Collected Item No. 2020
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AmabieCollected Item Memorandum Catalog #2020


Kawaraban circulating in the streets at the time of discovery1

Captured April 1846. Discovered by village officers in Higo Province (present-day Kumamoto Prefecture). Afterwards, she was apprehended and captured by a Hōjō clan district magistrate from the ministry of justice with the use of a fishing net. The Hōjō clan suppressed her existence into a mere rumour, but her name can be confirmed in kawaraban and similar others.

She possesses long hair, the head of a human and the body of a fish, as well as three legs. Normally, some apparitions acquire the ability to transform, with “Amabie” mainly taking the form of young women, with fish scales remaining on her rear. It is also impossible to maintain a photography or any other recording medium of her untransformed self, confining its conveyance to writing or painting. Her physical strength is that of a human toddler, and she is unskilled at swimming, as well as, of course, running. Understands human language, and can survive on a general diet of that of an otter, although she prefers to have meals akin to a human. “Amabie” appears to have a mental structure similar to that of a human, with remarks of craving the limelight and strong optimism standing out, and mentally fragile aspects that can also be appreciated, being easily frightened, possessing weak ambition, and regularly falling into escapism.

Possesses an anomaly that allows to predict events from the future, with few manifestation records existing. With few exceptions, the contents of said predictions refer to no more than minor events, often failing to come true. At the time of discovery, she said the following words to the village officers: “I am a dweller of the seas, and Amabie is my name. Each six years, good harvest blesses one’s country. But this year, illness will strike. I want you to guide me towards the afflicted people”. In this occurrence it too is guessed that it has little to no relevance to events regarding Higo Province, No. 2020 themselves tending to give unclear testimony. She is also an excellent speaker, derived from her prophecies, holding high negotiation skills to the extent that they are not caused by an anomaly. Her origin as an apparition is unclear, albeit the structure at the time of discovery is similar to that of low-grade spirits. Current status is referenced below. Also, it is suggested that she is related to the “Amabiko”2, and is also suspected that she is related to “Umisachi-hiko”3, with her self-proclaiming to be a divinity.

It’s confirmed that before the war, she was placed under the collected status at the Shūshū-In office as a Class-A apparition. The circumstances of the collection were minimal in nature, limited to prohibition of movement from the office and partial body restraints. Following the internal turmoil of the Shūshū-In caused by the outbreak of the Second World War, “Amabie” escaped extremists who wished to use her ability and the apparition itself as a military weapon. She testifies joining a more moderate party to which the author presently belongs.

In 1945, at the time of the absorption of the Shūshū-In by the Foundation, “Amabie” escaped with the help of remnants of the Shūshū-In’s moderate party after predicting the Foundation’s authoritarian conduct. Because of her distrust of the Isanagi clan, she refused to move into the Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary, becoming a temporary member of the Shūshū-In’s moderate party despite being a collection target due to critical staff shortage. In addition to the undercover activities mentioned below, she engages in negotiations with the Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary, Trismegistus Translation & Transportation‬, and other apparitions and divinities.

Since late 2010, due to the acceleration of Class-A apparition forgetting phenomenon across Japan, and taking into consideration the investigators sent from occult related parties such as the Foundation’s Godaigo siblings in the entertainment industry, Koigarezumi’s Koikari Saki and others, No. 2020 is active as a female idol and actress using the name of Amami Eiko with the goal of maintaining her own existence and undercover investigation of collection items in the entertainment industry.

In 2014, she took part in the outbreak of the “Jorōgumo Riots” in the entertainment industry, and was kidnapped by the Research Projects Agency for the Marriage With Anime Characters (PAMWAC) for some time, but managed to escape and helped extract several people including current Research Officer Isanagi Akane, with the advice of [Secret].


Posing as Amami Eiko

March 2020 Update: Global infection outbreak of new coronavirus (COVID-19) strain. In response, through the Japanese internet, especially through SNS, the existence of the “Amabie” as an entity that could subdue the epidemic spread rapidly on a global scale. Linked to this, No. 2020’s anomaly rapidly changed from precognition to healing and protecting from the epidemic, with its status as an apparition increasing. Furthermore, her popularity as an actress has increased to an abnormal degree. From this, Dr. Nagano proposes that the change in the belief of the “Amabie” and its abrupt rise has influenced No. 2020. Although an interview has been conducted on No. 2020, she herself is bewildered by these changes, and has developed slight malaise. Currently in the middle of treatment at the facility.

There have been cases resembling the existing apparition’s change, but No. 2020’s is an extreme case, and is being examined with interest at the facility. Dr. Nagano believes that the cause of these changes are the beliefs shared through limited media such as the traditional kawaraban have diversified vastly and radically. Also, concerns have been voiced about the Foundation, other occult related parties and extremist parties noticing these changes, with the moderate party wishing to utilize the anomaly as a defense measure against these parties. Currently, No. 2020’s treatment is pending, with observation under Research Officers Hirayama Fujihaku and Hōjō Danrei.

  • The treatment is going as well as one would expect. Although her mood swings fluctuate violently, we believe there is no need for the dispatch of a psychosomatic therapist. Even at present she tells us “I predict that if you abandon me, I’ll die and be made into sashimi. Well, not like I can predict the future anymore, no?~”, “Look, I’m a divinity, so why don’t you praise me a bit? Wha, you can’t? Sadge!”, “I’m depressed. Depressed, I say!” and other such eccentric statements on repeat. This type of eccentric statement are in part vulgarisms she learnt from the personnel she helped at the time of the “Jorōgumo Riots”.
  • It has been newly discovered that the belief in the existence of the “Amabie” also applies to her disguised state. We may be required to investigate again, as there may be a similar existence in the records of heroes and eccentrics this institution has collected. Furthermore, as Research Officer Isanagi Akane has proposed before, a change can be seen that requires adaptation of the occult to the internet and our advanced information society. The increase of technical personnel is advised.
  • No. 2020 is an essential idol for us all. Even if she just exists there, even if there’s only a portrait of her, people revere this carefree apparition as a God, and No. 2020 unintentionally responds as such. The time has come for us to change in the way we operate. There is no difference between the Amabie and ourselves; we have lost our essence, and remain only in name and appearance. Based on this, I would like to repeat that No. 2020 is an important member at the facility. Don’t think I need to use internet slang to express that. - Research Officer Isanagi Akane.

(Report by Hirayama Fujihaku and Hōjō Danrei)

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