IT Halloween Contest 2021
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Halloween Contest 2021

Freezing greetings to all SCP Foundation users! As the scariest month of all begins, we announce the start of the Halloween Contest of 2021! This year, Halloween will take place in Italy, exploring myths, legends and folk tales of the peninsula. From the badalisc to the janare of Benevento, from Cola Pesce to the erchitu, the Black Lady of Parco Sempione, the Pippo planes and King Porsenna's treasure, you'll have plenty of stuff to write about! You don't need teeth to write, you need them to tremble! Ooooo, so spooky!

End of the Contest Announcement:

Well, everyone, the Halloween Contest of 2021 is over, cementing November as the second scariest month of the year. There were five contestants, but only one of them will be the winner of this jorney to discover the folk tales of Italy.

The jury of this contest consisted of:
Dr AisenbergDr Aisenberg
Riko-based LifeformRiko-based Lifeform
Dr PistosDr Pistos
as well as Satchel Channel from our Discord community.

And the winners of this contest are:

First Position: Siddartha AlonneSiddartha Alonne, with "The Gang of Interrupted Dreams"!

Secondo Position: Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut, with "In the Name of My God"!

Third Position: The Team Valdostani Wannabe, TheBoxOfFunTheBoxOfFun and ThatGuyRichardThatGuyRichard, with "Malignants Inside, Don't Open"!

That's all for now. We thank sincerely everyone who participated and the jury, as well as the schoolchildren of 1BSagata1BSagata and their teacher for organizing their participation!


  1. Only main list SCP entries are allowed, meaning that tales, GoI formats and joke SCPs are excluded.
  2. The entry for the contest must be inspired by an Italian legend (even an urban one), myth, folk tale, fable or popular belief. The legend doesn't have to be followed to the letter, the inspiration is enough. However, it must be recognizable in the final text and be mentioned in a comment to this page.
  3. You may participate either alone or in a group.
  4. Every user may be part of one group only: those who participate alone may not be part of a team, or the other way around.
  5. You may participate with more than one entry.
  6. The entries which don't stick to the guidelines above and aren't included among the "Participants" before the end of the contest won't count. Furthermore, you may not edit your entry after the contest is over, not even to correct any typos.
  7. The jury will consist of eleven users who won't participate in the contest, chosen between staff and regular users. They will be selected after the end of the writing phase and will pick the contest winner.
  8. The winner will secure the precious IT achievement “Triumph”. Moreover, their entry will be exhibited in the website home page, in the IT newspaper and in the IT social media accounts.


Start: 2nd October 2021
End: 14th November 2021 at 21:00
Winner Nomination: 20th November 2021 at 18:00

How to Participate:

Once your work is done, post a new page titled “it-halloween-contest-2021<username>”, where <username> must be replaced with your Wikidot username.

Afterwards, once published, you may rename it by clicking on "Edit" at the bottom of the page, so as to display the desired title in the table. In case you're part of a group, specify the name of the person designated group leader; the rest of the participating users must be listed in a comment to the page.

If you wish to participate with more than one entry, you'll need to post the page naming it “it-halloween-contest-2021<username><entry number>”

The entry doesn't have to be fully reviewed or approved to participate in the contest, but a honed work will be better-regarded than one which wasn't fully revised.

After posting the page, add the "it-halloween-contest-2021" tag and edit the table below to insert the title of your entry, with a wizard link to your page, and your author username, and not only those of the group leader if you're working in a group.


Title Author
In the Name of My God Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut
O' Munaciello KaiwannaKaiwanna
The Gang of Interrupted Dreams Siddartha AlonneSiddartha Alonne
Malignants Inside, Don't Open Team Valdostani Wannabe - TheBoxOfFunTheBoxOfFun, ThatGuyRichardThatGuyRichard
Damnatio Memoriae DrConteDrConte
The Donkey Tower 1BSagata1BSagata
The Borda 1BSagata1BSagata
Rondinaia's Tower 1BSagata1BSagata
Maz(A)pegul 1BSagata1BSagata

Helpful Contacts:

If you have questions or doubts, the IT staff is available to you. Also, come pay us a visit in our Discord server!

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