Dr. Valeker's Conference On MTF Operations
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Thank you all very much for attending this small meeting, ladies and gentlemen. Most of you will already know me, but I'll still introduce myself for those who don't. I am Doctor John Valeker, field operations supervisor, and former head of the biology wing. If you've got any queries before we get started, I'll be happy to answer them.

No, this meeting will focus on highlighting and defining your actions in regards to Groups of Interest. The Foundation isn't interested in the slightest in watching a group of operatives walking around aimlessly, full of mutations, tumors or something worse. Any other questions?

The Foundation will assign the resources it has to assign, nothing more and nothing less. Even though we are an international organization, and have a multitude of agents in different countries, money is still a very delicate asset. We are not Uncle Willy with infinite resources. These, much to our regret, must be used with extreme care.

That's classified information, but I'll gladly give you a simple answer: No.

Were those all the questions? Remember that at the end you can ask me any questions you want about something you didn't understand. But, for now, remember to pay attention and write down everything you consider important.

As I said, I am the supervisor of the MTFs' field operations. My mission is to ensure that you all fulfill your objectives and don't come back inside a box. Lately we have been very concerned, including the O5s, about the large amount of casualties caused to and by the MTFs. We all remember what happened with The Last Soldiers, don't we?

That is why I am here, this talk will be to tell you how to act in case of confrontation with hostile groups, but this does not mean that you're going to go shooting at everything that moves. Nor that you are going to become targets for an anomalous William Tell to practice on you. These instructions will range from how to deploy forces based on the threat, to how equipment is assigned to you.

The Foundation has classified all threats, well, most of them, according to a danger scale ranging from 1 to 4, there is a fifth level but it's reserved for dimensional entities. These levels don't evaluate the enemy's combat capability, but its type of risk, for example: 1 is reserved for conventional threats with anomalous capabilities, while 3 is the designation for biological hazards, any sarkicite present?

Based on this, the Site-34's Special Actions Office will deploy the teams called for duty. Then, sure enough the field agents, if they are still in one piece, will send a report on hostile combat capability. Then, I, Dr. Valeker, will make the appropriate calculations for the forces needed to be deployed. These levels range from: Alpha, being the lowest, to Delta, being the most dangerous. The lady who is looking at me with Juliet's eyes, are you paying attention?

Now, you may be thinking, "Well, the doc already gave me my toys, rock 'n roll, baby". Not so fast, little buddy. A lot of those things you're going to try to catch will tear you apart before you even blink, even long before. After I give you your toys to go make a mess, I have to keep you alive until you get back here. That's my main job, to keep you alive, not for some old lady in a village in God knows where to get a message saying that her son died on the other side of the world because of a "bomb". A 2-meter "bomb" with scythes instead of arms.

Depending on the information I receive from the field, I decide how to deploy you, be it by air, land, sea, subway, cab, bicycle, and so on. The tricky part of this is transportation, some of which is worth more than all of you put together. Which is why riding in a Black Hawk helicopter can be a luxury trip.

The most practical option is always by air. There are almost never any aerial incidents on the way to a recovery zone. Unless it's a really radical group with guns in their guns, and they're capable of blowing up God's head if he happens to show his face. Luckily, the Foundation has God in a cell.

The equipment, that's another important point. What can the Foundation give you to go and dismantle a mechanical workshop that has been turned into a church? From experimental X-10 rifles, to sticks and stones. It's decided based, once again, on information from field agents. The armory will give what's fair and necessary. Not because there is a wall that prevents you from moving inside a building are you going to scream and whine, complaining that there is not enough equipment.

Go around it, jump over it, enter from another side. It's not all about coming in swinging weapons to give a Rambo impression, it's tactics. So next time you go to the field, and you have an exalist about to rip your throat out with an "evolved" arm, maybe think twice before you empty the magazine into a door and then make a knock, knock joke.

Arrest, that's the key to everything. Arrest, we need witnesses, live members. Information, next moves. Human subjects, preferably. Not much to say about this, if you can detain them fine, if not then nothing, don't burn anything until you can get valuable documents out. You can have a barbecue later.

And that was my orientation. I hope I have been helpful, and if you have any questions, I’ll answer them.

The Last Soldiers are under my total control and besides, I can't reveal anything about their movements. Don't you all know what happened in Zambia?

Yes and no, the Foundation collaborates with other organizations and countries, but they won't help unless their citizens are involved.

The scar on my eye was made by a tiger, not SCP-ES-███.

The Foundation also considers the use of mercenaries, but you are specialized troops. Each one does different things, mercenaries die for money and you die to save humanity. Fair enough, right?

Thank you, I forgot, thank you very much, Miss. The name of the protocol for Groups of Interest is: Noisy Neighbors.

*On that same day, SCP-ES-███ broke containment and attacked Dr. Valeker, giving him a new scar.*

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