GoI Contest 2020

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new contest, and this time it's about…

Writing a new GoI Format

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The Spanish catalog for GoI Formats seems a bit empty, so why don't we fill it up?

This contest is about writing a freely-themed GoI Format, about whatever you want. You can only use existing GoIs, which means they have to have appeared in at least two or more works on the site, not including your own. You can create new formats for existing GoIs if you feel brave, and you can even create one for GoIs that don't have any formats.


Herman Fuller Presents: The Doctor of Death by Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko


Vidnepas Protectors of the Descendants of the Stardust by Luis GmLuis Gm


RC-97/007-98/176 by AlmardukAlmarduk / Somnovacuity by InnerAlchemyInnerAlchemy

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