IT Fifth Anniversary Contest
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Contest for the Fifth Anniversary of the Italian Branch (2022)

We've returned once more to announce the yearly contest for the branch anniversary, hoping to begin 2022 in the best possible way after the hardship we've been through in the last few years.

Damn, we've come a long way, since we were formalized by the then newborn International hub, five years ago — and since the site started working again, after a few years of inactivity. Let's keep working for years to come, and let's commit to it. For this contest, we want to take you back to the past by having you write something set in the early days of the republic, back when the Italian branch of the Foundation was starting to fill the shoes left by the Royal Institute of Italian Anomalies. Now, that's an interesting historical period to see the first interactions with the groups of interest.


  1. Main list SCP entries, tales or GoI formats are allowed. Joke SCP entries are excluded from this contest.
  2. The entry for this contest must be set shortly after the proclamation of the Italian republic (2nd June 1946) and around the early years of the Italian branch.
  3. You may participate either alone or in a group.
  4. Every user may be part of one group only: those who participate alone may not be part of a team, or the other way around.
  5. You may participate with more than one entry.
  6. The entries which don't stick to the guidelines above and aren't included among the "Participants" before the end of the contest won't count. Furthermore, you may not edit your entry after the contest is over, not even to correct any typos.
  7. The jury will consist of eleven users who won't participate in the contest, chosen between staff and regular users. They'll be selected after the end of the writing phase and will pick the contest winner.
  8. The winner will secure the precious IT achievement “Triumph”. Moreover, their entry will be exhibited in the website home page, in the IT newspaper and in the IT social media accounts.


Start: 15th January 2022
End: 26th February 2022 at 21:00
Winner Nomination: 5th March 2022 at 18:00

How to Participate:

Once your work is done, post a new page titled “it-anniversary-contest-2022<username>”, where <username> must be replaced by your Wikidot username.

Afterwards, once published, you may rename it by clicking on “Edit” at the bottom of the page, so as to display the desired title in the table. In case you're part of a group, specify the name of the person designated group leader. The rest of the participating users must be listed in a comment to the page.

If you wish to participate with more than one SCP entry or more than one tale, you need to post the page and name it “it-anniversary-contest-2022<username><entry number>”.

The entry doesn't have to be fully reviewed or approved to participate in the contest, but a honed work will be better-regarded than one which wasn't fully revised.

After posting the page, add the "it-anniversary-contest-2022" tag and edit the table below to insert the title of your entry, with a wizard link to your page, and your author username, and not only those of the group leader if you're working in a group.


Dr ZenoDr Zeno with Nefelococcigia.


Dr AisenbergDr Aisenberg
Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut
Riko-based LifeformRiko-based Lifeform
Dr PlacidoDr Placido
Bob-class AI


Title Author
Nefelococcigia Dr ZenoDr Zeno
Pax Anartistica C0S0C0S0
The End of Secrecy AstroMeteor06AstroMeteor06
The Result of Madness Dr PistosDr Pistos

Helpful Contacts:

If you have questions or doubts, the IT staff is available to you. Also, come pay us a visit in our Discord server!

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