IT Summer Contest 2022
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Summer Contest 2022 for the Fluid Canon

The Italian branch is going through quite the revolutionary time. So much so that, in summer 2022, it will host the first contest where none of the participants can win, there even will be no jury! That's right: in this "special" contest, users will compete to decide whether the Italian Branch will have to switch to the Fluid Canon or not. Let's see how it works.


First of all, it's important to sign up as explained below to participate. Once it's done, every participant can submit an out-of-canon draft, which will have to go through its regular progress on the forum for publishing (that is: getting five approvals from the users, plus a Green Light from a staff member or an Approval Team member). Once it gets the Green Light, said draft will become an out-of-canon entry and will therefore count.

More precisely:

  1. You may participate in the contest only with SCP entries.
  2. For the draft to count, it must be inconsistent with the monocanon, and such inconsistency mustn't be due to futile reasons (such as dates and/or character names). It's up to users with authorizing and publishing privileges1 to assess whether the draft submitted is inconsistent with the monocanon for (non) futile reasons, in which case they'll have to let the author know.
  3. You may participate only alone.
  4. You may participate with only one entry.
  5. The entries which won't be included among the "Participants" before the end of the contest won't count.

Contest Outcome

The Fluid Canon will be declared the "winner" of the contest only if the following conditions are met:

  1. A minimum of [REDACTED] users signs up to this contest. Bear in mind that it's not necessary to manage to publish your entry for it to count, because the sign-up is intended as a mere "mission statement" in favor of the Fluid Canon.
  2. A minimum of [REDACTED] out-of-canon works is published.

The censored numerical values were verbalized by the staff and agreed beforehand with a small circle of trusted users, especially the IT team leaders, who will make sure that the agreed conditons are met on behalf of the users. The team leaders must keep the "secret numbers" hidden until the end of the contest, when the confidentiality obligation expires.


Start: 20th June 2022
Fine: 27th September 2022 at 21:00

How to Sign Up:

Post a new page bearing the (temporary) title of your out-of-canon work, and add the "it-summer-contest-2022" tag, so as to display it in the table below. You're free to use said page as a sandbox.


Helpful Contacts:

If you have questions or doubts, the IT staff is available to you. Also, come pay us a visit in our Discord server!

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