Contact staff

This page provides all the necessary contacts if you need information, guidance or help in contributing to or interacting with SCP International or any of its subprojects and related communities.

What is staff?

Staff is the group of people managing the SCP International community and its various platforms.

Here, it is mainly split in two parts: site staff, taking care of the site you're currently browing, and chat staff, responsible for the official SCP International Discord server.

Aside of some staff members' Wikidot username is their Discord contact; you may also contact them there if you want.

Site staff

You can contact site staff for any site-related matters, be it a technical issue, reporting inappropriate behavior on the forum or suggesting a new feature or event. Do note that site staff is not responsible for proofreading translation drafts or providing feedback on articles; you should search in the community as a whole if you need such help.



Junior Staff

Chat staff

You can contact chat staff for any chat-related matters, be it reporting inappropriate behavior on the server (Discord private messages or a @ping on the server should be preferred over Wikidot private messages in such cases) or suggesting changes to the server.


Diplomatic staff

Diplomatic staff is a special group made of the Representatives of all Official and Developing branches of the SCP Foundation project. You shouldn't need to contact any of them most of the time, but if you need an official contact for any of the branches you can either go through INT staff to be redirected to the best-fitting person for your case or find one on this page.

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