The Nuclear Dream Begins
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In the young lands of America, an enlightened people was formed with the knowledge of the radiant forces granted by the dragons inhabitants of the star king, called the altépetl1 of Tlaneyanco —the place of the new dawn—, located in the Sierra Madre Oriental. This society was given a miraculous fire called Tlanextlitetl —fire of light— capable of burning for eternity, dazzling both the body and soul of living beings. It was by this means that they managed to build beautiful buildings and monuments from trees and fungi, and alter animals in order to improve their effectiveness.

Before, the only way to take advantage of that power was through its direct use, so it was necessary to transport it to the place where it was going to be used, therefore, it used to be time consuming to finish several works and impossible to use it in other tasks. Thus, with the passage of time, people interested in unraveling the secrets of Tlanextlitetl emerged and they dedicated their entire existence to this task; in this way the tlamatini2 of the Tlanextlitetl arose. They trained the new generations in order to continue their research, so after twelve decades they managed to fully understand those secrets and apply their knowledge in all areas, from artistic to scientific, unfortunately they were also applied in the warlike aspect.


Some legends say that due to the inappropriate use of the Tlanextlitetl, the givers of that power sent a vengeance against Tlaneyanco, in the form of the ruler named Kokolimina; ruthless and ambitious, unlike the Tlamatinis and his students, he possessed the innate abilities of the Tlanextlitetl. He referred to himself as someone capable of possessing the full power of miraculous fire, blaspheming the beliefs of his own people.

Thus he managed to destabilize Tlaneyanco into two groups: those vicious and hungry to obtain absolute power, putting aside their traditions and those faithful to their beliefs who saw Kokolimina along with his followers as traitors and blasphemers identified as the Tleteyaotlanis - soldiers of the fire—: ruthless and insightful warriors gifted with the power of weapons research and innovation. The inhabitants fed up with following Kokolimina's mandates, began a battle for the future of that altépetl, united under the name of ilhuipilli - warriors of the day. The miraculous fire that once lit his festivals and parties now turned his people and homes to ashes; the great animals modified in pursuit of the advance were used as weapons and vehicles of war.

Thousands of lives were lost in the armed struggle, large areas were contaminated by the use of weapons based mostly on Tlanextlitetl. The decisive day arrived, a group of three Ilhuipillis managed to break into the court of the tlatoani3, in that way they together managed to subdue it and with this it was thought that they were the war would end. However, it did not.

For a few more months both sides continued to fight, and it was not until almost a year later that they realized a critical situation: if they continued down that path there would no longer be a future not only for that reign, but they could risk the habitability of the area, because with each month their weapons became more destructive, capable of razing entire villages and leaving them contaminated for long periods of time.

In this way, a meeting was held with five leaders of the Ilhuipillis, six Tleteyaotlanis, the heir of the altépetl, and most importantly, the four Tonatiuh Dragons, the Agreements of the Sun were agreed, where it was mainly recognized:

  • The need to stop the armed struggle for mutual benefit.
  • To pass from an empire form to a parliamentary monarchy in order to avoid future conflicts and would decide which rituals or investigations can be carried out or not.
  • Isolate themselves from the common world, and only being able to leave under the conditions of the Tonatiuh Dragons according to each particular case.
  • Do not intervene in any conflict in the world, whether common or not, unless humanity uses the Tlanextlitetl power as a weapon of destruction.

The last point was because they knew that sooner or later they would come to know that power, but at that moment it was the least of their worries. Once the Treaty was signed, citizens felt guilty and dishonorable for living in the light of day; they decided to leave the common world and founded an underground city under the mountains. As a way to celebrate peace and remember their old Sun, all the Tlamatinis and the ruler, created an artificial Sun to illuminate their new city, a symbol of their union, peace and power.

During the following centuries, not many changes occurred, from the 15th century with the arrival of the Spanish, some were introduced who were connoisseurs of the esoteric and there was a much less violent interaction compared to what was happening on the mundane side. Three centuries later there was the first union between a royal and a foreigner, some minor internal problems occurred, but for the most part they continued to progress in the shadows. With the passing of time, negative rumors of that city spread, baseless myths poisoned the thoughts of people who wanted to reach the mythical place and with the passage of time they were forgotten, therefore, the entry of foreigners stopped until disappear completely in the nineteenth century.


The inhabitants of Tlaneyanco continued with their technological advances throughout its history, perfecting their ancient techniques with the use of new discoveries and devices capable of taking better advantage of the Tlanextlitetl. Gradually, a more urbanized environment began to be created in the city center, dividing and isolating in a certain way the rural part of the population; This brought with it certain inequality in the society due to the lack of opportunities for the peasants.

Even with all this, the advance within the city slightly outpaced the nations of the entire world. They were attentive to the different wars of humanity, but they never decided to support any side due to the fear of provoking another conflict as in the past and bringing the wrath of their gods once again; being so, a nation for the most part peaceful.

The world was at the end of the greatest dispute ever witnessed and orchestrated by humans. Meanwhile, in that city separated from the outside world, a dispute was taking place over that war caused by the common man. During that period Ana Bárbara ruled, who was known as a leader interested in the outside world, driven by concern about the global panorama, she knew about the advancement of humans after each war and unlike her predecessors decided to send agents to different places in the world in order to collect information about their war advances. And one day she confirmed one of her greatest fears: the nuclear detonation event of the Trinity Test in 1945.

For she, that fact was like the declaration of another war in her town, a nightmare buried so long ago in time now it was rising to put her to the test. And without any other option, she had a talk with Parliament to discuss the situation.

—As you know, one of the man's governments has managed to use Tlanextlitetl, known to them as “nuclear energy”, to use it against another government. It is my duty as a governor to request immediate action to deal with this matter, we need to send groups of people to stop the development of said weapons. —Ana mentioned in front of the Parliament.

—We know your concern, but reports indicate that it is a very primitive form of weaponry, its mass production has not yet begun and no other human government is aware of the same.

—Outside of that, they plan to use it to stop their conflict, not to start another. They seek to stop the bloodshed with one or two of these bombs, we will not put any life lost from their war on our shoulders by interfering.

—And what will happen if it doesn't? What will we do when more countries have that capacity? What will we do when they decide to bomb each other and leave the world uninhabitable? We do not live in a perfect bubble as we make our people believe and they know it, we continue to depend on the existence of the outside world. —Ana mentioned outragedly.

—Excuse me, Ana Bárbara, but you are talking about a would and the woulds don't exist. If it somehow spreads, we will take immediate action. If anyone supports our queen let us know at this moment.

—It's unheard of your behavior in this situation, it's a blasphemy against our beliefs! —Ana answered angrily.— Doesn't anyone really have the courage to take any action?

Silence fell in the room, that same silence appeared later in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the lives of thousands of its inhabitants were extinguished in an instant.



And then came the surprise before those who doubted the words of their queen, now governments used their weapons to intimidate each other, using their so sacred energy wholesale, poisoning the environment and causing fear in all the inhabitants of the world. That reign was full of negative emotions for said news, so Ana decided to give a speech, before doing so she spoke with her daughter, Teresa Bárbara, just a 8 year old girl, who in the future was going to be the heir to her post.

—Mom, mom, is it true that we are in danger? My mentors didn't want to tell me anything and that worries me even more.

—Quiet my Teresita, everything will be fine because we will not remain without doing anything, I will not allow them to harm you, either you nor anyone else in our town.

—Are they going to start a fight against the outside world?

Ana stared at her daughter for a few seconds without saying anything, the simple thought of considering that possibility tormented her mind. After a brief mental reflection, she answered her little girl:

—No, I suppose it's just as good a time to talk to you about this, since you'll have to rule one day. Come on, do you want to sit on my lap for the meantime?

—Yes! —Teresa ran to her mother.

—It is not good to start wars, my little one, our people have already gone through one and your future duty is to avoid at any cost the start of another.

—But we can beat them, mom, we have the strength to beat them. Why don't we do it?

—It is not about winning or losing, it is about valuing life, thinking about the consequences of using our knowledge, positions and powers in our actions. If I decided to use the army and use our weapons, we would be no different from them. You are still young to understand it, we will have time to talk about it later. Now I must calm our citizens —Ana carried her daughter to her room— I will be busy these days, so I will not be able to see you, be good with your mentors and be calm, see you.

—Goodbye, mom. —Teresa said somewhat sadly, almost to the point of crying.

Thus the queen left her daughter, who was very concerned about the comment that Teresa had made about using force, her daughter had been born different from the other previous rulers, she was very similar to the emperor who led that reign to war. Even in those moments Teresa was skilled for her long age, she was born with the natural ability to use the Tlanextlitetl, as the legends of that emperor tell.

Ana decided not to think about that anymore, as she walked down a corridor that led to a balcony where a crowd was waiting for her words. Her speech, as well as hers, was going to be broadcast by other media. At that moment, it was the only thing that mattered.

My citizens, regardless of your beliefs, whether you support my past decisions or are against it, today I am addressing all of you. As the united people that we are. I speak to those who keep our country running, who make it up and fulfill their duty day to day. I will fulfill my duties in these times of uncertainty and confusion, know now, despite being disconnected, that this is not a symbol of weakness, it does not mean being incapable of deciding our future.

Humanity has broken the chains that we so swear to protect, it has used that power to kill and spread fear in the world. Let's not let that fear invade us and cloud our thoughts. In my word, I will not start a war with the world. At this time is when it is most necessary to remain calm, we must not fall into the same provocations of those young governments unable to see at this moment the consequences of their actions.

History will be the one who shows their faults and flaws, they will realize the damage caused and they will be remembered for it. We will not be remembered or identified by that world, we will act directly and diligently, we will alienate those interested in using weapons of that nature and we will guide them to another path.

Our voice will not be heard by these governments, but the weight of our actions will be seen in the long run. Be proud to live in this period of history, we will be remembered as the generation that adapted to change and emerged triumphant.

Today a new era begins! Today we demonstrate our virtues! Today we protect the world!

After those words, the creation of the Defense Division was launched, focused on infiltrating personnel in investigations focused on the manufacture and development of nuclear weapons; despite being an isolated place, Tlaneyanco had a sufficiently superior technological advance to meet the goal of the Defense Division. During the following months they managed to sabotage all the investigations, when the first fusion bomb was being developed. The 1 of November of 1952 the test of this bomb of fusion was carried out, in Enewetak, an atoll of the Marshall Islands; the device was activated, followed by the sound of the sea and only that, the sabotage of that test caused great disinterest on the part of the United States.

Followed with the Soviet Union, their tests of developing an H-bomb were equally a failure and although they continued to try to create this type of weapon, they focused on other fields and thus the nuclear arms race was ended. However, to ensure the creation of more such weapons, an incident was caused in a laboratory in the USA and another in the Soviet Union, where a small device of a few kilotons was detonated. These incidents led to the definitive end of the nuclear programs and served as an example for those nations interested in the development of these weapons.

When that happened, the interference of the Defense Division of the world was withdrawn and they disappeared again from the global panorama on January 15, 1955, a day that became commemorative under the name of "Savior's Day", where the decision of their queen and those who participated in these missions are remembered.


52 years had passed since the day the intervention of the outside world ended, during that period two important events occurred: in 1994 the queen gave birth to her second daughter, Itzel Bárbara, who did not present anything outstanding during her early years of life. Meanwhile, the firstborn continued her training by quickly learning the lessons from her mentors. Despite her mother's attempts to hide her daughter's abilities, information about her spread and began to compare her to Kokolimina in some way, earning a bad reputation throughout Tlaneyanco.

And it was not for less, her character differed from that of her mother in an enormous way: she showed a great ego, conceited, petty, mocking and arrogant. She liked to walk around some parks and alter some plants for her own taste. Her sister Itzel hers always saw her as a great person to follow and has great appreciation for her, in part, because she always complied with her requests.

So one day they both went on their weekly walk to a garden as usual, full of various plants and mushrooms.

—Excited to be the next queen, Teresita? —Said Itzel mockingly.

—You know that only my mother is allowed to call me that —Teresa turned to see her, looking down—, you are the "little one".

As they spoke, a person passed by walking a reptile with scales of different colors, Itzel's eyes shone with surprise at seeing said animal.

—Hey, sister… can't we tell Mom to buy us one of those? —Pointing to the colorful reptile.— It is very pretty.

—Mom doesn't like animals. Besides, you're too young to have a malotlalyolkatl.

—So I'm going to wait until I'm older to have one? —Itzel frowned and crossed his arms.— It's not fair!

—Don't throw your tantrums on me. Although … —Teresa looked at her at some mushrooms growing in the grass —I can give you a being according to your age.

The older sister walked to the mushroom, intending to pluck it out.

—Hey, what are you doing? —You can't touch anything in the place!

Teresa plucked the mushroom before Itzel could finish speaking.

—Excuse me, were you talking to me about something? —She said as she held the mushroom.

—Forget it, what do you want a mushroom for? We have food to spare at home and much better than that.

—Oh, I need the mushroom to do this.

Teresa put the mushroom between her hands, which were enveloped by a green fire and several marks appeared along her arms. After this, the mushroom was filled with different symbols and radiated a green aura.

—Take it. You know, it's one of my tricks that you love so much. Oh wait… think fast!

Teresa threw the mushroom at her sister, who with difficulty managed to catch the mushroom. When touched, the fungus began to change shape to that of a small quadruped being similar to a canine, several black pigments appeared on the head of the fungus that pretended to be eyes and the foot of the fungus lengthened until it looked like a tail.

—Woah, a dog-shroom! —Itzel shouted excitedly.— I've seen some acts of transmutation, but it always takes a lot of time and practice. You are great, sister!

—I know, you're welcome by the way. Remember to take care of it and feed it with organic waste.

—Of course! —Itzel walked over to her sister and hugged her.

Such a scene had caught the attention of an old man who was passing by and, with a hoarse voice, he addressed Teresa:

—The descendant of Kokolimina being disrespectful with the rules. I should not be surprised, you daughter of chaos and misfortune. —The old man looked at her with contempt. —Your sister should be the successor of the kingdom, she is normal.

—Don't talk to my sister like that! She's just-

—Don't waste your saliva, Itzel. —Teresa took her sister by the hand and ignored the old man. —These people wouldn't understand, let's go home.

Outside of her Teresa was immutable, but inside her those comments made her so angry that she considered attacking openly those who judged her actions.

Likewise, during these times a company called Radiosol grew and became the most important company in Tlaneyanco, offering various innovative products to the population, in the energy, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries. The company caught the attention of Teresa Bárbara, and she managed to become her main leader entering 2007, in that same year Queen Anne had her last year in power, since her death was approaching due to the her age.

Thus, in her last weeks, Ana had a conversation with her eldest daughter in her room. Teresa came in and sat by her bedside as she watched her mother slowly leave her world.

—Mom … Before we start, is there really no way to extend your life further? Maybe I could try to help you, mom, I have been studying, practicing ways to extend the life of other animals and the results are very good. —Said Teresa in a serious tone.

—You know that I have already been extending my life for 300 years, it is normal that the moment of my departure has come. I have lived long enough and I know that I can go in peace with you as queen. —Ana answered her daughter, who was about to cry. —It's ok. Unburden yourself a bit, my little one.

—Thank you for everything, I don't know how to express my gratitude to you, to give you back everything you have taught me and cared for. —Teresa said with her teary eyes.

—You must not return anything to me, those are things that any mother would do for her children. How has your relationship with Itzel been?

—She's a free soul, she wants to travel the world and sometimes I don't know how to answer that. I already told her that we have certain places we can visit, but she seems to want to go more than fully into the hidden part of the world. She even wants to visit Hy-Brasil. She didn't tell you because she, well, she already knows you'd never let her leave our city.

—About that, I have learned that you plan to have more interaction with the outside world. Why didn't you ever tell me any of that?

Teresa's face showed concern and shame, while she thought of some answer, her mother continued speaking.

—You have dreams of greatness, don't you? Since you were little, you always wanted to break the restrictions of the Accords, to show the world what we are capable of.

—I… I think there's no reason to keep hiding. Perhaps not to the common world, but perhaps to relate more to other hidden places. Do you think what is wrong?

—No, only that you are entering an unknown territory and that worries me. There are issues to fix within our own reign and it could backfire in the long run.

—I'll take care of that, it's not like I'm going to suddenly introduce ourselves at any moment. And… There is another question I would like to ask you… Why am I feared by my own people? —Teresa said while she looked at herself.— I don't see anything wrong with me.

—Because you are very powerful. Within you is the power that once unbalanced this kingdom. They fear that you are the cause of another war or conflict, you should not let yourself be carried away by what you hear, I saw you grow and mature as a good person, sometimes something direct and angry, but that is very normal.

—What is this power? I've always looked for an answer and have only found negative aspects of it.— Teresa inhales and exhales.— It's bad, isn't it?

—The primordial power of our ancestors, your soul is the pure reflection of the energy we worship. It is up to you to decide fate, not by inheriting a power stained by evil intentions does it mean that you are destined to be an evil queen. I believe in your actions and so far you have never disappointed me.— Ana walked over to her daughter and hugged her.— You're still that curious and determined little girl, that's all.

—Thanks, Mom. —Teresa squeezed her mother tighter.— Even if it is time to go, I swear not to bring this kingdom to its fall.

—Aren't you forgetting something? —Ana said as she looked Teresa in the eye.— Do you swear to take care of Itzel too?

—Yeah, that too. —Teresa mentioned as she smiled at her mother.— That's for sure.

At that moment one of the doctors who was caring for the queen came in along with her nurses.

—Your majesty, I am sorry to interrupt her talk with the princess, but it is time for your treatment.

—No problem, we're done talking now. Take good care of yourself, my Teresa.

They both said goodbye and Teresa left her room, walked through that corridor with columns, adorned with some paintings of her ancestors and stopped to see the painting of her mother. She shed a few tears and followed her path, because she knew that this was one of the last times that she would see her mother alive.



It was a Saturday February 2nd. The year 2009 passed in the center of the capital of Mexico, the day was cloudy, as always there were a large number of people and cars at five in the afternoon. An apparent group of three janitors were heading to the entrance of the Latin American Tower. They reached the elevator and with some cards they managed to unfold another panel of buttons that led to underground floors beyond the basement.

When the doors were opened there was a booth with a person.

—Good morning, Emilio, I know you didn't have to cover this day today, but this week has been very busy. —One of the janitors mentioned as she pulled some credentials out of her pockets.

—Ah, don't worry, Selena, coming to work one extra day isn't going to kill anyone. I see that you still needed to come with those janitor suits, is the situation so bad that you have not planned the meeting better? —Emilio said while he checked the credentials

—It is not the end of the world, although I cannot deny that what happened is worrying, I can only say that.

—Sure sure, so we have you, Selena, Raquel and Rosa, all from the… Defense Division? I thought it was gone in 1990 when it was no longer needed. Anyway, I have already reviewed the system and everything is in order, you can go to the headquarters in Mexico City.

—Okay, see you in a bit. Come on companions, we do not want our visit here to last longer than it should.

—Yes. —They both answered in unison quickly.

They went through the door of the shed and walked down a concrete hallway as they headed to change their clothes.


—You should have talked further back, it's rude not to show up or say anything. —Selena mentioned as she looked at both of them.

—I'm sorry, I'm very nervous about all this… When I was transferred to the Division as a reserve, I imagined being part of another division, the probability that something will happen in these years was very low, I regret having committed some acts that brought here. —Rosa said reluctantly.

—What about you, Raquel?

—Actually, I'm not good at communicating and I'm thinking about other things, I didn't expect to be part of an extinct division, but as a blind man once said, we'll see. Just kidding, Selena, blind people can't speak.

Rosa held back her laughter as Selena looked at her with some anger.

—Yes, that comment was out of place, sorry. It was to break the tension in the environment and it seems to have worked a bit, doesn't it Rosita? —Raquel said while she saw how Rosa chuckled.

—Yes, yes, I'm still sorry for laughing.

—I suppose it's not so bad to try to improve the morale of your partner, Raquel, although you better avoid those kinds of jokes when we talk about serious topics. Now go change your clothes, our board is going to need you to have your suits with accessories. See you in Chamber Three.

The outfits Selena was talking about had screens on the sleeves and could create some holograms from her hands. The three of them changed their clothes and went to the agreed point: Chamber Three. A room with a round table and ten chairs, with a screen and some maps on the walls.

—We already met at the airport and I saw her files, but nothing like performing live and being fast. —Selena and the others sat in the chairs.

—I am Raquel Cartajena Sánchez, I was born on the outskirts of Tlaneyanco, from a family with connections to this culture. I decided to be part of the reserve in case of being needed in an unexpected situation, as the other divisions seemed boring to me. Graduated at 26, 2 years ago, I am excited to finally leave the city and travel the world on our missions.

—My name is Rosa Cano Hernández, born in the center of Tlaneyanco and I am known for my research in the field of higher study at Tlanextlitetl. Due to some problems I had in the behavioral part, I remained in the reserve division at age 20, one to finish my studies. And… I'm still a little confused to be here, but I think I can adapt quickly.

—Wait, you sounded right to me, you are Rosita the saboteur. Jeez, I would love to be like you-

Before Raquel could continue speaking, Selena raised her voice and interrupted her.

—Raquel, let's save those details for later, the two of you will have a long time to get to know each other.

Selena stood in front of both of them, her arms behind her back.

—Surely you've heard of me, under nicknames like Apocalypse Paranoid or names like that. I am Selena García Forero, general of the now almost extinct World Defense and Logistics Division. I graduated from my studies in applied thaumaturgy based on radioactive-nuclear interactions, I am 40 years old and I will be the leader of the third group of the Defense and Logistics Division.

—Oh yes, there are so many stories about'cha, I mean, about you. Out of all joke, it's an honor to be under youor tutelage. —Raquel mentioned excitedly.

—I didn't expect to be a part of this, but I recognize your accomplishments and still give me some hope that you will guide us, thank you. —Rosa said followed by a sigh.

—I still hope to get the best of both, now they are my personal challenge to educate them and make them the best in our Division. —Selena said enthusiastically.— As you may know, at the beginning of the year we learned that the leader of the Radiosol company was dismissed by the former Princess Teresa. And yesterday the confirmation of the death certificate of our queen did not arrive, Ana Bárbara has died.

—Ana Bárbara, the Savior of 1950? But… She… —Rosa said astonished.

—Now I understand why they called us from one day to the next, are the rumors about her daughter also true?

—Yes, Raquel, her daughter is a reality bender. Teresa Bárbara is now the leader of all Radiosol and its subsidiaries. If she was anything but a bender I wouldn't worry so much. —Selena sent the reports to the suits of her companions and they began to check them.

—The last reality-bending leader caused the war that fragmented our empire nearly 3 millennia ago. But… The Agreements of those times are still in force, Parliament still has power over Teresa's actions, another war is not going to start, it is impossible. —Rosa mentioned as she carefully read the files on the hologram on her arm.

—And she won't, but we must accept that Teresa is not the same as her mother, this woman plans differently. We must remember that the agreements are less strict from the nuclear detonations of 1945 onwards, from the moment that humanity used nuclear power for war purposes, the doors were opened for the return of all of us, as a united kingdom, or a little divided as is the case today, either for better or for worse.

—Nor can we go out just like that, although I understand that there were many problems since those years and Mrs. Ana Bárbara avoided a great conflict, may she rest in peace. Ah, Selena, what's this “SCP-ES-097” thing? What is this "Foundation"?

—Oh, I know, these are the compulsive accumulators of anomalies: weird things, beasts, gods, concepts and who knows what else. They are very important in the anomalous field, my cousin managed to enter to work with them, we did not hear from her until they told us that she died. Yes, when you enter that place there is no going back, murky. —Raquel answered while she saw the file— Wow, these mushrooms make you slaves, wait…

—No, Selena, this file must be modified or something like that, that email at the end cannot be true, I flatly refuse to believe it. —Rosa interrupted Raquel

—Yes, the “SCP Foundation” is one of the most important organizations in the anomalous world and it already had its first meeting with Teresa. And with this we can give us an idea that she is not following her mother's path as that email the end has an air of grandeur. And I'm afraid it's true, Rosa.

—Then everything is fixed, we have already done it! the Foundation will take care of Teresa and everything will be fine, life is good. —Raquel said happily.— You see Rosa? And all scared for nothing.

—You read that in the end they couldn't control the mushrooms and they exploded, right? The fact that they are there is a help, but it is our responsibility to take care of Teresa, we know their organization better and we can have a faster response than they. Besides, that Foundation has some things that displease me, I would not trust them, they should not have in his possession objects of our legacy or related to us.

—Well, if you put it like that, yeah. What about the Soldiers of Man? I think they were the Occult Global Coalition and in the United States of America they have their own organization, there are several that surely interfere with Teresa. —Raquel replied.

—And just as there are groups against them, there will be those who will be with them and gain power. His Radiosol company was already recognized among us as a great threat for his inventions, now that they enter the world board, they will soon win allies. So they are going to study about these groups and also know how to interact with them if necessary. It is true that we have hidden from the world for so long, we must closely monitor Teresa and her company, as well as all those who reign.

—All right, so we'll be a group charged with taking on Teresa, right? —Said Rosa.

—Rather than face it head on, we are going to stop her creations until we have a concrete plan for how to deal with her for good. Killing her is not an option, that goes against the agreements, they must also know that we are part of a division with more teams like us, so do not be surprised if we ever have to collaborate.

—Is it really that much trouble killing her? I do understand the agreements, although they have served us these millennia, lately they have not worked soooo well that we say. You understand me, Selena. —Raquel replied.

—That does not depend on me and if we violate them, it is us who are going to die, a review of these agreements is in process and until then we are not allowed that option, this is not about shedding blood from the rooftops.

—And what else should we do for today? I've already reviewed the file on the fungus and I understand Teresa's concern. —Rosa said as she closed the hologram on her arm.

—We will stay here for a few hours planning about our organization and the information we have about Radiosol's new trajectory, then we will go back to a place where we will stay permanently until we resolve this, outside of Tlaneyanco, of course.

—Okay, I won't forget to sort my belongings tomorrow, don't forget yours either, Rosa.

—Yes, believe me I won't forget it, Raquel.

—Before continuing with the entire plan of action, it's not for nothing, but the facility is half ugly, wasn't there a more up-to-date place or something? —Raquel mentioned while she looked at the walls— This place is something gloomy.

—Yes, but in Mexico and in other developing countries there are not so many eyes watching what happens. This is one of the most unknown places in itself since everyone knows the complete structure of this building, except this place. Arguably, this place has its charm —Selena answered wryly.

—All good as long as we don't have to come repeatedly to this place.

So the trio spent six hours planning, reviewing the information about Radiosol and other interest groups. Once that time had passed, the three of them left the room and headed back to the booth.

—Excuse me, Selena, shouldn't we change again to go upstairs? —Asked Rosa as they approached the booth

—Our suits can change shape according to the installed models, being adaptable depending on the situation, there is a concierge in case you ask. Although it takes some time between changes, that is all.

—Great, let's see —Raquel was the first to try that function— Heh, it feels weird.

—Okay, Selena, thanks for the information.

—Oh, yes, and bring those buckets and brooms with you.

—And couldn't we have these suits earlier? I mean, well, not really because I guess confidentiality and stuff. —Asked Raquel

—Oh look, you're already thinking a little more before speaking, you're learning something Raquel, very well. —Selena answered.

Meanwhile, Rosa analyzed more about Teresa's situation, she had heard about her abilities to handle the different esoteric practices of her culture, her desire to be recognized by the world and to be an implacable woman; she recognized the potential danger of said ruler. Rosa was outside and far from her comfort zone, away from the comforts of downtown Tlaneyanco and separated from her few acquaintances, a totally new environment.— At least with this I will be able to clear my name a bit, or so I hope. —That was the only thought that calmed her down. So they went through the booth and said goodbye to Emilio, they went up to the elevator from where those three janitors left to continue their journey, beginning their journey in a new changing world.

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