IT Summer Contest 2020
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Summer Contest 2020

Hello, everyone! We're pleased to annouce the beginning of the third contest of the Italian Branch, the Summer Contest 2020. It's a bit different from the previous ones, and we hope you all enjoy the novelties we're bringing you! Without further ado, let's move on to the rules:


  1. There's no mandatory theme in this contest: instead, the staff will give writers and groups three random tags chosen among the "attributive tags" associated with Foundation pages. The participants will have to write an SCP entry or a tale based on those tags. Contact an admin or a mod in the Discord chat or via private message on Wikidot to request the tags.
    1. When the tags will be disclosed, you may replace them with three other random tags twice at most.
    2. If some tags are completely irreconcilable, you may request one be replaced randomly. This may be done twice at most.
  2. Your entry must be set in the IT fictional universe.
  3. All types of entries - both main list ones and joke ones - are allowed, as well as tales.
  4. You may participate either alone or in a group.
  5. Every user may be part of one group only.
  6. You may participate with more than one entry (in that case, write “it-summer-contest-2020<username><entry number>”).
  7. The entries which won't be included among the "Participants" before the end of the contest won't count.
  8. The jury will consist of eleven users who won't participate in the contest, chosen between staff and regular users. They will be selected after the end of the writing phase and will pick the contest winner taking into account the users' poll as well.
  9. The winner will be exhibited in the website home page, in the IT newspaper and on the IT social media accounts. Moreover, some additional, little surprise might be coming!


Start: 15th June 2020
End: 4th August 2020 at 20:00
Winner Nomination: 7th 9th August 2020 at 12:00

How to Participate:

To participate in the contest, contact the staff to receive the random tags. Once your work is done, post a new page titled “summer-contest-2020<username>”, where <username> must be replaced with your Wikidot username. Afterwards, once published, you may rename it by clicking on "Rename" at the bottom right, so as to display the desired title in the table. In case you're part of a group, specify the name of the person designated group leader. The rest of the participating users must be listed in a comment to the page.

The entry doesn't have to be fully reviewed or approved to participate in the contest, but a honed work will be better-regarded than one which wasn't fully revised.

After posting the page, add the "it-summer-contest-2020" tag and contact a staff member, who will proceed to put the link into this page.


Entries Removed from the Website

The following are the entries that didn't make it in the contest and were eliminated. Bear in mind that they might show up again either way.

Top 5 Entries

#1: "Old Krampus" by Dr PistosDr Pistos (Winning Entry)
#2: "Vergessene Abgründe" by the "Border Patrol" group.
#3: "The Obsidian Butterfly" by C0S0C0S0
#4: "Ötzi's Cloak" by Dr VulpesDr Vulpes
#5: "Anachronistic Hallucinogenic Feces" by Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut

Bear in mind that only the winning entry is entitled to immediate publishing. Therefore, all the other entries in lower positions must be sent back to the IT forum for reworking and improving. However, we suggest Krampus go back to the forum as well, because we noticed some tiny language and tone mistakes.

The Top-Secret Jury:

The contest jury consisted of:
Dr ZenoDr Zeno
Leaking LeadLeaking Lead
Agt FedrikAgt Fedrik
Dr AisenbergDr Aisenberg
Riko-based LifeformRiko-based Lifeform
Siddartha AlonneSiddartha Alonne

Helpful Contacts:

If you have questions or doubts, the IT staff is available to you.

Assigned Tags

Contact a staff member to update this table.

Username Assigned Tags Rerolls Made
Dr PistosDr Pistos sentient, simian, murine 0RC 1RT
Riko-based LifeformRiko-based Lifeform avian, mimetic, statue 2RC 1RT
JioJio_ITAJioJio_ITA spacetime, historical, exchange 1RC 0RT
jyj_52jyj_52 piscine, electrical, hostile 1RC 1RT
Shiki OujiShiki Ouji glass, sport, toxic 1RC 0RT
DrMeledaDrMeleda feline, crystalline, sun 2RC 2RT
Dr PlacidoDr Placido arthropod, avian, ontocinetic 1RC 1RT
OreobananeOreobanane document, language, building 1RC 2RT
Dr VulpesDr Vulpes cervine, historical, engraved 2RC 1RT
TheBoxOfFunTheBoxOfFun airborne, sexual, sapient 0RC 2RT
C0S0C0S0 lepidopteran, sapient, cadaver 0RC 1RT
Lo_DevLo_Dev ritual, religious, predictive 1RC 1RT
Dr ZenDr Zen dental, satellite, appliance 2RC 1RT
Lord CaosLord Caos ophidian, artistic, ontocinetic 2RC 2RT
Dr TruthDr Truth metamorphic, game, humanoid 1RC 1RT
TradeHumorTradeHumor ectoentropic, antimemetic, empathic 1RC 0RT
Agt FedrikAgt Fedrik mathematic, clockwork, geological 0RC 0RT
ThisPhatBoi planet, metamorphic, arboreal 0RC 0RT
Dr PisyDr Pisy artifact, uncontained, cognitohazard 2RC 2RT
xspy2007xspy2007 virus, ectoentropic, weapon 0RC 0RT
BersaBersa building, indestructible, engraved 0RC 1RT
ProcastinationTimeProcastinationTime computer, city, transfiguration 0RC 1RT
DrAlbertsDrAlberts timepiece, fungus, radioactive 0RC 1RT
ILARSILARS toy, meta, teleportation 1RC 0RT
Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut camelid, future, polyhedral 0RC 1 RT
Dr ZenoDr Zeno automaton, clockwork, toxic 0RC 0RT
Matt MartinezMatt Martinez ectoentropic, predatory, vulpine 0RC 1RT
Doc A RosselloDoc A Rossello sapient, leporine, engraved 0RC 0RT
NazarTheEzioNazarTheEzio location, biological, memory-affecting 0RC 0RT
DrDFerdinandDrDFerdinand compulsion, formic, antimemetic 0RC 2RT
"The Team"1 electronic, animal, memetic 1RC 0RT
Dottssa_Riba_NahiDottssa_Riba_Nahi adaptive, building, arthropod 0RC 2RT
ThatGuyRichardThatGuyRichard adaptive, hive-mind, crystalline 0RC 1RT
ZuppaZuppa spacetime, equine, arthropod 0RC 0RT
"Border Patrol"2 geological, sensory, addictive 2RC 1RT
il developeril developer sciurine, online, cervine 0RC 2RT
pennatompennatom bacteria, chemical, feline 0RC 0RT
Amatropie7Amatropie7 apian, skeletal, self-replicating 1RC 2RT
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