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The story which I was going to tell you was the story which happened a long time ago. Everyone who worked at the deep of Site-19 would know it well. I did not know when it happened. I only knew that it was a period when the first anomaly object was placed in the Site.

Every night at the deep of the Site, there was the strange noise at the corridor. It was the noise which looked like the dragging and the concrete scraped noise. No one even dared to find for the source of the noise. As everyone who did like that, they would be missing and found as the dead one in the next morning. Sometimes, there was a screaming human sound which was resonated at the quiet corridor. Then, it was ended with the broken and scraped noise on the floor.

One day when I did laboratory research until late at night, I only stayed inside the room. I did not go out anywhere. Even I wanted to urine, I had to urine in a bottle. A few minutes later, I heard the scraped noise. It was the scraped noise which was the most cleared that I had ever heard. It started from the wall on the right side until it ended at the door of the room. It also went nowhere. Its scraped noise was at the door for a few seconds. However, I felt that it was very long for hours for me. I only stood still as if I was a figure there. I listened to its noise ‘crack…crack…crack…’ The scraped noise was moved away from the area where I stayed. I almost wanted to stop breathing at that time.

Until the time passed by as I did not know the exact time, I woke up again after I heard a screaming sound. I hurried to reach the door. Then, I stopped when I figured out, that thing might stay outside. I was right. The scraped noise was appeared again at in front of me, which was few centimeters away by the wall and the door. ‘Crack…crack…’, that noise was cut into the chest. I stood like a stone there, and suddenly there was the noise which I did not want to hear.


It stopped at in front of the door which I stood, but I also heard a footstep sound. Even it was quite loud, in the darkness like this was the cleared sound and again.

‘Crack’ ‘Crack…crack’

At that whole night, I could not sleep. I also thought that others in the room beside me could not sleep.

This was my story. I wrote this on the wall in a toilet. Everyone who read this story, that was mean that I had already decreased.

Note: Dr. Ick Ralost was found as a corpse in a toilet as a broken neck after he attempted to go out from an office to a toilet which was 6 meters far from an office.

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