Collected Item No. 19316
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FoundationCollected Item Memorandum Catalog #19316

Captured Heisei 201. Discovered by Research Officer Suginoi Rintarō. Identified in several parts of the globe since then. × Initially categorized as a Class-5 incorporeal anomaly. → ○Currently categorized as a Class-3 Otherworldly anomaly.

Of those involved in the collecting of peculiar entities × the organization called the ”Foundation” comes to mind → ○That is what is believed. The method of revelation varies ― some recall its name, some recall fragmentary memories from deep within, some believe it existed in the past, and that themselves or others were part of or worked against this “Foundation”, etc. Without countermeasures, these revelations come in waves, and everytime it happens, more people believe in its existence, becoming worse. Our facility has confirmed a minimum of 105 cases of revelation. According to these fake memories, this “Foundation” is an organization that secures, contains and protects peculiar anomalies similar to the ones we collect. It appears to have been established in the United States and is the world’s biggest secret organization (Like us or the Global Occult Coalition.)

It was discovered to be an otherworldly anomaly on Heisei 232. Discovered by Dr. Kyōzō. Apparently, the “Foundation” was an organization that once existed in our world, and now is outside the laws of causality, having disconnected from our world. It is now trying to come back to our world, trying to find a way to do so…

The way the “Foundation” handles its peculiar anomalies has extremely useful information, but it’s believed there may be a connection between its revelation and the sealing of the ”Mighty Wicked Dragon” (No. 06820), the unraveling of the technique to keep away the “Scarlet thing that eats one’s heart” (Five Letter Tetraphobia) and the unraveling of friendly relationships with our “Neighbors” (No. 1000), with our facility deciding to take full-blockade measures on Heisei 243.

Scranton’s & Ukita’s Type-Γ Blockade Technique can be completed every three days. No re-revelation has been confirmed until the present Heisei 284.

  • I don’t think they’ll do any better than us. Sorry, but we need you to stay away from this one.

(Report by Ashifune)

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