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The story I’m going to tell you is a story that happened not too long ago. Everyone who worked in the unending halls of Site-19 knew it all too well. I didn’t know when it happened. I only knew that it was during the time when the first anomaly was contained there.

Every night in the cold walls of the facility, there was a strange noise coming from the corridors. It was a noise which sounded like a block of concrete scraping it’s way up and down the halls. No one dared to find the source of the noise. And everyone who did would be found dead the next morning. Sometimes, there was screaming which resonated through the otherwise silent halls. Then, it ended with a quick sharp snap before it continued scraping it’s way to the other side of the hall.

One day I was working overtime late at night, I only stayed inside my assigned room. I didn’t go out anywhere else. Even when I wanted to pee, I had to do it in a bottle. A few minutes later, I heard the scraping noise again. It was a shrill, ear-splitting noise which sounded closer than ever before. It started near the east wing until it stopped at my door. It just stood there. It was at the door for only a few seconds. But to me, it felt like an eternity. I stood still and silent as if I was never there. I listened to its noise ‘scrape…scrape…scrape…’ As it slowly moved away from my room, scraping it’s way down the sombre corridors. I felt as if I was nearly choked by death itself.

Until the hours passed by like a constant blur, I woke up again after I heard screaming outside. I rushed to the door. But, I stopped and I thought for a moment, that thing might still be outside and wanted to lure me out. My gut instinct was right. The scraping noise appeared again in front of me, which was just two meters away from the wall and the door. ‘Crack…crack…’, that grating noise cut into my chest. I stood there frozen like marble, and suddenly I heard the noise I never wanted to hear tonight.


It stopped in front of my door where I stood trembling, I then heard a pair of footsteps coming my way. Even though it was quite loud, as if the darkness seemed to magnify and clear the oncoming footsteps.

‘Crack crack…crack’

That whole night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about that thing outside, waiting to swoop down on me like a starving vulture.

This was my experience. I’m writing this on the bathroom walls. If anyone is reading this, it means I’m most likely dead by now.

Note: Dr. Ick Ralost was found dead in a bathroom stall with a broken neck after he attempted to leave his office to go to the bathroom which was 6 meters away from his office.

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