SCP-051-IT Contest

SCP-051-IT Contest


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Welcome, everyone! We're pleased to announce the second contest of the Italian Branch, which we're holding not only to celebrate the third anniversary of our formalization, but also the publishing of our first fifty original SCP entries.


Start: 5th December 2019
End: 3rd March 2020 at 20:00
Winner Nomination: 5th March 2020

How to Participate:

To participate in the contest, post a new page titled “051contest<username>”, where <username> must be replaced with your Wikidot username. In case you're part of a group, specify the name of the person designated group leader. The rest of the participating users must be listed in a comment to the page.

The entry doesn't have to be fully reviewed or approved to participate in the contest, but a honed work will be better-regarded than one which wasn't fully revised.

After posting the page, add the "scp-it-birthday-051" tag and contact a staff member, who will proceed to put the link into this page.


  1. The mandatory theme of this contest is the urban setting. It may be the anomaly itself, its containment location, an incident scenario or more.
  2. The entry must be set in the IT fictional universe.
  3. Only entries meant for the main SCP list are allowed. Therefore, -J articles and tales won't be considered in voting.
  4. You may participate either alone or in a group.
  5. Every user may be part of only one group.
  6. You may participate with more than one entry (in that case, write “051contest<username><entry number>).
  7. The entries which won't be included among the "Participants" before the end of the contest won't count.
  8. The jury will consist of the website staff, who will assess the candidates taking into account the users' votes as well.
  9. The prize is the SCP-051-IT slot, as well as advertising on the website and our social media accounts.


Helpful Contacts:

If you have questions or doubts, the IT staff is available to you.

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