Short Tales Contest 2018

What do you think SCP-ES-021 dreams about, if it dreams at all? What were the last thoughts of a Class-D when trapped by the tentacles of SCP-ES-027-2? What happened to SCP-ES-018's parents, did they hesitate or not when they abandoned her? What did the archaeologist who discovered SCP-ES-041 think? What was the inspiration for the artist who created SCP-ES-056?

Because we're here to answer questions like those. Or maybe just explore to SCP-ES's. Do SCP-ES's relate to each other? Is there something else hidden behind them? Here are contestants who have proposed the answer to questions like those, or perhaps continued the legacy of an SCP-ES:


How the Winner is Chosen

The winner will be chosen by votes, and based on the criteria of several Staff members who have not participated in the contest. In line with this, the voting rules are:

  • Anyone participating in the contest CANNOT vote any of the tales in the contest.
  • Everyone must vote a single tale, the one they consider to be the best.
  • Besides their normal votes, the Staff will give bonus votes based on different criteria, namely: originality, wow effect, writing, execution, and integration of the SCP used for the plot.
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