as soon as possible. Other items related to the “Foreign God” were collected at the residence of Mononobe Ōmuraji no Okoshi.

On the Year 569, a pestilence occurs all over the country, beginning in Yamashiro and Tsukushi. The period of pestilence was long, and the deceased were far too many, and it was clear that the calamity was caused by the fury of the “Native Gods”. Ōmuraji Mononobe no Okoshi reports to the Emperor that praying to the “Foreign God” must be stopped, and the Emperor accepts this decision. The statue of the “Foreign God” given to Soga Minister Lord Iname is collected under the pretense of disposal, and his estate in Mukaihara, which couldn’t be transferred, is burnt to the ground. This immediately put a stop to the disease.

(Report by Muraji Nakatomi no Kamako)

Attached Document - First

First - Small revolt in Yamashiro.
Second - Powerful clans in Tsukushi refuse to pay taxes. Further revolt.
Third - Several collected statues spread from Baekje. Currently in possession by the Soga.

In order to settle these issues, the Mononobe and the Nakatomi divisions were commanded to hold a ceremony of witchcraft.
The plan is to be successfully completed in 30 years, depending on the commands of the Soga.

Recaptured in the Year 584. A stone statue of a kind of “Foreign God”, by the name of Maitreya, is given by the King Kafuka of Baekje to Lord Soga no Umako, in an attempt to revive the teachings of the “Foreign God”. He is believed to be trying to increase contaminators, attaching his daughter to a monk by the name of Keiben, believed to be a severed contaminator for the “Foreign God”. This seems to be an act of mental contamination from the “Foreign God”. At the same time, it is an action that will call for another calamity to strike the country, so it must be collected again.

The following March of 589, a pestilence once again returned, people perished all over again, and even Lord Soga no Umako fell ill to it. Ōmuraji Mononobe Yūge no Moriya asked of Emperor Bidatsu to once again put a stop to the faith of the “Foreign God”, and the Emperor accepted this decision. Following this precedent, all temples deemed breeding grounds for the “Foreign God” were burnt down, and the burnt statues were collected. Although the illness was controlled, it’s necessary to strengthen caution against the “Foreign God”.

(Report by Daibu Nakatomi no Katsumi)

Attached Document - Second

Umako has once again brought several statues of the Foreign God from Baekje. As the Soga Clan is light in Divine Blood, one would guess they want to bring in the Foreign God in order to diminish Divine Authority, and boost their own instead.
Local powerful clans who had rules thanks to the power of their Ancestor Kami have been revolting as well.
If the Foreign God gains powers, the foundations of the Emperor’s authority will be shaken.
For this time, we will reutilize the ceremonial magic of our predecessors.

Attached Document - Third

This disease, that affects me and my body, and runs rampant through the populace, truly is the same that was prevalent in the times of my father.
According to his wife, Mononobe was in charge of the sacred treasures at Isonokami Shrine around the time of Emperor Suinin, collecting, inspecting, and managing the treasures, as well as being in charge of witchcraft affairs.
If the pestilence is caused by one of the clan’s groups, the removal of this obstacle will put an end to Buddhism in this country, and we, the Soga, will never grasp authority.
The emperor of the next era is Ōe no Miko, who is closely related by blood. It’s necessary to take measures to realize our plan within this generation.

On the Year 587, Emperor Yōmei​ was bedridden, and from there he decided to accept the “Foreign God”, and began discussing on how they would do so. Immediately after, Anahobe no Miko brought in a priest, a contaminator of the “Foreign God”. This shows that almost all of the Imperial Court had their minds infected by the “Foreign God”, and the source of infection was yet to be recognized. Caution is further increased.

At the time of the meeting, Oshisakabe Fuhito no Kekuso contacted Ōmuraji Mononobe no Moriya. He says that a group of his retainers have revolted, and are planning on murdering Ōmuraji Moriya. There is an argument to be made on whether this is an abnormality caused by the “Foreign God”’s mental contamination or not.

(Report by Daibu Nakatomi no Katsumi)

Attached Document - Fourth

Anahobe no Miko, who was to be the next Emperor, has been assassinated. This does not help us understand why he decided to put a spell on Emperor Yōmei​.
Must be the work of Umako. Perhaps the pestilence leaked out?
Nakatomi no Katsumi has also been killed, and the revolt of the retainers is more and more certain. Disgusting… It’s so damn disgusting.

On July of the same Year 587, the Soga Minister Umako became victorious at the Battle of Teibi, and Ōmuraji Mononobe no Moriya was defeated. Due to this, the members of the Department of Incantations have been relieved of their duties, and the “Foreign God” is no longer part of the collection. From this point onwards, we’ve temporarily organized as part of the Soga division, and for following duties, please refer to ‘Attached Document - Fifth.’

(Report by Retainer Tomi no Ichii)

Attached Document - Fifth

Society of this country is at a stage at which governing cannot be based only on the spiritual power of our Ancestors being passed down as a pillar of government. Our system’s reliance on magical and spiritual power has brought challenges such as the recent revolts of powerful clans and the threats from the Western Nations, such as the Kingdom of Silla.

To overcome our primitive habit of disobeying our Lords and Fathers, we should utilize the Buddha to establish a system based on gratitude and discipline. A new collectivistic ruling system is to be formulated according to Buddhist teachings, based on a united social system that does not exist in our current system. Soon the King Umayado will become known through word of mouth ― rather, through paintbrush.

At first, the many vassals that were part of the Mononobe clan were organized as part of the Imperial Court, and thus were not part of any clan, and facilities were built in Oharida in order for them to work. This institution and the organization within will be known as “Shūshū-In”.

Minister Lord Soga no Umako

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