Exploration Contest 2019

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new contest, and this time it's about…

Writting an SCP with an Exploration Log


Well, that's it, as simple as that. The contest is about writing an SCP of any theme, about whatever you want. But the only requirement is that it must have an exploration log. It can be an agent's report, a video transcript, an audio recording, even a diary, but the main thing is that there must be a section where an area is explored, and it must be significant for understanding the SCP.

Examples of what we are looking for in this contest include SCP-ES-004, SCP-087, SCP-093 and SCP-ES-196. We hope you find these examples useful.


  • Every contestant can participate with only one entry, which must be an SCP with the theme of their choice.
  • Every SCP must include an exploration log,1 which must be relevant for its comprehension.
  • Every entry is to be tagged exploration2019.
  • The winner, along with the second and third place, will be chosen based on the total number of upvotes at the end of the contest. In case of a tie, a jury of three staff members will determine the winner.
  • Entries may be edited in any way you deem necessary, as long as this is done before the end of the posting period. Afterwards, they may be edited only to fix spelling errors and other minor mistakes.

As always, you are not allowed to coldpost. That is, you cannot post your article without having previously received criticism and suggestions from other members when it still is in its draft state. You must receive feedback from at least two wiki members.

What do you win?

Immediately after the contest, the first three places will be featured on the front page of the wiki, and will be promoted on the social media platforms of the SCP-ES Foundation, using the hashtag #featured, which will attract more readers and more popularity for the author and their other works. Also, user Uncle Nicolini will translate the winner and will post it on the INT Branch promptly. Finally, user Merlin will make an illustration of the SCP in 1st place, which will be displayed on the front page of the site, alongside the winning articles.


  • Inscriptions are open until July 15th.
  • The writting and posting period is until August 31st until September 5th.
  • The voting period is until September 12th.
  • Winners will be announced on September 13th.

List of Participants:

List of Published Articles:

Good luck to everyone!

Update: The winners have been announced!

1st Place: SCP-ES-193 - On the 13th of April, 2013, a Train Fell From the Sky, by Dc_Yerko. (24 upvotes)

2nd Place: Welcome to the SCP Foundation!, by Uncle Nicolini. (22 upvotes)

3rd Place: SCP-ES-152 - The Fall of the Fools, by morhadow. (20 upvotes)

Congratulations! And as for the rest of the contestants, and the people who didn't participate but gave their support by reading, voting and commenting, we hope you enjoyed it.

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