Personnel file of A.D., Head of the External Relations Division of Site ██
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Semiotic identifier: A.D.

Security clearance: 4. Class: B.

Duty station, position: Site ██ (Kyiv, Ukraine), Head of the External Relations Division.

MTF membership: Ⱄ - Contra spem. Call sign: SLOVO-13.

Сurriculum vitae: Prior to his recruitment by the Foundation, A.D. has held various public sector and civil society positions, dealing with the organisations' matters of external relations and law. Having been recruited to the External Relations Division of Site ██, he proved himself to be a highly qualified specialist in all areas of the Division's activities, quickly moving from the position of a Chief Specialist at the Legal Unit to the Head of Partnerships Unit. After the previous Head of External Relations Division of Site ██ ([REDACTED]) was reassigned to the Headquarters of the Eastern European Sector, A.D. attained the post, and has been keeping it up to this day. The employee demonstrates fluency in Ukrainian, English, Russian and German.

Went missing in October, 20██. Active search has been ongoing for seven years, to no avail. From October, 20██ to October, 20██ the employe was on a detached duty. As of now, he has already returned to his duties of the Head of the External Relations Division of Site ██.

Special notes: Old-fashioned in methods and critical of the reforms that have taken place in the Foundation during his forced absence (including the new classification system and the increased role of the Ethics Committee). Despite his proven ability to establish contact with even those most hostile to the Organisation, he seems to possess strained relations with Dr. Khmelnytskyi. A staunch proponent of transferring the Foundation's headquarters in Ukraine from Site UA-80 to Site ██.

  • SCP-002-UA – Senectitude. Happiness comes to those who can wait.
  • SCP-009-UA – Rooms of Eternity. Beautiful moment, do not pass away!
  • SCP-011-UA – The Motorcyclist. Sometimes it happens so fast, you do not even notice.
  • SCP-026-UA – Crimson splashes. They do not have any side-effects, do they?
  • SCP-034-UA – My friend — Kimberly. Foundation is not a place for happy endings.
  • SCP-039-UA – God will help. To every man according to his faith.
  • SCP-041-UA – The President has forbade. The President of Ukraine shall be the Head of the State and shall act on behalf of the State. The President of Ukraine shall issue decrees and directives mandatory for the execution on the territory of Ukraine on the basis and in pursuance of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.
  • SCP-042-UA – Conceptual threat. An inconspicious piece of the Soviet legacy.
  • SCP-046-UA – Tasty flashbacks. Let bygones be bygones.
  • SCP-054-UA – Pater noster Bandera, co-authored with dr_Yakymdr_Yakym. Who is to blame?
  • SCP-059-UA – Paper cat. A tale of something that strived to be someone.
  • SCP-067-UA – Atropocentrism. Chronicles of the radical escapism.
  • SCP-071-UAPOTROSHENKO. …and I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them. (Ezekiel 25:17)
  • SCP-078-UA – Homo charta rex animalium, co-authored with ArbelictArbelict. For those who like to work late.
  • SCP-081-UA – Vanka-Vstanka. Universal Soldier. Import-substituted.
  • SCP-090-UA – Home. Bad memories of the bad future.
  • SCP-095-UA – Crazy Bee. Consult your genealogist before using.
  • SCP-100-UA – Annihilistic approach to holiness. Innovative method of suicidal therapy.
  • SCP-103-UA – The Living Corpse. Is it true that you can create an object on the fly?
  • SCP-104-UA – LGBTR. When love is heard, the guns are silent.
  • SCP-2014-UA-EX – SCP-2014-RU. On their own, God-given land.
  • SCP-221-UA-J – Faineant. Where is your work, Miracle?!
  • SCP-692-UA-J – Connection cockup. Literally.
  • MTF Branding for Az, Buky, Zemlja, Lyudi, Pokoj and Slovo. Extended descriptions for most of the Ukrainian MTFs.
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