Christmas Short Tales Contest

List of Participants' Entries

Please add a link below to the tale you are submitting to the contest. The link must be the title of your story. Before participating, please remember to read the contest rules below. Thank you.


What is this all about?

As the name suggests, it is a small competition to see who can make the best short tale on the wiki.

Similar in style and structure to the Halloween contest, the main idea of this contest is to encourage people to post their stories on this wiki, and to increase our (at the moment very limited) tales section.

How can I sign up?

Easy, just visit this very page and put your username right below the last one in the following section, with the following format:

[[*user (username)]]

List of Participants:

Doc Jhon SotkraDoc Jhon Sotkra
Doctor Von BraunDoctor Von Braun
Investigador MalleaInvestigador Mallea
Dr HeisenbergDr Heisenberg

Anyway, in order to avoid confusion, I would recommend you to send an email to any of the moderators; or go to this post and simply leave a message saying "I'm in", or "I'll join" or something similar.

This way there is written evidence that you have signed up, in a place that is far more difficult to edit.

The contest is about tales… What kind of tales?

If you've been browsing our wiki for quite some time you'll already know this, but here goes: tales go in the "Foundation Stories" section and are completely free, fan-made stories about the Foundation, its world, and obviously the SCP's in it.

In a tale, you are free to do whatever you want, there is no canon: you can talk about the life of Foundation employees, about an SCP, about the end of the world… whatever you can think of!

Our Foundation Stories section can give you an idea of what we like on this site.

However! Don't take it literally when we say that there is no canon, you can't write tales that have characters from other stories. Just like in an SCP, no existing creepypastas, books, movies… use your imagination and create your own stories!

You can post your entry until January 5th at 20:00 hrs. Make a new page for your article, with the appropriate title. Once you have posted your story, put a link in the area at the top of the page, and make a post in the contest forum thread to announce it. Finally, add the tag "short-tale-contest" to your tale (at the bottom, in the "Tags" area, copy and paste the previously mentioned tag (without the quotation marks) and save it), so that other readers can find it more easily.

Rules for the Tales

  • No using other stories, as we mentioned above.
  • 800 word limit, maximum.
  • One article per user.
  • Your story has to be about either the Foundation, its world, or the SCP's on this page (Both SCP-ES's and translated SCP's are accepted).
  • If you want to write a story of an untranslated SCP, please contact the translators to see if you are lucky and they are kind enough to translate it for you. You can propose translations at this thread.
  • If it is not translated, the SCP you are using as a basis will have to be on the website before the end of the contest deadline.

And that's all!

Winners will receive a coupon for their local supermarket.

The tale with the most upvotes upon winning the contest will be added to the featured page. Well, and it will provide you with some ego for quite a while.

But as they say… what's important is to participate!

Cheers and good luck to those of you who sign up.

P.S.: This is a contest that will help the wiki to enhance its contents. We sincerely hope that you will judge each other's stories impartially, and that you will not downvote them just to make your own story win. We are not forcing you, but this way you show that you are interested in the welfare of the wiki. That said, good luck!

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