Halloween Contest

It's time to start posting your entries and voting!

The period for posting articles is from October 1st to November 1st, as well as for voting.

The article with the highest rating will win.

More information on the contest below.

Contestants' Articles:

What is this all about?

Well, this is a contest, proposed by ChagechaChagecha. As he himself said in this post:

I think that, given our new direction, it is time to take the ultimate leap: to post our own SCPs. It is essential.

The idea is for each contestant to write an original SCP, in Spanish, following the concept of the articles on the English-speaking page. This is your chance to make your ideas known and see your work displayed on the wiki!

What are the rules?

Basically, use common sense. Your entry has to be original, you can't copy any SCP that already exists, nor base it on books, movies, etc. Be original!

You also cannot edit the content of your SCP once you have posted it on the wiki. You can only edit typos, formatting errors and similar things that do not change the intent of the original article.

For obvious reasons, you cannot vote your own article.

Everyone can participate, even you, yes you, the one reading this without being a member, run to make an account just to participate in the contest if you feel like it!

Okay, I'm in. Now what?

You can announce your participation either on this forum post or in the discussion of this page.

So far, the list of participants is as follows:

dr Alquimia
Mister ShadowMister Shadow
The Boggieman

Perfect, but how do I post my SCP? And when?

The period for posting your SCP on the wiki is from October 1st to November 1st. Create a new page for your SCP, with the title: SCP-ES-XXX; replacing the "XXX" with the number you chose for your SCP. If you are confused about how to do this, please contact a moderator or administrator.

Note: SCP-ES-001 cannot be chosen.

When the period begins, a section will be created on this page for all the links to the contest SCPs.

How will the winner be decided? What is the prize?

Democratically. The SCP with the most votes on November 1st at 20:00 hrs (GMT+1 time zone) will be declared the winner.

Please vote solely based on the quality of the article and on your opinion of it, don't vote for the author, and don't vote to try to cheat the contest.

The prize is a Caribbean cruise vacation. The prize is the satisfaction of winning the first contest ever organized on the wiki, and having your article featured for a while on the wiki's front page.

Cheer up and participate! And to those of you who have already signed up, good luck!

Tips for writing an SCP

I would like to leave you some links to several guides that can give you an idea of how to write an SCP to make it interesting, and about the most common mistakes.

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