GoI-ES Contest 2017

Welcome to the GoI-ES Tale and SCP Contest 2017

List of Finalists' Articles

The contest is over, and the results are here. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the participants for taking the time to write!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

Winners will be contacted by Staff via PM to receive their congratulations and prizes.


  • The general theme is Groups of Interest: you can write about any existing GoI, the Proposals for Groups of Interest, or a GoI related to an SCP-ES.
  • Do not make crossovers with Slenderman, FNAF or other works that are not part of the SCPverse. This way we will avoid any possible problem with copyright in the future.
  • Inscriptions will be open from March 3rd until April 18th. [CLOSED]
  • The deadline for submission of tales/SCP's starts on March 3rd and ends on April 30th at 00:00 GMT.
  • On May 10th, at the latest, our judges will announce the winner, the second and the third place.
  • Entries are to be posted on this same Wiki, and a tag will be created to identify them as part of the contest. Of course, you can use your Drafts page to experiment.
  • Please pay attention to wording, spelling and grammar. Ask for help if necessary.
  • If you have any doubts or questions about the contest, feel free to ask here.

How can I sign up?

Easy, just visit this very page and put your username right below the last one in the following section, with the following format and in the corresponding categories:

[[*user (username)]]

List of Participants:


Doctor Von BraunDoctor Von Braun


Dr Valeker


El InsomneEl Insomne

Rules for the Articles

  • No using other stories, as we mentioned above.
  • 1200 word limit for tales, maximum.
  • There is no word limit for SCPs.
  • One tale/SCP per user.
  • Each participant may submit only one entry, either a tale or an SCP, and cannot participate in both categories.
  • You can edit your article up to one week after posting it.
  • Your story has to be related to existing GoIs, the Proposed Groups of Interest, or GoIs related to an SCP-ES.
  • If you want to write a story that includes an untranslated SCP, please contact the translators to see if you are lucky and they are kind enough to translate it for you. You can propose translations at this thread.
  • If it is not translated, the SCP you are using as a basis will have to be on the website before the contest deadline.
  • Use the tag goi-es-contest-2017.

And that's it!


1st Place

  • Guaranteed place in the featured page.
  • Beta access for the future Portal 2 mod "Thermal Threat", currently under development by FerJoxFerJox.
  • The surprise prize for first place will be: [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Ego for a long time.

2nd Place

  • Guaranteed place in the featured page.
  • The surprise prize for second place will be: [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Ego for a long time.

3rd Place

  • Guaranteed place in the featured page.
  • Ego for a long time.

Finally, we ask all members of the community to participate, and to judge the works of others in a constructive and honest manner, keeping in mind that these entries will be a contribution to the Foundation's Hispanic Branch.

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