Storm's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-LA-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-LA-001 is to be contained in a standard locker in Site-19. It is not to be tested nor removed from this locker.

Description: SCP-LA-001 is an indestructible harpe. SCP-LA-001 was discovered in Delphi, Greece. The blade is flint and the handle is adamantine. SCP-LA-001 has been made through great skill. The blade of SCP-LA-001 narrows to a single atom of width.

Not burning fire, biting acid, great forces nor any other anomaly is able to break SCP-LA-001. SCP-LA-001 is scratched by nothing and is unbroken. This has prohibited study of the material of SCP-LA-001, since no fragment can be extracted.

The blade is able to cut anything. Stone, steel, wood, flesh — all are cut by SCP-LA-001. Nothing is able to resist the blade of SCP-LA-001. SCP-LA-001 has been used to kill multiple anomalies contained by the Foundation. Immortality does not protect against SCP-LA-001: all are killed.

Lower clearance personnel will see an end of file here.

Item #: SCP-LA-001

Object Class: Olympus

Special Containment Procedures: This file can be read by the the O5 Council, in a computer at Site-1. A single copy has been given to the Chaos Insurgency; it is trusted the commands will be obeyed.

Any action taken against SCP-LA-001 requires the unanimous assent of O5-1, O5-2 and the Engine of the Chaos Insurgency. If O5-7, O5-8, O5-9, O5-10, O5-11, O5-12, O5-13 or the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency do anything regarding SCP-LA-001, they are to be executed by O5-1, with SCP-LA-001.

SCP-001 is to be treated as an ordinary Safe anomaly at all lower clearances.

Description: No changes.

History: Known to all readers of this fable, who will not forget.

O5-13: You interrupted my symposium! I wanted to get drunk! This is serious, I trust?

O5-2: I was governing the fleet of the Foundation. It demands my attention immediately; I have no time to waste.

Administrator: Certaintly. I called you to inform you that we found something we have been searching for for many years, since the dawn of the Foundation.

O5-1: There are few things it could be.

Administrator: It belonged to your father.

O5-13: Which father? There are two generations here, two fathers!

O5-6: Three.

Administrator: Both of the fathers you spoke of had it.

O5-8: Oh! I know what it is, which is delightful.

O5-6: The weapon that sowed me.

Administrator: Correct.

O5-1: So it does not linger in Tartareus.

Administrator: No. We found it under a stone at the center of the world.

O5-4 laughs.

O5-4: Little brother, as mother would say?

O5-1: Grandmother told me a story, once. Just as father and grandfather, doom would come to me by that sickle.

O5-3: You wouldn't be afraid if you hadn't been a slut.

O5-1: Silence! I am helpless at the power of Six!

Administrator: What is your will?

O5-1: Seal it away, that it may never be my demise.

O5-5: We should tell our brother and my daughter.

O5-1: Of course, yes. He has been seeking for a long time. Twelve, go at once.

O5-12: Swiftly I go to the black doors of Chaos! Easy is the descent to Hell!

O5-7: Wisdom warns that we conceal this from lower personnel, unless they figure our the truth of our personas.

O5-1: Yes. It will happen.

Administrator: I think this is completed?

O5-1: I agree, and I will challenge those who dissent.

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