Holiday Contest 2022

Hey guys! We have had many adventures. We went to space, had matches between users, traveled to the center of the earth, solved unsolved crimes and many other innumerable adventures.

But something is missing… what could it be?

If you were thinking about money, you were right. But that's what we all lack, so it doesn't count. What I was thinking is that it's party time!


The year is ending and we've only had a total of… one contest! Yes, we have very intense contests, but we can't always go full throttle. So here's the theme:


Okay, it's a really general term, but we'll limit ourselves to holidays marked by the calendar. It's a really broad term, but here we will limit ourselves to holidays marked by calendar. This includes both universal holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, or national holidays such as Independence Days and Sinulog. And you are not limited to real-life holidays, you can also write about fictional ones. I'm sure in TFACs like Zaraguas, or places like Tlaneyanco or the Nexus-14 they have their own unique traditions. Or maybe even off-Earth.

The specific purpose is to write an article where the holiday is the most important thing. It can be either about the holiday itself, or about a situation that involves it to a great extent. What we want is for this not to be a limitation and for you to relax while writing it.

Voting Results!

Place Contestant Entry Votes
1 Amai-IxchelAmai-Ixchel Eight Candles +181
2 EthanHansonEthanHanson SuicideCon 2022 +182
3 RonnyModZzRonnyModZz SCP-ES-285 - Hello Solitude +183
4 AlemnbarAlemnbar SCP-ES-238 - Potatoes for Those Who Grow Them +16
5 Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini July 26th +15
6 agente alanagente alan The Day God Asked for Help +14
7 LechugaNinjaLechugaNinja Astronaut's Day +10
8 The HelmetThe Helmet Nightmare on a Halloween Friday +8
9 Luis GmLuis Gm Eyes to the Sea +7
10 Eiren Percibal LEiren Percibal L Christmas at Site-34 +5

Huge congratulations to Amai-IxchelAmai-Ixchel for winning first place in the contest after a great battle for the top spot! Huge congratulations also to EthanHansonEthanHanson and RonnyModZzRonnyModZz for their second and third places, respectively! And thank you all so much for participating and making the Wiki a much more festive place!



All contestants must adhere to the theme of the contest, and keep the following points in mind when participating:

  • Only one entry may be posted.
  • There will be no co-authorships.
  • Coldposting is not allowed, articles are subject to standard posting and deletion rules.
  • The article can be an SCP, Tale or GoI Format.
  • Articles are to be tagged holiday-2022.
  • Articles that do not relate to the theme will be disqualified. The author will have the opportunity to submit another entry that does qualify for the contest.
  • Minor edits, such as spelling and grammar corrections, are allowed after your article is posted. Major edits, such as changing paragraphs, images or layout, are not.
  • Do not use old drafts, i.e., drafts that were created prior to the announcement of this contest.
  • If there is evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct, action will be taken against the offender, and if they are participating in the contest, they will be disqualified. Malicious votes will not be counted for the affected entries.
  • Participants must justify their negative votes.
  • Have fun and relax.


The placing of all contestants will be decided by net score.


The dates refer according to the Tijuana local time (GMT-8), and will apply from the beginning of the first day to the end of the last day.

Writing Period: From October 29th to December 1st.

Posting Period: From December 2nd to December 3rd.

Voting Period: From December 4th to December 14th.

Winner Announcement: December 15th.


1st Place: Visibility of the article and the author's name on the front page. Promotion of the article on the page's social media. Gold achievement.

2nd Place: Visibility of the article and the author's name on the front page. Silver achievement.

3rd Place: Visibility of the article and the author's name on the front page. Bronze achievement.

Participation: Participation achievement.


First row: Bronze achievement, gold achievement, silver achievement
Second row: Participation achievement


All drawings made about the contest, or about contest entries, will be promoted on the front page as well, and will be attributed.

For your drawing to appear on the front page, you will need to post it in the discussion of this page, along with your social networks that you wish to promote. The latter is optional..

Questions and Answers

1. Could a wedding or baptism qualify as a holiday?
These are holidays, but not calendar holidays. You can write about these events, but the article has to focus on annual festivities. No, your uncle getting married every year does not make it valid.

2. I'm kind of lost, is there a list or something like that?
Due to the diversity of cultures in the world, it is somewhat difficult, but this list might help you in the Hispanic field. Remember that there are many more and you will have to do some research if you want to explore other cultures.

3. I have seen that there are holidays that are very similar, like Christmas and Yule, or Halloween and Samhain. Is that a bad thing?
While there are holidays that are derived from others, the surrounding culture transforms them into something totally different. It is not a bad thing, and you can choose any variation you want.

4. I have concerns about whether my idea would qualify for the contest.
The contest organizer, morhadowmorhadow, will be looking over the ideas and is open to questions on both Wikidot and Discord.

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