Critter Profile: Owen!

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Critter Profile: Owen!



Name: Owen

Model Number: ANI-M-OWE-N4200

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Acer Smith

Diet: O-type human blood

Housed: Wilson Wildlife Center, Enclosure 42

Creature Features!

Owen is the name of this mischievous monkey that we met here in Boring, Oregon and have been taking care of ever since! As you may have noticed from the Overview, he is a robot!

That said, you wouldn't know he is a robot unless someone told you so! When you touch him, you can feel the warmth and heartbeat of a living creature. He also seems to have functions that let him "grow" so that he can go through life with people. His body grows bigger every day, and so does his mind. He has his own thoughts and emotions, and feels that his personality is being formed through various experiences!

Owen can do a lot of things, but I think one of the most amazing is his ultra advanced language translation function. He understands and uses almost any language he encounters for the first time, just by listening to a few conversations. Not only conversations, but he can also read texts written in various languages. Plus, as long as you touch Owen's hand, he automatically sends the information to your brain, so anyone can experience the translation function!

He can even remotely control electronic devices. Truly multi-talented!



Owen shortly after the discovery, protected by his mother.

One day, a thunderous sound rang out in the grounds we manage. When some of our members went out to investigate, what they found was a spherical sinkhole in the ground with two monkeys cowering in the center of it. The adult monkey with the sleeping Owen, probably his mother, was terribly injured. Among others, the right side of her body was punctured in many places, her bluish-green metal skeleton was exposed, and a cold, blue gel-like substance was pouring out of wounds.

We asked the Supervisors to support us, but the mother was not likely to last until they arrived. On-site members attempted to save her, but there was nothing we could do. It was… really hard to see her life slowly fading away and not be able to help in any way. But just before she ceased to function completely, she clearly said in a small, noise-laden voice.

"Please take care of my son."

This is how we were entrusted with Owen. We vowed then that we would responsibly take care of and raise Owen no matter what happened in the future.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Owen has no need for a normal diet — he consumes food only for ingredient analysis. Instead, he requires a daily supply of O-type human blood. According to the Supervisors' research, he originally requires the blue gel-like substance that also flowed in his mother's body, but O-type blood can be substituted for that. They said Owen apparently needs to replace the blood in order to maintain the functioning of his circulatory system, and excretes the degraded blood as pee or something.

We considered replicating the blue gel, but it was all made up of unknown components and so impossible. The metals and technology that comprise Owen, as well, seemed to be incomprehensible even to the highly technological Supervisors.

Owen also prefers to be around other people, so he often hangs out with his caretaker, Acer. As Acer is intelligent and cool but bad with machines, Owen seems to help him a lot. Acer is a bit of an always-serious person, so he sometimes gets quite angry at Owen's pranks; but that's because he loves Owen.

Our Bonding with Owen!

Edit 2018/8/11:

Today, we decided to name the little robot monkey "Owen". It came from the model number that was marked on the back of his head, hidden by the fur. At first it was just symbols such as triangles and spirals, but somehow we were able to read them the moment my hand touched Owen.

Model number ANI-M-OWE-N4200, clipped from it, he is Owen! His godfather is Acer. As we all know, we could not save Owen's mother. This is why we should do our best to take care of him until he can stand on his own!

Edit 2019/2/13: Today I'd like to document how Owen is doing. It's been six months since we adopted him, and he seems to have settled in well. He studies and discusses the history of the Earth with Larry, who occasionally assists in his care, plays in the pool with Isaac from the Aquatics Team, and steals Acer's glasses to make everyone laugh by mimicking his typical behavior.

Recently, he often messes with Acer's computer settings and changes the wallpaper to surprise him! Acer was red-faced and angry at that time, though!


The Supervisors seem to be able to examine Owen's memory through his eyes.

Edit 2020/5/3: It seems that since we rescued Owen, the Supervisors have been investigating the technology used on him and his mother. They figured out that some fragments of visual information could retrieved through their eyes. The memory of his mother seemed to have been erased entirely, so they decided to examine Owen's eyes.

There we learned about Owen's homeworld, where robots and humans coexist. Unknown technologies. Owen being manufactured by robotic arms in a factory-like facility. Happy faces of his mother and his human owner… The Supervisors came to the conclusion that Owen might have come from the future or a different universe. Owen seemed to have forgotten his own world until he saw this; for a while after that, he lost his spirits and became pensive.


One of the extracted images. Robots seem to be recognized as a species in Owen's world.

Edit 2020/5/12: Today, Owen gathered everyone together and made a certain declaration.

”I want to go back home!”

It was an answer he reached after much consideration. Not that he was sick of this world or being with Wilsons. But after remembering his forgotten homeworld, he just wanted to go back; if he returns, he might be able to repair his mother. To be honest I felt a little sad when I heard this, but soon everyone declared that we would do everything possible to help him back home.

Edit 2021/9/8: Acer got some news that may help Owen to return to his world. What he found was about a group called "Liferaft". As the name suggests, it seems to be a mutual aid organization formed by drifters who have washed up in this universe from others. They are engaged in various activities such as establishing a system for the drifters to survive in this world, and among them, there are some who are studying space-time transportation. They might be helpful for us.

Edit 2026/8/8: It's been eight years since we sheltered Owen. We still haven't gotten any solid information on how to get him back to his homeworld. But there is a bit of good news. We may be able to repair Owen's mother. For the past few years, Owen has been working with the Supervisors to study his mother's body, and now they're on the verge of rebooting her, albeit imperfectly.

Edit 2027/6/9: The day finally came. Owen himself pressed the activation switch. She rebooted as we had hoped, but there were some problems. The following is the record of her reboot. Please don't look away.

(Unknown language and mechanical sounds)

Location data acquired. I am located in Galaxy P-13468, Solar System Earth, in LL Dimension. Language analyzed. Greetings Creator. I am Pet type, Monkey-Macaque genus, Model 4200.

Self-analytic functions are operating properly. Three memory erasures confirmed. I have a previous life but reincarnation has been successfully completed.

Please proceed with the initial setup. No errors have been detected in the emotion program.


Owen's mother had shut down already. Even when she rebooted, her memories were still lost.

The rebooted mother was no longer the same monkey. Judging from the words "previous life" and "reincarnation," the robots in Owen's world may have a concept of death. If they were shut down, their personalities would be gone for good. It seemed that Owen had been prepared for this, however; he just calmly went through the settings. As it turned out, a full reboot was not possible due to the lack of a specific authorization key. His desire to return to the homeworld seems to be getting stronger to obtain the key.

Edit 2030/8/11: We received a call from a Liferaft member who has been regularly in contact with us. They said that a spatial breach acting as inter-dimensional portal, had appeared nearby, albeit one-way and unstable. Of course we had no idea what the world beyond the breach would look like. It could be dangerous, and there is no guarantee that it is even an environment where any living creatures could operate. Even among Liferaft members, only volunteers were willing to venture there.

It was precisely because of this situation that they wished to bring Owen with them. Certainly, Owen's translation capabilities would support them in a number of circumstances. Above all, it was a possible clue that he finally grasped after more than ten years of searching. If we miss this, we may not get another chance. But the fact that it might be unsafe was disturbing.

Owen himself said he wanted to go. There was a difference of opinions among Wilsons as to what should we do. But then, there was no time to waste. News about the interdimensional portal had reached even us, which of course meant that the Supervisors were aware of it. Once they get it under their control, there is no way to access the other side.

In the end, our decision was left to Acer, who was the closest friend of Owen.

"I… I'm actually against it…"

"But if you really want to go, I'll…"

Hearing this, Owen didn't say a word, but leaned over to Acer and gave him a hug. A truly loving hug.

Before we could get too sentimental, another call came in from Liferaft. Security guards dispatched by the Supervisors were on their way to the breach. No time to lose. We wiped away tears and hurried to get ready, Owen needed to take his mother with him.

The people of Liferaft were waiting for us at the breach. There was a crack like broken glass in the air, so I assumed that they would leave from there.

One after another, they were sucked into the breach, and finally it was Owen's turn.


"I'll be back to play with you guys again!"

With these last words, Owen departed on his journey. We had been together for a really long time… and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by so many emotions.

Edit 2030/8/12: Today, Acer opened his computer and found that the wallpaper had been changed. What should have been a plain wallpaper had turned into a picture of Owen laughing and posing next to Acer sleeping. I'm feeling so nostalgic; Owen's pranks rarely happened since he learned about his homeworld. It's been a long time to see Owen looking so natural and joyful.

As for Acer, he was pissed off as usual, like "I can' t believe he bothered to do this on the big day!", but is not going to revert the wallpaper.

… Owen, this enclosure has become very quiet since you left. But the melancholy shall end today. Tomorrow, we will continue to be cheerful and happy Wilsons as normal.

We will be here, as we always have been.

I believe we will meet again. Owen.

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