Official Short Tales Contest 2015

List of Participants' Tales

Please add below a link to the article you are submitting for the contest. The link must be the name of your entry. Before participating, please remember to read the contest rules below. Thank you.


  • The general theme is "free:" you can write about the Foundation, the existing SCPs on this Wiki, the staff members and other aspects of the existing SCPverse, or you can create new material based on the existing lore.
  • Do not do crossovers with Slenderman, FNAF or other works that do not belong to the SCPverse. This way we will avoid any possible problem with copyright in the future.
  • There will be a maximum word limit of 1000 words for all tales.
  • The period for submitting tales starts today, until December 20th at 00:00 GMT. An additional period will be granted, until December 30th.
  • Articles are to be posted on this Wiki, and a tag will be created to mark them as part of the contest. Of course, you can use your Drafts page to practice.
  • Please pay attention to wording, spelling and grammar. Ask for help if necessary.

How can I sign up?

Easy, simply visit this very page and put your username just below the last one in the following section, with the following format:

[[*user (username)]]

List of Participants:

Rules for the Tales

  • No using other stories, as we already stated..
  • 1000 word limit, maximum.
  • One tale per user.
  • Your story must be about either the Foundation, its world, or the SCPs on this website. (both SCPs from ES and the ones translated from English are valid).
  • If you want to write a story of an untranslated SCP, please contact the translators to see if you are lucky and they are kind enough to translate it for you. You can propose translations at this thread.
  • If it is not translated, the SCP you are using as a basis for your contest must be on the website before the contest ends.
  • Use the tag tales-contest-2015.

And that's it!

Winners will receive a coupon for their local supermarket.

The tale with the most upvotes will win the contest and end up on the featured page. Well, and it will you some ego for quite a while.

But as they say… the important thing is to participate!

Finally, we ask all members of the community that when participating and judging the works of others, please do so constructively and honestly, keeping in mind that these works will be a contribution to the Hispanic Branch of the Foundation.

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